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File: DYBgu9DW0AEDCHf.jpg (74 KB, 601x564)
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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tuesday that none of the British media outlets will be allowed to work in Russia, if London bans Russia Today television in the UK.

"I can tell you right now that no British mass media outlet will be allowed to work in our country if they [the UK authorities] close RT," Zakharova said in the "60 Minutes" program aired on Rossiya 1 television.

The development comes after RT received a letter from OFCOM earlier in the day that stating the regulator will consider the "implications for RT’s broadcast licenses" following UK Prime Minister Theresa May's speech before parliament.

Whatever Russia wants to do, the alternative is appeasement. You'd think the UK's had enough of that.
It's obvious the Russians have more to lose. UK media just loses the audience from some poor shithole, while the Kremlin loses one of its most important propaganda and subversion machines in the UK.
Actually, Russian government has more to gain if they ban all UK establishments; who do Russian citizens have to turn to?


Oh no, the two biggest government mouthpieces in the country will become the only source of news for all of Russia's citizens! How will Putin survive?
Propaganda is less effective when it's too overt.
>Oh no, the two biggest government mouthpieces in the country will become the only source of news for all of Russia's citizens! How will Putin survive?
Total control over all media didn't save the Soviet Union.

Just because Russians would have to be stupid to publicly criticize a brave and heroic action by Putin to protect the glory of Russia by banning all foreign media doesn't mean they would actually approve.
Oh no you mean a country with a dictator-for-life is concerned what kind of news its subjects have?
Better watch out Russia! With the mighty British media soon you may have to lift a second finger banning opposition members from running for office!
Not true, look at western media.
Do you really think that the state of the press is better in Russia than it is here?
Better? Not by a long shot

but Russia is full of people who remember the Soviets and the propaganda they spouted.

just imagine.. during soviet times there were no hobos and no crime beside some small stupid fucks playing quater boss, who was beaten by their mother.
>the Russians have more to lose.
This. It's not only news outlets -- all BBC programs would blackout Russia. The British are fiercely patriotic when it comes to war talk, so depending on what strategy they specifically decide, it might mean no more broadcasting Brit TV stations to Russia, no more Russian subtitling of their original series for DVD or Netflix release, and of course the Brit film studios would follow suit (cf patriotism).

Those Russian old ladies for whom the highlight of their life is their evening stories and weekend movies? The ones who form the backbone of people who actually vote in Russia? They might be annoyed at a blackout from the second-most-prolific media producer in the world.
>The British are fiercely patriotic

I hope they fuck up Russia really bad
>whether or not

Fuck’s sake.
Quite right.
We have played nice so far.
RT shouldn't be banned though.
I think a new source for the licence fee could be a levy on foreign broadcasters.

You exaggerate i think, but the idea of a international cultural boycott into Russia is an interesting one.

You don't know the half of it mate. We tone it down a bit on the internet because we no know it rubs foreigners up the wrong way. You should hear how people are talking in person now.
Good joke! BBC Russian Service is a huge branch of BBC, it's in Russia since 1946. It will be fun to see UK sluts whine
I can't even imagine the worldview that leads people to believe Russians should be able to conduct assassinations with impunity.

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