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One of North Carolina's most notorious all-male prisons is the focus of a court fight over religious liberty led by a transgender witch.

Jennifer Ann Jasmaine says in her handwritten, federal lawsuit that Lanesboro Correctional Institution is blocking the practice of her spiritual beliefs, which happen to be rooted in witchcraft.

Jasmaine, a former Mecklenburg County Jail inmate, filed her complaint this month. In 2015, as inmate Duane Fox, she sued Maury Correctional Institute in Hookerton on the same grounds.

A spokesman for the state prison system contacted by the Observer declined to comment on the case.

Jasmaine, 40, says the chaplains in charge of religious services at Lanesboro have violated her constitutional rights by restricting when, where and how she can practice Wicca, the modern-day religion based on ancient pagan beliefs. The prison also has refused to provide the foods Wiccans are supposed to eat, her lawsuit says.

Under state policy, individual prisons are required to provide "reasonable religious menu accommodations" to inmates practicing religious dietary laws.

Not happening, says Jasmaine. According to her complaint, she has requested and been denied the strict vegan diet that adheres to her spiritual practice. She says prison officials told her if she wanted vegan meals, she needed to become a Rastafarian or a Buddhist.

"The plaintiff, Ms. Jasmaine, shouldn't have to change her religion to get on the proper diet," she writes in her suit.

Jasmaine says she is entitled to court protection to practice witchcraft, which she says has been "discriminated against and persecuted for hundreds of years without just cause."

She says the prison has further limited her practice by restricting her services to the eight Wicca holy festivals, or "sabbats," held each calendar year.

By contrast, Jasmaine says, Christian inmates at Lanesboro are allowed to worship six times a week, while Native Americans can conduct their rituals three times weekly. The latter also have prison approval to gather outdoors and use fire during their ceremonies, the lawsuit says.

Jasmaine says she wants to hold outdoor services twice a week. She has called on the prison to provide the religious items, clothing and food she needs to properly practice witchcraft, including the go-ahead for her to light candles and a fire. Her lawsuit does not say whether other Lanesboro inmates share her beliefs.

"Ms. Jasmaine's religion is not just her religion. It's her way of life," her lawsuit says. "This is the path in which she has taken."

Up to now, Jasmaine's temporal path has been a bumpy one.

According to prison records, Jasmaine, then Fox, was imprisoned in July 2014 to serve a 16-year sentence for sexual offense second degree.

Public records indicate that Fox was held in the Mecklenburg County Jail for three months in 2015 on a federal probation violation and later sentenced to a year in prison. Fox challenged the punishment in the federal case to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, alleging that the trial judge did not give him a chance to speak at the sentencing hearing
In its denial, the appeals court noted that the trial judge "was faced with a cantankerous, foul-mouthed defendant, who was threatening his probation officer at the hearing. In the context of this proceeding, we do not find that Fox’s 12-month sentence was plainly unreasonable."

During her four years in the prison system, according to prison records, Jasmaine has been accused of 60 infractions, from lock tampering and disobeying orders to sex acts and threatening staff.
Lanesboro, a 1,800-inmate facility, has been roiled by violence, corruption and savage attacks on prisoners and staff.

According to state policy, North Carolina prisons "shall provide access for approved religious services or practices and pastoral care." Participation is voluntary, and "no inmate shall be subjected to coercion, harassment, or ridicule due to religious affiliation."

Inmates wanting to practice a religion not recognized by the prison system must fill out a religious assistance request form.

In her complaint, Jasmaine says she filed the form this month — to no avail.

Her complaint asks the courts to order prison officials to provide her with a list of religious necessities, including the Wicca holy text known as "The Book of Shadows," a wand, Tarot cards, runes, candles, a bell and a black robe, among many other items.

As for her diet, Jasmaine says each Wicca festival requires a distinct menu. Beltane on April 30, for example, focuses on dairy, the lawsuit says. Jasmaine recommends vanilla ice cream and oatmeal cakes as proper fare.

For the midsummer rites, which fall on the June 21 summer solstice, herbs are dried over a ritual fire, which Wiccans jump over for purification, the lawsuit says. Suggested menu: dried fruits.

Jasmaine has called for a jury trial and $1 in damages from each of the chaplains.
So I worship Quetzalcoatl and need to be allowed to sacrifice inmates. The occasional pedophile will do.
Need to bring back the chain gangs. Even degenerate criminals are crying any first world problems.
What's a good religion that demands being far away from any building and prison guards for its daily rituals?
Asking for a friend.
>foods Wiccans are supposed to eat
no such thing
>Under state policy, individual prisons are required to provide "reasonable religious menu accommodations" to inmates practicing religious dietary laws.

No judge would rule human sacrifice to be legal dumbass. Until recently judges in many states were loathe to allow various minorities to use small amounts of mild marijuana or psychotropic drugs for religious ceremony, and they weren't even in fucking prison.
My religion demands access to a helicopter and $5 million in cash
>She says prison officials told her if she wanted vegan meals, she needed to become a Rastafarian or a Buddhist.

Okay that's just stupid. If vegan meals are already a thing the prison offers to certain groups, what's the point of denying them to anyone? Lots of people feel very strongly about adhering to a vegan diet for reasons that have nothing to do with religion.
Because its a fucking prison, you're there as punishment.
In that case, why cater to anyone's religious beliefs at all? Why are Rastafarians and Buddhists allotted vegan meals if they're there to be punished?
It's fucking stupid but tough, give her the greens you cucks.
> Wants vegan meals

> Demands Ice Cream!

Gibbs me dat dairy
I worship helicopters, I require immediate access to one

I put on my mankini!
Wow, get a load of this bigot.
Honestly, if I was in jail I would probably try to find ways to fuck with everyone, it would give me something to do at least.
Because congress shall make no law respecting the espablishment or a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Not eating animal products is not a religion. That's why they don't offer it to everyone.
>A tranny witch
Wew lad burnt at a pyre
You'd be raped or killed anon
Wiccans have no dogma nor church, so you can basically make up whatever you want (and being vegan would certainly be in the list of made up things.)

I'd say xe's lucky to get xer Sabbats. Maybe xhe can wrap a tree on May Day.
>Not eating animal products is not a religion. That's why they don't offer it to everyone.

How dare you offend my religion.

I am a veganist.
Why doesn't he just use a spell to turn himself into a real girl.
Transgenders being mentally ill isn't really news.
>wanting sacrifices
Wiccan here.
>each Wicca festival requires a distinct menu.
No, it doesn't. Certain foods are associated with each Sabbat, but not required by any means.

>religious necessities
>Book of Shadows
Literally all they need to provide her with is a notebook and a tool to write with for that. You write your own BoS. It's also not a holy text. It's basically a self-made reference book of spells, herbs, etc.

>a wand
You make your own wand too. A wand also isn't necessary to ritual. You can use a pencil as your wand if that's what calls to you.

>tarot cards
Also optional and possible to make your own

You're supposed to make these yourself.

Yeah, alright. These are super common in ritual, but I could see why they would be an issue in prison. But if native americans are allowed to use fire, she should be as well, even if it needs to be outdoors.

>a bell
Not required or even common.

>a black robe
Some people like to use robes in their practice, but you can do ritual in literally any clothing, or in the nude, and it doesn't need to be black.

>vegan diet
Absolutely not necessary. Many Wiccans are vegan, but it isn't required at all. I eat meat and see no issue with it.

Basically, you can do spells and rituals with a paper and pencil. You can make offerings to the God and Goddess of food from your regular tray. You can celebrate the Sabbats in many, many different ways. Wicca is very personal, being between the practitioner (their coven, if they have one) and the God and Goddess (or their various aspects). The only thing I agree with here is that she should be allowed to practice more often. Wiccans also honor Esbats, which occur each Full Moon.
Sounds like half that shit is "if you want to", so if she wants to then she should have it, no?
>Witchs bitching they can't practice their satanic bullshit
We need another round of witchhunts
I've noticed that alot of trannies love this Wicca garbage, wonder why?
It's actually a bit odd, given all the emphasis most flavors of Wicca tend to put on harnessing male/female energies, but really, anything that says "fuck you" to conventional society will do, as for a lot of trannies, that's a major motivation, something shocking. Being contrary is core to many of their identities.

Granted, Satanism would be perfect for that, except LaVeyan Satanism, and most other forms, have a heavy emphasis on masculinity and "might makes right". It thus instead appeals to Skinheads and the like. It's sorta implicitly disapproving of transgender.
>pretend you're a different gender
>pretend you can cast spells 'n shit

I think a lot of these people just can't deal with how mundane reality really is. Lots of people play video games/read books etc for escapism. Some people LARP. These people LARP so hard they eventually come to believe their fantasies.
Part of their mental illness
Anon from before.

Not necessarily. I think all that should be required are a notebook, something to write with, a candle and something to light it with (obviously in a safe and controlled environment), and access to the outdoors on Sabbats and Esbats.
the first ammendment shouldn't protect heathenism.
Stop throwing child abusers and pedophiles in one basket! The latter is no criminal offense, as long as no abuse or CP possession happens.

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