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U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller warned that Russian intelligence services still have active “interference operations” into U.S. elections and that handing over certain evidence in a criminal case could imperil ongoing investigations.

Mueller on Tuesday asked a federal judge in Washington for an order to protect voluminous evidence sought by lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, one of three companies and 13 Russian nationals charged in a February indictment alleging election meddling via social media. Prosecutors have uncovered evidence of other individuals and entities who are “continuing to engage” in similar activities.
Unsuprising, and also unfortunate. I don't see this working, even if he's right.

You can't catch 'em all.
I am worried about the precedents that this will set. If you courts say that Muller must hand his evidence over to the defense, then foreign countries can get information that would be damaging to U.S. interests just by goading U.S. attorneys into charging their people with something related to the info that they want. If the courts say that Muller doesn't need to hand his evidence over to the defense, then anyone the U.S. charges with espionage is screwed whether they are guilty or not. There doesn't seem to be a good outcome here.
>the precedents that this will set

Yeah. Like this is the first time in history that such a situation had arisen.
Can't fucking Mueller say how they are meddling? Ads? Facebook? Hacking? HOW MUELLER? HOW CAN THE PUBLIC DEFEND ITSELF YOU MOTHERFUCKER
Russia isn't meddling, this is all I lie created by the Democrats to slander King Trump.
So why do Trump's Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, CIA Director, FBI Director, Director of National Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and dedicated bootlicker Devin Nunes all agree that Russia meddled in our election?
Obvious Deep State/Clinton brainwashing. Russia didn't meddle, and if they did, it wasn't illegal.
how can you have both? either they did or they didn't. how can you know it was legal meddling if you don't have evidence of meddling to determine that?
Goddamnit, Ivan...
sorry, it really is that bad sometimes.
No shit he doesn't want to hand it over. It will go right to Trump and he'll hand it to the Russians who will adjust their tactics for their next attack.

It's why I don't understand why the Justice Department gives into Nunes' demands when it's clear he's an agent for Trump and foreign powers who's sole objective is to obstruct justice.
usa is a liability
either trump goes or i want the usa out of nato
In other words all his evidence implicates the dems and their crimes instead of trump so he wants it sealed so he won't have to show it and get his masters in legal shit

death to america either way tbhfam
death to you as well
>Robert Mueller
>lifelong Republican
>appointed FBI director by President George W Bush, a Republican
>appointed special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstain, another Republican (appointed by Trump no less)
>lauded by most conservatives (except for Trump and his camp)

>working for the Democrats

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