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File: 3monkeysed.jpg (132 KB, 966x552)
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>>Adam Bloom Called the Police After Jasmine Edwards Wouldn’t Show Him Her ID at the Pool, Despite Her Having a Pool Card to Get Into the Pool Gate

>>Bloom’s Employer, Sonoco Products, Fired Him as Their ‘Value Realization Lead’ After the Video Went Viral

>Adam Bloom
literally who?
>Jasmine Edwards
literally who?
>Sonoco Products
literally who?
>Value Realization Lead
literally what?
>>Adam Bloom
>literally who?
some jew hatemonger
lol this jew got btfo
> Sonoco Products
They make plastic packaging.

> Value Realization Lead
Here's your (you) for trying so hard.
He was right. I call the police if I see a nigger in my neighborhood. There are none that live here so there is no reason for them to be here. I'm smart about it, I do it behind closed doors so they don't see me.
This fat ugly jew Roseanne Barr was tryna make sum anti-muslim hate speech... her original tweet was

>>muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj

but her fat retarded ass didnt realize that Valerie Jarrett was an american that just happened to be born in iran.

No doubt Barr wanted to be part of the big jew conspiracy that led to the invasion & genocide in iraq & syria & now wants to destroy iran.

this fatass kike roseanne thought she was insulting an iranian..but it turned out to be a case of friendly fire directed at a nigger..lol...her retard ass ended up jewing herself hahaha...

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