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Liu Xia, widow of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, left China on a flight to Germany following years of de facto house arrest. The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that she had left in order to receive medical attention.

The 57-year-old departed on a Finnair flight from Beijing on Tuesday at around 11am, BBC Chinese reported.

According to Ming Pao, Liu Xia’s brother Liu Hui – who remains in Beijing – confirmed the news of his sister’s departure on WeChat on Tuesday afternoon: “My sister left Beijing to fly to Europe this afternoon, to begin her new life. I’m grateful for those who cared about her and helped her all these years.”
Beijing-based friends of Liu Xia – the widow of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo – have celebrated her freedom after she left China for Germany on Tuesday.

Gao Yu, a prominent journalist, and Bao Tong, former top adviser to ousted party chief Zhao Ziyang, were among those attending a dinner in the Chinese capital. They gathered as Liu Xia arrived in Helsinki on Tuesday night in transit to Berlin, following almost eight years of de facto house arrest.

“To a good life in Europe for Liu Xia,” Gao said as they toasted her freedom, according to a video shared on social media.
Aww yiss

Did anyone else see the photo of Xiaobo before he died...with the Winnie the Pooh mug?

Xi Jinping HATES Winnie the Pooh...apparently a common way to lampoon him is to depict him as a cuddly pantsless stuffed bear.

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