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>belonged to the anti islam party PVV
>gangraped on election day
>they wanted to silence her in city council
>kills herself shorty after opening up about it
>blames ex PVV member who converted to islam
>he now leads an islamic party
>responds in a tweet that includes a thumb up and a smiley with sunglasses

police will not investigate any further
>The police has been in contact with Dille multiple times recently, speaking with her about her allegations of rape and threat. “We offered her help and asked if she wanted to file a report, which she declined” according to a police spokesperson.
why do women do this
She was being threatened.
Not uncommon to keep your mouth shut as the police probably won't bother to check if you need around the clock protection untill its already too late
Ah the beauty of liberal policies! Invite millions of muslims, let them rape your women and then threaten the women so they keep their mouth shut. So progressive!
she seems like a typical right wing nutcase with mental problems...all these right wingers should follow her lead & kill themselves like their loser hero hitler lol

Why don't you #listenandbelieve ?
>responds in a tweet that includes a thumb up and a smiley with sunglasses
Based, sounds like something Trump would do
sounds like a fucking shitpost
Everyday, I'm reminded that this the world we live in now. Politics is now just a game of free-for-all where democracy is dead and the weak and family-oriented are killed or controlled.
Denmark is a shithole nation. Notorious pedos.. NATO members into child sex in other shithole nations. Rotten from the inside out. No further hope for that nation as its society degenerates.
It's animals like these that make me feel ashamed to be a Muslim in the Netherlands sometimes.

All they are doing is proving Wilders himself right.

Ik wil het erg duidelijk maken dat niet alle Moeslims zijn zo afstandelijk zoals die fuckers hier. Ik verzeker en wed met mijn ziel dat sommige van ons zijn mensen zoals jullie, misschien beter (op een morele manier).

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