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File: louieck.jpg (579 KB, 1363x2048)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
I wish this weirdo would go away....
>being so much of a weirdo you think you can just force people to forget how much of weirdo you are and just act like you didn't do anything weird and keep giving you money
nah man
that is a next level weirdo right here
Masterbates while singing
Damnit, missed adding a Gallagher splash zone reference
"I've been told I have a big penis."
>exposes small penis over the years
Nothing to worry about brotherman.
Who the hell agreed to with him?
masturbating in front of people is perfectly normal you faggots
I think he's funny just because of how weird he is, although i liked "chewed up"
>gets jokes by being a creep
>suddenly people are flabbergasted he acts like a creep
The "downfall" of this guy was weird, at first I thought the headlines bitching about him we're just about a new show for him.
Is media back to liking him for the same reasons they hated him which were the same reasons they liked him?

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