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Britfag visiting Amerigag.
I hired (or "rented") a car.
It's automatic of course.
First time ever driving an automatic.
Feels good man.
One problem:
Every time I take off from a stop,
The car jumps once or twice as if I had side stepped the clutch.
Then, it goes on as if nothing had happened.

Am I doing something wrong, is the car just shite, or is this normal?
desu its a rent-a-car so its probably shit
It's shit. What did you "hire?"

How's driving on the other side?
We call it hiring, not renting. Don't ask me why.

Driving on the other side makes sense to an extent, actually. But, I was making a turn into an empty street and accidentally went on the wrong side of the road. I didn't realise until a vehicle was coming dead at me.
>inb4 that's not what I asked
Shit I read that wrong.

I hired a 97 (or 98? Idk) Honda Accord.
>a 97 (or 98? Idk) Honda Accord
How? Why?
>renting a 10 yr old car

lol what kind of rental agency has cars that old?
20 years old grandpa
>Try to keep up
Everytime I rented a car in the USA it was a relatively modern car.

For example, last week I rented a car from Avis and it was a 2016 Mazda6.

Low transmission fluid? Or its just fucked up because it's an old rental car that's been beaten on it's entire life.

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