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going from a corolla to an e46 in a few weeks, what should i expect?
in california, probably spend around 4k for one with a prick owner to know it was in good hands
Repairs will cost more than the car after 6 months....
Rusted rear subframe
If it was taken care of, and you can do your own work. It will be a nice car. I had a 330Ci with 225k miles on it and it drove and ran great. Sold it for something faster. Was a great car, never broke down on me.

Only thing I had to change was the thermostat, and waterpump. The front control arm bushings ware out fast, when it happens just get some HD ones.
what do you drive now? is it better than you thought it would be?
getting familiar with the e46 forums
getting used to these shits

also I'd recommend just replacing the entire cooling system day one (about $650 in parts), as well as doing the valve cover gasket ( i think a kit's like $50). That crosses off like 75% of all e46 issues for at least another 30k miles
in fact here, buy this
assuming you have an 02+
that's literally everything
current '04 330ci ZHP (m-tech 2) owner for 2 years
174,000 miles, still drives great, still love my commute, still get compliments.

Previous owners neglected it a bit, had to replace:
rear subframe bushings
shifter bushings
DISA valve (common)
VANOS unit (common)
Valve cover gasket (common)
Crankcase Vent Valve (sorta common)
various cosmetic parts (easy)

previous owner probably replaced cooling system and MAF (Mass airflow sensor)

If you have a decent income, it's worth the maintenance bills. I'm still in love with it 2 years in.

Pay no attention to these edgelords, if it's what you want it will be worth your time and money.

Just make sure the cooling system and VANOS unit is good.

If you haven't picked a specific car, try to get a ZHP. It's 2/3 of an M3 for 1/3 the cost. Its one of the all time great DD's and IMO looks more timeless.
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Dont buy a BMW. What are you an idiot?

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