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You're out running errands and you accidentally back into this guy and damage his car. Jay is in his car when it happens. The accident is your fault.

What would you do?
Depends- what's he driving?
Jay is one of my heroes, so I would be devastated. I might actually burst into tears and feel worse for making a fool of myself.

I'd feel horrible for a long time, for sure.
One of his old Bugattis.
Make sure I break his neck and leave the scene as fast as possible because I am underinsured.
Wouldn't happen. I would be way too careful around it, although I might be so distracted I bump into another car and get to experience Jay's disgust that way.
I didn't consider the insurance angle.

Lol can you imagine dealing with your insurance company over it?

Although we are just talking about a fender bender...not like you're totalling anyone's car here....
I wonder if he would just fix it and make an episode of it?

Some lady hit one of Jerry Seinfeld's vintage Porsches...he just told her to FO.
No insurance claim or report, just 'get out of my life asap'.

Tell him I'm the CEO of some jeans brand. He wouldn't dare to do a thing.
Offer to work for him till it's paid off.

>Jay Leno takes you under his wing
>gets you to fetch him coffee and shit
>one day he decides to teach you about cars, unlike /o/ which just benchraces and spouts memes
>you become Jay's best friend
>over the years the debt is forgotten as you work on everything together, from priceless classics to fun shitboxes
>one day Jay dies
>slip into crippling depression
>drink yourself to death
Sounds like a dream I'll never know.

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