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Anyone ever try one of these mirror systems for RHD cars before? Seems like the ideal solution to all RHD problems.
WTF does this do? Delete the rearview mirror in the middle???
this is first time me seeing this. what the heck is that supposed to be?
nvm. I put my brain to use and figured it out in 2 seconds. quite a great idea, actually.
I suppose it's to help when overtaking and making other maneuvers that are harder and more obstructed when in the wrong side of the car. This looks kinda neat.
Apparently it allows one to see further around traffic without moving ones head. I think this would be more effective on the passenger side though.
My flat mate has a US import 65 impala ss and we drive on the left here. The hardest part we find is trying to place yourself properly in the lane as you can't see the centreline.

Also things like drive throughs or parking machines, but quite often there is a few of us in it so this not so much
it is on the passenger side
File: 1416169401671.gif (2.33 MB, 161x149)
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2.33 MB GIF
It isnt that fucking hard to drive a rhd drive car on North american roads

Stupid Americans
>on North american roads

stupid Americans indeed
>car in OP is clearly in europe

Any chance to blast America, huh?
File: 1503850430093.jpg (57 KB, 710x727)
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never had a RHD car and never seen those mirrors but I thought about this problem before and this is exactly what I would do. Seems like a good solution.

File: 1475784395120.jpg (134 KB, 1000x1000)
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>not reversing through drive-throughs
who's supposed to stop you?
>reversing through drive-throughs

I want a RHD just to do this. Damn that would be fun.

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