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Best american project car?
moving onto my father's land, and we're thinking about getting a project car to build in my garage.
i was thinking about an 02 transam?
got any ideas?
Trans Am is the goto, really.

You guys want some real fun? Go find an old Charger from the 80s and drop a modern HEMI in that fucker. Ive seen those swaps and those fuckers pull like nothing else.
Rwd swaps are difficult
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But insanely fun and rewarding.

Me and my father did a drive train swap on a caliber srt4 a few years ago. Was difficult but extremely rewarding.

Does the trans am have a V8?
>Does the trans am have a V8?
You could only get a T/A without one in one year.
wouldn't want anything less in one haven't really looked yet but in this town they're everywhere.
he wants an 88 btw. not sure if that adds any relevance.
first gen mustang

you can buy literally every part off Rock Auto. you can even buy brand new frames.
Honestly the best way I would approach a turd gen is to pull the engine and trans and swap in an LS and a T56. The engine itself should fit without modification on 350 mounts, I don't know about the tranny though. It'll probably fit where an old T5 would but there's enough variations on T56 housings that I can't be sure.
First Gen Ford Mustang Coupe or if you have money a Fastback.
Mustang or Camaro/Trans Am. The GM cars will have a higher performance potential if that matters to you. Besides that, get whichever looks best to you and is in your budget.

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