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Bought this 2004 E46 ZHP, 6 speed manual with 83k miles from a family friend for $2500.

Sat in his garage for 5 years. No crashes or permanent damages. Windscreen and drivers window electronics needed replacement. Fluids/filters need to be changed as well. Otherwise in excellent condition.

How'd I do?

Pic related
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unflipped :&)
Assuming that nothing is wrong with it and shit like seals haven't rotted out, you did great.
would been a smarter move to spend 3x that on a mint one.

inb4 you complain about have to spend 50 bucks on a headlight projector bulb.

Any way to check? Haven't driven it yet because the paperwork hasn't been done yet. Haven't noticed any leakages on the garage floor.

Tires are brand new as well.


I wasn't even in the market for a new car in particular although my current car is a 02 sentra with 164k miles. The deal was too good to pass up
>already had a decent car
>hurr durr deal 2 gud to pass up
this is why the poor stay poor.

The sentra 15 years old and is definitely showing its age, and I was planning on getting a new car within the next year. I got it for $4000 around 6 years ago so I've definitely gotten my moneys worth.

Stay mad though buddy
File: 1500940332900.jpg (28 KB, 164x152)
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>unmolested bone stock ZHP with some minor issues and not that many miles for $2500
holy FUCK dude that's legit good
my only concern is whether or not it was maintained well while it was in use

It seems that way. The interior is also in excellent condition aside from the alcantara on the steering wheel.

I should get a better idea once I start driving it. I don't really know what issues the car could have other than reading that at around ~100k miles the suspension/struts might need replacement.

I'm used to working on my cheap japanese car though where I could just stick my head into the engine bay or under the chassis and take a look around. Not so with this car.

Anything I should be looking at in particular?
File: bmw e46 front end.jpg (118 KB, 600x402)
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first thing's first, replace the entire cooling system asap. You might not need to but like 50% of problems with the e46 are cooling related
>radiator hoses
>pretty much any hose coming off the water pump, use parts diagrams to find part numbers
>replace the water pump with one that has a metal impeller instead of plastic
>replace the thermostat and gasket, possibly find one with a lower target temperature since bmws run hot and pressurize their cooling systems and that's not good
>coolant expansion tank
>fan and fan clutch

it's a couple hundred bucks and a a couple hours of work on a weekend for an amateur but thank me later.

also replace your valve cover gasket, i guarantee it's leaking

zhp is like 60% of an m3 with a third the parts costs
I make 1500 a week, spending 2500 on a car is literally nothing

Dude, it's a fucking hard top ZHP in excellent condition. Not buying it for $2500 is literally losing money. He could check up on it and flip it IMMEDIATELY for like 3-4x the price, at least.
You did terrible, you should sell it to me for what you paid
Listen to this guy >>18208575

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