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what went wrong? how come it wasn't as revered as the rx7s?

don't they have the same rotary engines?
>what went wrong?
People having no idea how to take care of a rotary.
Looks pigfat
This. To expect the average motorists who can't differentiate blinker fluid from muffler grease to treat the engine as necessary, is silly.

Having said that, for 99% of people, cars are an appliance that gets them from A to B, sometimes looks cool and sometimes sounds cool.
>what went wrong
Terrible fuel economy and emissions

>how come it wasn’t as revered as the RX-7?
Didn’t look as good. No turbos.

>don’t they have the same rotary engines
Nope. Renesis was naturally aspirated and made a bit less hp than the RX-7
your threads are always shit
its a genious design
>Yes mr insurance man its a 4 seater 4 door 1.3l sedan :^)
>insanely good chassis
>handles very well
what went wrong is that everyone was expecting rotaries to be turbod at this point and it wasnt.
Its honestly a great car but thanks to retarded benchracers who never been outside memeing it is lumped into the same place as other great handling FR cars, aka worst shit ever made
File: rx-8 rundown.png (317 KB, 1187x1562)
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317 KB PNG
When people see pic related for maintenance of the car. It takes a bit more than what normal folk would dedicate to a car.
>drive daily
>redline daily
>let it warm up
>let it cool
>dont keep it at the limiter
honestly other than premix everything else is nothing special
>car literally wants you to hoon it
1: rotary burns away oil
2: seal for Dorito in combustion chamber needs replacement which will be pricey
3: crap fuel efficiency
4: no turbo
5: no torque
6: ugly
7: ugly
8: better cars available for same money at the time
9: perception problem (dad car)
10: normies who bought this car and knew nothing about rotary engines would get their maintenance estimates for garages and go wtf? Then sell the car
My theory is:
It had 4 seats instead of 2.
It didn't have forced induction options.
Too many people believed other people who have never driven a rotary but heard they are unreliable, which hurt sales.
Women often bought these cars and didn't maintain them even more so than their average engine.
Very bad marketing as they were trying to convince the older male to buy them for sporty fun when they could have bought an MX-5 or an S2k since the RX8 wasn't properly committed to be a full on sports car.
Nobody in 'muricuh wants a car that is fast in the corners except webos and loners, who all bought S2k's.
Way way way too small of an aftermarket scene.
"Premixing is for try hards." Even though you should premix any track day engine, piston or otherwise.
Heavier than it should have been.

Your mom says the same thing about your homework.

Mostly this. I do wish they designed it a touch lighter. 100 pounds goes a long way.
they somehow made porting the thing really difficult. also, high compression rotary is bad news
File: 1518441591842.jpg (77 KB, 960x956)
77 KB

Less horsepower
Worse dorito
Decided that less oil pressure was the way to go
Stock parts that will break and destroy your dorito before you can brap
Came around when emissions Hitler was beginning the purge
Cheap plastic and ugly interior
Exterior was designed by the best "JDM" experts, creating an unholy abomination that can't decide on being a sedan or a coupe
Buying a used rx8 is like unprotected sex with a tranny prostitute

Other than that, it handles great.

Insurance doesn't give a fuck how many seats or engine displacement. They look at what kind of car it is and how often they are crashed. A 350z at the time was cheaper to insure than a rx8 where I lived.
There are many RX8 on classifieds where the owner says: Engine turns, but doesn't start
for less than 2000€
How bad of an idea would it be to buy one like these, fix it and drive it happily?

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