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File: Takumi.jpg (40 KB, 350x262)
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ITT: Times you acted like Takumi
File: eurobeatintensifies.gif (650 KB, 598x444)
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650 KB GIF
that time I ran over a crowd of niggers standing in the middle of the street while teaching my friend how to drift
File: rx7 3.jpg (167 KB, 800x450)
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167 KB JPG
Zoom zoomed past a yellow rx-7 does that count?
Up until recently I was at least as big of a social autist as Takumi, so I guess that counts.
The only difference between me and Tacomeat is that I didn't start driving at 3 years of age, therefore no autismo driving skills, just autism
>outmaneuvered some retarded boomer in a Carrera in my auto 2012 Focus SE

Why do old people buy sports cars and not know how to drive them?
late model corolla riding the ass of my porsche.
>giving friend a ride home
>driving a honda fit
>lives in the middle of nowhere
>speed limit is 45
>never exceed 60 at any point
>still jokes about how I drive like an initial d character
>op is mfw
File: images (8).jpg (32 KB, 406x362)
32 KB
>An actual InitialD LARPing thread
acting like takumi is illegal in my CUNTtry
File: file.png (303 KB, 499x703)
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303 KB PNG
Looks like he became a Rally driver.
File: file.png (333 KB, 499x695)
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333 KB PNG

File: 1471122597718.png (435 KB, 636x464)
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435 KB PNG
Leaving a roundabout in the wet on bald AF Chinese tires and my car goes straight for the sidewalk. Barely saved it.

File: 1523470605240.jpg (33 KB, 577x537)
33 KB
It was on the way back from the Nurburgring too, almost ended up becoming a YouTube clickbait title
Drifting an MR through a river valley across a bridge since I had shit suspension and bald tyres and I got caught in a streetrace with bmw 330.
It was my first week of ownership. Im amazed I didnt total it.
File: 1518802130785.jpg (153 KB, 910x622)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>empty double lane road leading to nothing since development got halted by local government and then collapsed completely
>has a roundabout at the end
>always would time attack and drift around the roundabout and the turn areas
>one time i got the tires smoking so bad while doing donuts that I couldn't see out of the car
>cant see curb (which is a small concrete gully for moving rainwater and then an actual curb)
>start to straighten out but still going sideways just enough to hook both passenger side tires into the gully
>hook turn while coming out of donut while two tires are grabbing inside the gully
>able to clear 55 degree turn with ease
>get to end of road and sit at intersection
>begin geeking out at what I did
Got invited to this AMG track day at Silverstone last year. It was wet. New E 63 S. Back end shot massively out on the third corner. First time I've ever been behind the wheel of something out of shape and I managed to hold it and reel it back in. The pro who was in the passenger seat said it was a great save, and I felt so damn good.
what’s the deal with ausfags getting out in gulags for driving fast? is this a real thing or just a meme?
I hear they can get their cars crushed if they get caught hooning one too many times.

this is the same country that banned some nerf guns for being too powerful, so I don't think I could be surprised by much
File: 1523505550430.jpg (238 KB, 580x418)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>driving my shitbox with literally no suspension and close to no brakes at a speed of over 170km/h

Im actually more of a shinigami type of guy

>MK3 Supra
>wet roundabout
>turn off onto a long dual carriageway
>floor it
>turbo spools
>somehow countersteer on reflex and don't go into the barrier
File: IMG_4011.jpg (311 KB, 1200x800)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>be me
>just got out of night class
>girl i liked and tried to talk to but mostly ignored me walks up
"hey anon can you drive me to my car"
>her car was parked across campus, while mine was just outside the building
>freak out internally "yesh- i mean yeah sure no big deal"
>she's thicc, and i have been swooning since i first saw her
>struggle to control autism as a woman enters my sacred vehicle for the first time
"wow your car is clean anon"
>"yeah i never eat or let people in it"
>awkward laughter and silence
>realize that was a stupid thing to say
>realize now is my only chance, as she will probably never interact wth me again (class has like 300 in it)
>approaching large roundabout that separates the two campuses
>"do you like roller coasters?"
"hah not really, they're ok"
fuck, but whatever too late now
>"well check this!"
>clutch kick hard as i enter the roundabout, ~20mph
>drifto 4 dayz
>almost lose it
>spank the curb upon exiting
>7/10 not too bad, keep going
wait wasn't that cool
*more screaming at me*
>I stop, and she runs out with her stuff
>drive off
>thankfully my car is fine, only curb rash
>rush home before anyone calls the police or something

>mfw lonely driver for life
>mfw i see her pointing me out to her friends across the lecture hall out of the corner of my eye
>Taking a left through wet rainy intersection
>3rd gear, going like 10mph, clutch in, start turning. Didn't want to downshift in fear of getting sideways
>Car gets fucking sideways anyways
>Throw it into 2nd, countersteer, gas
>Save it
How the fuck did i lose traction going 10 mph I'll never know
File: 1513719524715.png (48 KB, 624x581)
48 KB
my car is fast wheel drive so I larp as Shingo
File: IMG_5129.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Traction is for pussies
>find qt in college seven years ago
>immediately hit it off
>she had ~30 year old boyfriend with a job in banking
>she got picked up in a BMW from campus
>i drove my dad's 98 Buick Century at the time
>fast forward several months
>end up fucking her repeatedly in a Buick Century
Not with her anymore because she was a distraction from cars. Also, I drive an AE86 now.
did you cuck her faggot bmw boyfriend? good on ya
File: Itsuki.jpg (9 KB, 320x240)
9 KB
is this you?
kek i didn't even think about that. I guess so
>I drive an ae86 now
Bread on tofumobile for proof
>or let people in it
This is the exact moment when you started to fuck up.
>twisties outside of town
>soccer mom infront of me
>smash into her
>she spins out in her van
>vtec dosen´t kick in because I drive a corolla
>avoid eyecontact while I pass her
I had a gf for a little while I would watch Initial D with her and at times I would play eurobeat and try to impress her with my shitty “skills” but that’s less Takumi more like Itsuki. She ended up leaving me for some hippy vegan chick.
File: gimi smile.jpg (88 KB, 886x590)
88 KB
>be me
> drive to parents house
>drive my shitbox rwd merc
>fall and raining earlier that day
> go around sharp corner fast on wet leaves
>forgot to turn off esp
> as rear steps out car goes full spaghetti
>rear scrapes past tree and looks kinda sick afterall
This. Almost hit a Prius straight on when turned left at an intersection because dropped the clutch and let my wheels spin
>Times you acted like Takumi
I guess that's when I was working as delivery guy at night.
I only worked for 1 winter though because I overestimated the fun of driving in the snow for money. The work cars weren't exactly fun machines either and the wage kinda sucked. Also nightshift working sucks.
>this is the same country that banned some Nerf guns for being too powerful
I'm sorry, what?!
tfw you turn your gf into a lesbian with your shitty driving
>miss rural highway turnoff because I'm going a way I never do because grill wants to bark gps at me
>fine whatever
>shoulder is really, really bad
>car is lowered and there's a good 4 inch drop into highly eroded dirt where the shoulder should be
>look ahead and it's clear for like a mile
>no one behind me
>bootleg turn to flip a uee
>girl is fucking screaming and bracing herself in her chair
>bitch is full on squatting holding herself up with her legs and arms
>can't even make out what she's screaming
>I can't even register what her problem is
That's my only dagumi story. I think what makes a Takumi story is not trying hard but just doing, there's a casualness to Takumi. All I thought about was 'I'll scrape my bottom or do a 30 point turn on a two lane highway if I try to U turn here so let's just flip around'.
>when she got nothing but confusion from me she posted on kikebook for the rest of the drive to get sympathy
What a girl thing to do.
>be me
>have rx8 with only upgraded coils
>going up mountain road because it is late and Initial D music came on the shuffle
>almost immediately get behind a 2012 Camero SS doing 8 mph under speed limit in single lane traffic
>tailgate because I fucking hate people like this
>lots of noise
>straight line movement
>pulls ahead about 20 car lengths before next corner
>Ok, I can pay this game
>down shift to second
>first corner
>8 car lengths away
>second corner
>bumper to bumper
>hitting 70 on the short straights
>SS slows to 40's for corners
>70 all the way through
>make attempt to pass and the fuck chickens out and pulls off the side of the road
>disappointed the battle lasted only about 4 corners
File: 1523810717366.jpg (98 KB, 1000x800)
98 KB
>once successfully drifted my car around a roundabout in the middle of the night
>car was FF
never doing that again

>driving to work in my recently purchased EG hatch
>PO was a mexican who bought it off the original owner to flip so it had 4 different chinese tires from the junkyard
>yellow light on the off ramp, go for it and get some hektik oversteer
>recover and straighten it out and finish my drive to work

look at me, im the race car driver now.
look it up
they literally banned nerf guns for being too powerful
It's a meme. Most of the punishments and strict enforcement of traffic laws there rivals most other developed countries outside of America. Considering the fact that the vast majority of their population are niggers and criminally-hardwired white people making their roads India-tier as it is, I can only imagine what it would be like if they eased up on it.
I've acted more like Itsuki than Dagumi
That's not to say Australia's not thourougly cucked in countless other areas, but having taken a few trips there with my girlfriend their harsh enforcement is well deserved. I swear every time I drove I saw at least two people either doing skids in traffic resulting in them blocking the road or running people off the road, or people speeding at twice the limit and nearly losing it every time they touched the steering wheel. On country roads people making suicidal passes attempting to run oncoming traffic into the ditch is super common as well. In one week I witnessed two accidents cause of shit like this.
its illegal in every other country on earth too cunt
>am literally so bad at making out I turned a cute girl lesbian once

End my life famalam
I wish I had a road like this.
reading this had me sucking through my teeth
did you know that girls don't like cars at all?
tfw this was in my university
>knowing what this is
I watch Scotty Kilmer and that's it. I'm doubtful you actually drive if you're still watching cartoons.
File: 1520684218454.png (24 KB, 543x443)
24 KB
>Scotty Kilmer
>Haha, I don't know thing! Look at me! I'm superior for not knowing thing!
Go back, then. And take your e-celeb worship with you.
Nothing in extreme situations.
That said, friends have said I'm both the only person whose driving skills they trust and the only one they don't get car-sick with.

I don't know what's special about how I drive beyond the fact I'm the only one of my friends who can drive a manual...
There was also one time when taking off from a stop light and accelerating up to highway speed, they accused me of driving an automatic when they saw me change gears. Their excuse was that my gear changes were smoother than in any of their cars
OP here I was expecting most of you to make up stupid stories like /tv/ does with Drive but I’m glad on how this thread turned out.
>driving home in my 86 skyline
>way home happens to go over a mountain pass
>celica club are stopped at the bottom while i pass
>just cruising along up the pass when they start coming up in my rearview
>kick it in to high(low) gear and give them a show

tons of fun actually, one of my favourite driving memories.
>Be you
>Tailgate someone just driving home
>They pull over so you get off their ass
>Hehe too bad kiddo, I won this battle
You are autistic
Does that say wimp?
braking and downforce on front wheels
File: 20180417_094348.jpg (1.57 MB, 4032x3024)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Which one of you fags is this?
License plate is HACHIROKU minus a few vowels.
lmao if that has thot patrol sticker on other side its /o/tist
File: 1522872928376.jpg (43 KB, 650x793)
43 KB

I turned my headlights off to overtake someone who wouldn't let me pass in a creepy road at 2am

Bear in mind I had just finished 3rd Stage by that point
did u give the passenger seat a good old sniff?

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