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Recently got an old 1990 Accord LX. Went to put in a JVC (KD-X330BTS 16pin) head unit in there but the wiring harness was different. Bought the converter harness but cannot for the life of me figure which wires go where from the New Converter harness into the JVC. Searched online for 2 days now, best I got was a hotlink protected blur image without a host site :)

Any help would be appreciated.

New Converter:

File: JVC.jpg (76 KB, 1000x638)
76 KB
Pic of back headunit
File: Convert.jpg (11 KB, 358x250)
11 KB
New Harness
File: images (4).jpg (37 KB, 372x383)
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I don't get it, didn't the head unit come with its own harness?
File: brain.png (479 KB, 500x610)
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479 KB PNG
Unfortunately not. I pulled it from my old BMW that I sold but didn't even think twice about there being different harness types. Hadnt thought of that though, could just go back to the store and see which one fits and match from there. Appreciate the color chart and brain juices though, friend
just put the stock radio in faggot.
This is the 2010s, Anon; tape players are considered obsolete.
well it's should be that hard, the color chart is a universal one and most of the time you could use as a guide
just remember speaker cables come paired in color, yellow/red is 12v and ground is black
electrical tape and lots of patience my friend

blutooth cassette adapter nigger fuck now you ruined that clean ass dash
tape to aux adapters are fine.

That harness is supposed to connect to your factory harness then you wire it into the radio harness.

unless you pin every wire so it connects to the harness pins on the back of the stereo that shit isn't going to work.

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