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What's the hardest repairs you've done yourself? I've recently changed the clutch on a 328i E46. went better than expected.
replaced the thermostat on my e46 328ci 3 times
replaced the wiring harness on a 2011 mustang.
Nothing particularly special about that, but working with electricity scares the fuck out of me. Hesitated for quite a while to reconnect the battery
replaced the cabin air filter
longest repair was a headlight because I dropped the fucking thing and it got lost in the engine bay
pls no bully
Why the fuck did you have to replace the wiring harness on a 7 year old car?! WTF Ford...
If speaking completely alone - replacing the exhaust manifold on a Boxer without a jack.
Longest most disastrous auto repair was a thermostat on a 4.7 Chrysler engine.

That was the hardest because

Replacing water pump on an S10 4.3L Vortec.

It was my second time ever working on a car. Prior to that I just replaced a MAS.

>Took two hours to figure out fan bolt was reverse threaded
>Still couldn't get fan off to get water pump out
>Tried various tools, nothing worked
>Tried different forms of leverage with a chain
>Tied dog(Rhodesian Ridgeback, 130lb of muscle) to chain, held dog back until a squirrel went by.
>Released the hound
>Dog almost flipped truck over to its side
>Thank God for 300lb fat fuck friend sitting in driver's seat

>Get fed up, look to see how to get it out without taking out the fan
>Take out radiator for first time ever
>Fucking hate those little hose clamps
>Take out water pump
>Ram crow bar into water pump, still struggle like hell to get the bolt off the pump
>Few hours later it finally comes out
>Put back together in the rain, because 19 years old and no garage
>Drive S10 for 5 more years
Only thing I haven’t replaced is a gearbox.
Motor swap, diff swap, cambelt, brakes, suspension, done most of it.
Not a fan of working with brakes. Too much arthritis.
Replaced the engine in a Ram or replaced a transmission in a 1st gen MDX.

Honestly the MDX was more labor intensive because I had to drop the driveshaft and the whole front subframe while hanging the engine from the top.

Probably a flood car, my 10 year old Focus hasn't had any problems.
Probably a miata timing belt
Thought I had a dead starter in my AE86. Spent an afternoon cutting my wrists on the exhaust manifold and lifting the car up and down to get that fucking thing that actually worked fine back in and as I tried to wiggle an oily starter clip back on. Had to put the clip back on three times in a week before I found a new starter cable, then fucked myself up one last time. Should have just removed the whole manifold before attempting it.
Fucking hate not having a garage.
swapped the motor in my 2003 TDI. Blew the timing belt, in hindsight i should have just replace the cylinder head instead of the whole thing
Hardest repair was a cabin air filter O.o
Anon I have no words.
My hardest repair was a lightbulb in my dash.. To be fair the repair itself wasn't a problem but it took me about 3 FUCKING DAYS to get my odometer cable back into the dash cluster because the fucking cable was about 3cm too short all of a sudden. Also the fucking cheap plastic trim around my dash made my wrists look like I tried to slit my wrists.
>Dog almost flipped truck over to its side
>Thank God for 300lb fat fuck friend sitting in driver's seat

I will paypal you 10$ if you have that on video and send it to me
So far it's replacing the oil pan on my Volvo 240 without pulling the engine.

Drop the cross member, pull steering rack, remove tranny brace, remove engine mounts, and it still didn't want to come out. Wouldn't have been neatly as bad if I didn't have to do chin ups to go under the car as I avoided the legs on the engine hoist.

Finishing it today.
pulled my transmission and and replaced the synchros and bearings in my driveway.
it was all for nothing though, since apparently the gears themselves are so worn they dont engage the synchros anyways.
Frame off restoration of a 1979 f100, not exactly hard, but time consuming as fuck.
Hey at least he HAS a cabin air filter.
why does it look like I could throw a rock inside that dogs asshole
Swapping an 04 srt4 powertrain, fuel tank, wiring, and seats into a 95 coupe neon ACR
Swapping a 97 2.3l R engine into 98 v70 xc
A lot more

>removing intake manifold of a Honca Civic
>nuts stripped
>have to chissle off in tight space

>some wrench monkey torques on oil pan bolt of Ford Taurus
>strip it trying to get it off
>have to chissle it off with chissle, scredriver, and hammer

>replacing the spark plugs in a 4g72

Timing chain, engine swap, no problem.
Carb clean and valve clearances on an 80s XL250R. They really fucking sqiized those two carbs in there. Didn't help that I forgot to attach the throttle cables before I put the carbs back, had to spend 40 minutes squeezing my hand around to get them on.

>Timing chain, engine swap, no problem

Sometimes when I am half way through I step back and think that my first step should have been to prepare to pull the whole engine.

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