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So, I have a problem.

On Friday evening, a cute little asian lady pulled out in front of me in my Jetta and more or less managed to pit maneuver me into a curb. Wasn't my fault, but my car is still pretty mashed.

The insurance company has appraised the damages, and it's about 35% of the value of the car, so it will not be a total loss. It's all body damage and alignment. The thing is, the insurance company also offered me a check for the amount of the damages, which it turns out is about 70% of what's left on my loan. It's a 2014 GLI with 48,000 miles on it, so it's even still in warranty.

Should I:
>take the check and run (about $5k)
>sell the car for what it's worth (about $9k from what I can deduce), giving me $14k
>pay my $6.5k remaining loan
>be left with $7.5k to buy a NIPPONU SHITUBOXU that will get me from A to B while I save for a Porsche
>be left with no car payment

>get the car fixed by the insurance company
>wait 3 weeks for the body shop
>pay for a rental car for that time because I was a goof and didn't get rental car coverage (probably $40 a day)
>be left with a car that has crash damage on the title
>pay off loan in 18 more months

>take the check and run
>use whatever money it takes to make it just driveable enough (pretty much alignment and nothing else)
>dump the rest into my loan
>pay it off way sooner
>fix my credit in the mean time
>sell it, buy Porsche

If you had no reason to get rid of it before the crash, option 3
If you want a different car option 1

Option 3 is the smart decision
Option 1 is the following your heart decision
I don't really trust the thing on a long term basis. It had the timing chain tensioner snap at 25,000 miles, and this transmission seems like it really wants to turn into sparkles.

Either way though, you think I should take the check and GTFO? That seems to be the prevailing consensus so far.
did you fug the slant op?
I did technically get her phone number...
Yeah, boy!
OP gonna get his dick wet!
>take insurance check
>fix it yourself
>sell car
>buy boxster

It would be way more body work than I'm comfortable even thinking about doing. I could put on a new door but that's probably it. It's really pretty fucked up.

I'm pretty sure she thought it was my fault though.
Go to local shop and let them know what is going on. Sometimes they can work out a deal with you
>I'm pretty sure she thought it was my fault though.
She's trying to get you to feel obligated to make it up to her by giving her the initial D.

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