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How reliable are the 2000+ Falcon utes? Planning on getting one as a first car in auto (cant get manual license) for ~$3k.
Are there any better options for a small ute in terms of reliability?
literally any 2wd hilux or navara/triton. if you plan on actually carrying anything the falcon wont be for you.
engines are better than commodores
literally everything else is better in a commodore

I still love the falcons though, really it's your choice, the BF is much better than the BA

if going holden buy a Vt-Vy ute, dont get a vz because of the 3.6 and tonnes of electronics
falcon is rated for a tonne
have you seen how many AU's carry ungodly amounts of scrap during hard rubbish?
also steer clear of vz utes unless ur getting a v8 due to the shit alloytec v6. dont ever buy a holden with a 3.6
ive seen them do it lots, but ive also seen the damage its caused to the bed and rear suspension over time.
Only reliable auto is the 6 speed, and good luck getting a Falcon Ute in running condition with a 6 speed for 3k
Damaged leaf springs?
>BF is much better than the BA
in what way?

The BA had a lot of issues that were eventually ironed out by the BF.

I had a mk. III BF. So many issues, tie rod snapped out of nowhere, demolishing the brake disk, gear box (6 speed) clunked shifting 1-3 and into reverse, central locking on one door broke preventing the car from locking at all, brake disks continually warp (new set/machined every year) eventually scraped it when the ignition barrel broke.
Get a VS commy Ute, it has about the same power to weight, it's probably cheaper too.
I mean... pretty rare for a BTR four speed to blow up before 300,000klms, but yeah sure they're unreliable

Pretty much everything else on a BA will break, but that's not really any different to a commodore

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