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Have you ever caused an accident?
File: slowheavycat.jpg (50 KB, 960x960)
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I have caused four accidents, one of which was reported to insurance. I have been in eight accidents. And one time someone attacked my car with a golf club while I was driving.
Yeah, one was a fender bender, the other was from hydroplaning.
I wrote an unregistered Ford Laser off and left it on the side of the road once.
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Nope, but I fear my luck may run out.
i didn't sleep for 48 hours and bumped a car at 25, which to my surprise was enough to set off their airbags, meanwhile i just lost a bit of facia, both cars being 2500lb shitboxes mine just being older.

Really not proud of it, but i'd dodged about 2-3 accidents where people pulled infront of me on 55mph roads. Had to go offroad on one, other was a left turn and luckily they braked but i still had to dodge them by going into oncoming lane, this was at 9pm in countryside so no other cars.

I don't know why people like pulling out infront of me
Neglected changing the brakes on my GTI due to being tight on money and ended up rear-ending a Pacifica while we were panic stopping
Yes. Once hydroplane'd and hit the fence dividing a busy street. No one else involved, but an o/tist found me because I posted a pic and they identified the intersection
I've almost been in a few because this is California and nobody knows how to fucking drive I swear
Hey I failed to stop in time and hit a crossover in my GTI as well.
Totaled mine
one time i posted the front of my car (no license plate) and got like 4 replies with my name and person info
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>riding bike back from class
>decide to go a different way this time
>get to intersection, green light, turn left
>notice gravel in the road
>rear slides out
>eat shit, roll twice and somehow land on my feet
>tank fell off
>key fell out
>brand new rear fairing broke
>stator cover more scratched than it was before
>brand new mirror mount slides safely around the bar
First and only time I've ate shit or dropped a bike in 4 years of riding
I once took a tow hook to the side of my truck when I couldn’t be assed to wait for a granny to back out of her parking space. Anyway the (begging) immigrant who saw the whole thing didn’t speak Swedish so the accident went on the granny’s insurance.

Fucking grandmas shouldn’t be allowed to drive
exif data
>I don't know why people like pulling out infront of me
what do you drive?
4chan removes exif data
Dude no one in Sweden speaks Swedish anymore, what was the problem?
For once being happy about immigrants
Hit a YJ Wrangler front-on while we were both traveling at ~30mph. I had 0 injuries, the Jeep driver had to go to the hospital because it rolled and a softtop doesn't work too well at keeping a person inside.
I was driving down a mountain pass and at a really sharp turn a huge truck was blocking half the road so naturally i slowed down and tried going around it and around halfway of me passing a truck out of nowhere a car appears and thankfully he was driving slow so he stopped quickly to let me pass and the buy behind him rear ended him because he didnt keep a safe distance. And now i feel sad for causing that accident

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