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Hey /o/, /pol/ here, all my childhood i worked on muscle cars so i’m mechanically inclined; just not hip to four bangers.

While running the car definitely had loud cylinder ignitions being heard as if it was open headers, but as if just one piston being opened. First impression was blown head gasket. But it was pretty loud. After tearing into the top of the head i find this: spark plug hat blown out of it’s cylinder.

Give it to me straight /o/, is car kill?
Replace the coil/plug. Similar thing happened with my 02 escape but it ran for months like that until it was fixed
I tore half the engine bay apart, i was ready to lift the head off in a few minutes now that my gasket set arrived.

Don’t tell me i could of fixed this without going through all this hassle...
Is the spark plug still in the head? It looks like the cop boot just tore when u yanked it out of the bore.

You may as well change out the valve cover gasket since the vc is off anyway.

If the plug snapped off in the head and you can't find a way to get it out, i suppose you can pull the head and have the threads retapped
I didn’t touch the spark plugs, just pulled the coils up to get the head/valve cover off.

The spark plug was resting in it’s port when i got down to it, the metal pin from the top of the spark plug and that rubber piece from the coil was sitting to the side of spark plug’s port
The far right spark plug is closest to driver’s side. The open spark port is where i found it resting in it’s natural position. The pieces in the previous photo were found just to the left side of it.
>could of

Id try installing a new plug and see if it tightens down before going any further with it. You may have got lucky and it just came loose and eventually popped out from pressure.
Weird that one plug is original and one of the middle plugs looks to be an autolite?
Keep it goin.
Doesn’t everybody run different types of spark plugs in each cyclinder?!

Diversity is our strength!

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