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File: logo_montbell.png (8 KB, 401x138)
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Are there a better brands? Is Asia Gear a meme?I lived in Japan via military for four years where I got to use a good amount of montbell products and totally fell for them.

That being said, now that I'm back in the US, I'm rebuilding my gear stock, even sniping them on Ebay is pretty rich. Is montbell/asia gear priced up for weeb memes or is it actually good?

Futile claim to starve off the Muh American-made /pol/sters, I have and go for USbased products as well, please don't shit this bed.
Montbell is a good brand. Their gears are always simple and strong. That said, the clothing are a little small for the burgers and the design looks unimpressive. /Out/ will prefer Snowpeak. Their spork is, what can I say, an achievement of humanity.
>American-made = /pol/
The absolute state of patriotism...
Mont-bell is pretty good stuff. I use a bit of snow peak in my kit, too. Those nips know whats up.
Are they just not tacticool enough for the burger? I've checked out Snow Peak as well, seem to have a much larger US presence as well. I've heard buying through the Japanese sites is both higher quality and cheaper as well. Montbell.jp offers free shipping too.
Mont-bell's strong point is the cost performance. Their gears are 20 to 30% cheaper than North face or Patagonia. But the quality is as good. The design is not bad either. They are basic but colorful.
Live in Japan currently. A lot of the stuff I have is Snow Peak, Mont-Bell and Evernew. Seems decent but the prices I hear the stuff go for overseas seems excessive.
OP here, went to the NYC snow peak store today and it was all minimal space and marked up fashion memes. If it wasn't for a display of thier forks and camp stove, I wouldn't have known they were an outdoors company. Sticking to online I suppose.

Certainly could care less how they look, prefer understated design myself. Went to a few other stores today and was having a good laugh at the prices. Based montbell

Reeee, really envy you Anon. Do some good Kyushu hikes when you can.
>>>1115344 (You)
>Reeee, really envy you Anon. Do some good Kyushu hikes when you can.
Will do. Only started going /out/ in Japan recently, but sure am enjoying getting out of Tokyo. Hopefully be able to get out to the ends of the country soon.
Did the full Kirishima hike before Mt Aso blew up (the week after we left). Was a great full day hike, camped out near a small shrine lodge and partied with locals up to see the fireflies. Hiked down at dawn, got in some good onsen time too. The whole park is worth a day or so at. Top rec.

File: ac6.jpg (55 KB, 600x800)
55 KB
I buy American made because I support American workers and their superior products to your slave labor chink trash. All this shit is made in China or Malaysia and then upmarked by weebs like you.

Pic related, this whole thread
Reminds me of one of the reviews on Amazon for a Snow Peak gas bottle left by a Japanese person. "I thought I was buying Japanese gas, but it's filthy Korean gas. 1 star."
it is made in japan
montbell is good, just as good as patagonia or north face imo. Arcteryx is obviouslly the best, but have spending absurd amounts of money.

pro tip: use the facebook marketplace to buy gear. I got an Arcteryx bora 80L that was used twice for $50
File: MontBellHex.jpg (613 KB, 1280x853)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
My travel tent is a MontBell Hexagon.
I wish they still sold gear in NA because my tent has been tops.
I bought the Montbell Ridge Line 30 backpack last year, and the Down Multi Blanket #5 this year.

The backpack was made in Jordan and the quilt was made in China, says so right on the tags.

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