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File: Untitled.jpg (121 KB, 718x805)
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Recommend emergency radios
>in b4 baomeme
There is literally nothing wrong with baofengs for the price they cost.
Non-amateurs should stay away from them though, far too many preppers who have no clue about radio are getting them and keying up.
The red Cross makes a few. Pretty good for the price.
I'd have two though if it's really for an emergency.
One is none and all.
What drawbacks do those cheap windups have?
A lack of filters is what I'm guessing.
I use a midland ER310. It's pretty fucking useful. The only issue is that it doesn't support SAME codes so if you're using the passive alert mode, prepared to get alerted for literally everything.
I have multiple like the style in ops pic.

Of the ones I've owned, the ironsnow model takes the cake for quality.
File: 20171010_010742.jpg (2.39 MB, 4128x2322)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
The ironsnow travels with me for work. It gets tossed around a lot in my luggage, and you'd never know it.

The other two cheaper models I own are in a Faraday tin under my bed.

What's the purpose you want a radio like this for?
File: pl360.jpg (21 KB, 500x500)
21 KB
Tecsun PL-360

- Storage memory count: 450
- 3AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
- External power interface: USB specification / DC 5V 300mA / or Solar Panel
- Clock with alarm/thermometer (C/F)
- Small and portable
- Package includes: Special bag, High sensitivity AM Antenna, External FM/SW antenna, Stereo Earphones and 3AA rechargeable batteries.
- price: about US 38.00

I do not recommend hand crank radios. They break easily, even those of Eton.
>Faraday tin
Is it grounded? If not then it aint protecting shit son
You are correct to a point.

The variances of what can happen to electronics during an emp/cme depends entirely on the power of the blast (or proximity)

It is widely accepted during even the worst cme, cars would remain unhindered, whereas exposed electronics would be toast.

The smaller the circuit board the higher probability of it being effected, as well as the severity. There are labs that test theoretical scenarios (and tons of videos on YouTube) and have concluded that there really is a grand instance of random to what is and what is not destroyed, with and without protection.

Long and short, a direct blast of an EMP above your location would treat any Faraday cage like a screen door in a hurricane. Anything short of that, and you roll the dice.
Any point in getting a cheap emergency radio for hunting/camping/bob?
File: 1432254679231.jpg (55 KB, 640x438)
55 KB
voices on the radio are louder than the voices in your head.
Sidekick, wingman, or rev?
I see the radio, a swayer mini, paracord, multi-tool, marker with duct tape,flashlight, and ferro rod, what else is in there?
Wingman. Ex gf got me it. I EDC the skeletool, but a Leatherman definitely had place in my travel kit.

Far left is tactical pen
Writing pad behind left seeve
I keep a handkerchief and set of cheap atlas utility gloves loose in between the sides.
Zip ties of varying sizes
Behind the right sleeve is batteries, accessories to the radio
Space blankey
Extra phone cable (can charge your phone from the radio, and potentially endlessly until the crank breaks. Crank is strong with this one, hence my recommendation)

I have more stuff I keep in my suitcase. I can go over that stuff if theres interest.
>What's the purpose you want a radio like this for?
I imagine they're good for a general SHTF scenario
whats your budget like?

For a very starter, the entry level beaofug with a better antena

about two steps up for 99 bucks this one is really good: https://countycomm.com/products/countycomm-gp-5-ssb-general-purpose-radio

I haven't felt the need to upgrade from the county comm one. I use it casually
If the whole thing is at the same potential its all that matters.
batteries are pretty cheap so I have not got a crank up yet. how much cranking we talking about? that is usually where this stuff falls short.
Yup, everything this guy said. There's I think 3 versions of the pl360(countycomm sells a rebrand of each, so I guess 6 versions).

Ditto about hand cranks. Very easy to break, and they never work that well to begin with.
File: Tecsun.jpg (206 KB, 1280x720)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I would say get the PL-310ET over the 360 though
-not much bigger
-better sensitivity
-ETM feature is a godsend allowing to find stations quickly/see whether a band is open
-can input frequency with numbers rather than having to scroll all the way through
-only something like £10 more than the 360
File: 20171016_230122.jpg (860 KB, 2016x1512)
860 KB
860 KB JPG
based on advise from a an identical thread a couple of years back I bought one of these for /out/ , an Eton Scorpion 2

it came recommended too by an review panel up against similar radios (hand crack) and seemed to tick all the right boxes too, solar charging/handcrank powered, backup torch, waterproof, rubberised casing to protect from drops, a fair battery life, hell it even let you charge your phone (or whatever by USB using the handcrank) and comes with a built in bottle opener.

on paper it sounded great. irl well not so much. it's heavy, bulky, the handcrank you'd need to turn all damn day to charge a smartphone- it even needs a good bit of going just to power the radio. an I've quickly come to realise for what I need it's way over built and overly complicated- gimmicky as fuck.

in real terms I've taken to carrying a £2.50 ebay radio that runs on 2 AA batteries and I stick it in a ziplock bag. It runs about as long as the scorpion and is about 1/4 of the weight, batteries inc and had a better profile to slide into your bag.

flashy handcrank radios might be great for car camping with the qt3.14 forestwife but if you're wanting a radio to walk with look elsewhere

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