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File: 20171010_222451.png (478 KB, 1080x737)
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478 KB PNG
A couple weeks back I almost drowned in pic related. I overestimated my swimming ability and about halfway through my swim from one side to another in a section of the lake that is pretty thin I became extremely tired. I paused for a split second and saw how far away I still was from the other side and told myself if I didn't get my act together and hack it I was a dead man. By the grace of God I made it, but it was pretty scary and definitely hammered into my head that my stupidity can, and almost did get me killed. Any of you faggots have similar stories?
Out of question OP, where is that pic from, I'd swear that looks like Lake Moomaw in Virginia but I'm probably wrong.
I too am not a strong swimmer but plan to spend the summer surfing in mexico.
Will all the australian chads there think i am a faggot if I wear these gloves?

It's the beach.

Nobody looks at other people unless they are sexually attractive.
>15/16 yo me
>Swimming in the Atlantic
>50 meters into the ocean
>I can still touch the bottom
>Current starts pulling south
>Can't touch the bottom anymore
>At least 20meters from shore
>starting to get tired as fuck
>Huge last effort
>Get lucky with the waves and swim my way to safety
In different circumstances I could have died that day too.
40% rule says you would have been just fine, unless there were sharks or big waves of course.

>be me, 15 years ago.
>be hopping between boulders at garden of the gods.
>over jump boulder that is lower than me by about a foot.
>faceplant at base of boulder and roll about 10ft down hill.
>black and blue and road rash.

people do dumb shit sometimes.
You've never seen a "rip current diagram"?
Care to explain the 40% rule?

Different guy but a team guy by the name of Goggins came up with the idea that the average man thinks he's "done" when physiologically he's only 40% of the way to complete physiological exhaustion.

It's all in the mind.
I was just at the Garden of the Gods. Nice. You from Illinois or Kentucky?

My only "near miss" wasnt my own demise. I was about 9 or 10 and went hunting with my dad and a few friends. I had been a paper killer since I was little so I knew how to shoot just fine. I see a doe and think "im going to show them im a big boy and can get my own deer without their help" They are maybe 30 feet behind me getting dinner ready. I lined up my shot and was just waiting for the right moment when I heard my dad scream "STOP STOP STOP" it scared me enough that I jerked the trigger and put a bullet 20 feet above the deer and into a tree. Then I heard 2 other people yelling in our direction. Thats when I realized about 20 yards past the deer was another camping spot and if I had missed that deer by an inch, I would have put a bullet into one of those other hunters.

To this day I still think about that moment before I take a shot and make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no one else there.
you're a rampant faggot
Nothing too spoopy

> Working a seasonal position in Alaska
> Went /out/ on adventures on my own all the time
> Decided to climb this mountain ridge and go find this waterfall that I had seen from the bottom
> It looked amazing so I set out on a whole day trip to look for it
> I climbed the ridge from one side and spent my hike exploring the mountain area until I made it to the other side of the ridge
> From here I headed back through the ridgeline, but I hugged the cliff where I'd expect to see the waterfall
> Got some awesome views and was taking pictures all the time
> On one of those times, I sat down by the edge of the cliff and took my pack off to take a break
> My gear starts tumbling down the slope
> If I didn't grab it, there is no way in hell I would ever see it again
> My dumbass jumps out after it and I end up flat on the ground right next to the edge
> I literally risked my life for a stupid backpack that had nothing of value in it
> On my way back it starts to rain as it always does
> Being cold, wet, and tired, I didn't want to walk all the way around the ridge to get down so I start taking shortcuts as I'm almost out
> Going down this super steep side of the mountain
> All of a sudden my rubber boots loose traction on the wet grass and slip
> I start sliding down to my death
> I'm digging my hands into the dirt but its not doing shit
> I 'aim' for a small creek I see traversing below
> End up crashing into it, hitting my my legs hard against the rocks that line the creek
> Still have 2 hours to go before I make it back to my car
Things could've gone a lot worse but somehow I was lucky enough to make it back home with just some bruises. 8/10 would do again.
i wouldn't wear them unless you plan on doing some serious swimming which no one does in the ocean.

sounds like something i'd do for my camera gear.

Prior to having any rock climbing experience I 'free solo'd' the local 75ft cliff in the dead of winter.
>Be hiking alone in winter for some photography
>Find myself at the popular cliff
>I'd been hearing more and more about rock climbing, figured I'd give it a shot
>Start climbing rock in gloves, nothing too extreme but getting a little high
>All of sudden no ledges to grab onto, and going back down isn't an option
>Take off some gear, put it in bag
>Throw bag up on top of nearest ledge
>I'm 50 feet high in the air at this point
>Jump to this incredibly vertical slab hoping to get the ledge
>Miss the ledge and I'm fucking sliding towards death; not even sliding I'm just falling really
>Spot a small ass tree sampling growing out of a crack, grab that motherfucker and it some how held me
>Gashed my hand pretty bad, but 10/10 didn't die and it's my only cool story
Do you not know how to float on your back? That is Survival 101 my man.

Holy shit. I haven't started hunting yet, but I'll probably think about your story every time I shoot now.
I could see myself ending up in a situation like this.
>Be me at around nineteen years old.
>Violated a suspended sentence.
>Fuck it. Having fun before work release coming up in a few months.
>Also depressed sort of, so hanging with a cutie girl for the attention.
>We're partying at this little beach with a group of people. My sister was throwing a little bon fire.
>We're drunk and high. I jump in the water and start swimming.
>Cutie jumps in and follows.
I had swam across this little body of water plenty of times during the daylight. It was actually private property, part of the neighborhood I lived in, which is why my sister would throw little parties here.
>We've been swimming a while, I'm getting tired
>I realize I can't see shit, and I have no sense of direction anymore.
>Start realizing in my stoned, drunk state that I fucked up.
>Can't see cutie anymore.
Was fishing from shore in hawaii.standing at about 50 ft. Cliff.hook and bring in a 43 pound gt.get my slide gaff on the line equipped with a go pro mount.slide and gaff my fish.about 10 feet out of the water my go pro hangs up and breaks off of my gaff.i finish bringing up my gaff and proceed to sticking my gaff in a deep crack, then throwing the rope down the cliff.began climbing down and about half way i gas out.look down at my camera then back up at the top.pussy out and climb back up.at the top i realize had i gone down all the way there was no ways i could climb back up.stupidity nearly cost me my life.instead i lost all my prime footage.
and why is that?

not at the time
Reminds me of when I was doing seasonal job in the French Pyrénées, one month in kinda remote valley. I see a big cave near the top of a mountain and a few days later I go looking for it without a map "because I saw it" and with half a liter (!!) of water. I took me four hours to reach it where I was expecting two, and it was a very hot day so my bottle was empty at noon, when I got to that cave.
Like the pretentious faggot that I am, I decide not to take the same way back, but to go on.
Lose my way, starts to feel very thirsty and kind of panicking.
I decide to follow a dry riverbed down the valley, find the trail, with clear water running from the mountain. I drink maybe one liter in go then got back to the village.

Not very deadly but it could have become very fast.
I did all kinds of reckless things when I was out there. Hindsight tells me they were stupid but they seemed like a good idea at the time.

Another /out/ing:
> Its the one nice day a month when we have sun
> Decide to climb up to a large muskeg field
if you don't know what muskeg is its a type of soil that pretty much is a sponge (moss). You stand in it and sink about 3-20 inches. It depends on the ground you're on.
> A friend of mine had brought me up here and I felt like coming up to explore
> She showed me this great swimming spot underneath a small waterfall far out from town
> We walked barefoot out there to "feel" the earth between our feet and connect with nature
She was one of those hippie types
> She told me about this "bigger waterfall" that existed farther up the creek
> I was determined to go find it on my own
> Naturally I decided to go barefoot bc muh nature
> Also went out there to be in the Alaskan outdoors
> Brought some whiskey and spend a majority of the time running around like a complete tard
> Felt like an Alaskan Native Boy running through muskeg
> IamOneWithTheForest.jpeg
> Spoke to ravens
> Saw some other cool birds
I'm getting a bit sidetracked here
> After walking around aimlessly and harassing wildlife, I walk towards the creek
> Find the waterfall
> From here I travel upstream in search of this other magical fall
> I start getting into thick wild forest
Keep in mind I'm barefoot. Unless you're wearing rainboots, your feet would be completely soaked anyways
> Decide to just go for it instead of turning back to town where I left my shoes
> I cross the creek bc I think its open muskeg fields on that side
> It's more thick forest
> I don't really go /out/ barefoot so I have very little callus on my feet
> Everything is trying to rip my flesh open
> Keep on pushing for a couple of hours down this creek
> No bearspray
> No communication/signaling device
> No one knows where I am
> Just water, 2 granola bars, and whiskey.

>>1118492 Continued

> Step over rocks, thorny bushes, and thick shrubs only to find more rocks, thorny bushes, and thick shrubs
> Come up on many waterfalls but none with a drop like the first one or with a suitable swimming pool at the bottom
> IcantSwimInThis.pdf
>Eventually make it all the way back to the foot of the mountain where the water originates
> Creek splits off into several tiny runoffs
> I know there is no waterfall at this point
> Bitch lied to me
> Now I have to get back
> Fuck
> I was passing back and forth through the creek when I came up
> Since I was following the creek, I think that it would be easier to just beeline it back to town
> I can kinda orient myself from the mountains around me
> One of the worse decisions ever
> End up having to go up and down steep valleys
> Across thorny berry bush fields
> Climb up vertical cliffs and down them
> The shittiest of all was the devil's club fields I had to go through
> No shoes, no thick shirt, and in shorts
> Fucking devil's club
> Eventually make it back with my legs and feet scratched up and bloody
> Decide I still want to be /out/ and climb this tall hill that overlooks the town
> Sun is already going down
> Fuck it, I still want to swim
> Head all the way back to the first waterfall
> Spend a good 20 minutes in that frigid water ignoring all the cuts on my legs
>finally head back, put my shoes
> Pain starts to set in
> Limp the rest of the way home

I ended up getting something on my left leg, which caused it to swell up a lot. This sucked because I was heading out on a spike camp the next day for work. I was scared that if it were something serious and I needed to see a doctor, I would be stuck /out/ with no medical facilities and I would end up losing my foot. I left anyways and pushed through the pain. It subsided about 2 days into the camp and swimming in the ocean helped reduce the swelling. It was fine by I could've lost my leg.
I swam out in open ocean to reach a buoy once. It looked closer than it actually was. Panicked 4/5 of the way there but I kept on going. I thought I was never gonna make it back and I kinda waited for someone to take notice but no one did so I swam back slowly
File: 1431094512540.jpg (14 KB, 216x180)
14 KB
Be a teenager swimming off Diamond Head in Hawaii. Swim 200 meters out to the artificial wave break. Stand up on the break, look down and its covered in spiky urchins. It's a miracle my brother and I didn't step on one.
My brother purposely shit in the hotel pool later that night.He was 21. That aspect is unrelated
File: hoody life.jpg (7 KB, 300x300)
7 KB
you fool
Is there any actual evidence for this meme?

Where does the 40% figure come from?
dude i went to highschool with drowned trying to swim across a lake
File: ddd.png (820 KB, 1152x649)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
pic related ;_;
those buoys always look deceivingly close.
you know you can float on water right?
unfuck your grammar
are you jesus?
File: 0319151913.jpg (4.59 MB, 4160x2340)
4.59 MB
4.59 MB JPG
>last year of college
>camping alone at the tail end of winter
>everything is super icy from snow runoff. hard enough getting to my usual campsite in the day.
>2am phonecall from a friend. apparently its an emergency.
>throw my stuff haphazardly into my pack and start off toward my car.
>carrying a flashlight in my mouth and balancing on the ice with 30+llbs of gear for the weekend.
>loose my footing on a steep slope and begin sliding toward the cliffs over the river below.
>grab for trees unsuccessfully and feel my legs drop from beneath me
>close my eyes and expect to be laying in the river with two broken legs the next time I open them.

I landed on the only outcropping on the entire cliff. This small patch of rock and dirt with a stump that's barely hanging on to the rock.

After I lost the adrenaline rush and my hands steadied, I hoisted myself up onto the cliff and made my way back down to my vehicle.

The flashlight I was carrying in my mouth chipped my front tooth when I hit the ground. A friendly reminder of my nativity in underestimating nature and overestimating my abilities.
File: 429863978_c729c9bd83_b.jpg (152 KB, 1024x683)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
so, was it an emergency?
The term she used when I got there was "emotional crisis." One of her friends was drunk and unresponsive, really tripping on something.

That is not how it sounded when I got the call. I thought that someone had died and hung up after I told her to call 911, which she never did, y'know... because of the drugs.
Your friends are dirtbags.
>surfing in oregon in winter
>15-20ft storm swell
>hike into the beach, puring rain, just me and my friend surfing
>bay has cliffs on both sides, and river on the southern end
>use the river/ripcurrent to get out
>surf for a while, friend heads in
>swell direction switches, waves keep pushing me into the rip and pulling me out farther than I could ride in
>eventually get hit by a 20' set, hit some chop and fall, go over the falls
>right into the cliffs
>pushed up onto a rock, manage to hold on and im on dry land when the water sucks back out
>climb up the cliff as much as I can to catch my breath
>slip and fall, board gets dragged down on top of me, hits me in the head
>fall into water and get thrashed on the rocks by a wave
>just trying to paddle in as fast as I can, trying to go parallel to shore to get out of the rip
>waves keep pushing me into the rip
>exhausted, feel like im at my limit
>finally a set comes, ride the white wash all the way to shore
>friend was watching an eagle drink from the river the whole time, "where you been dude?"
>board dinged in 15 places
>two fins broken off
>nose broken off
>covered in gashes
>never felt so alive
>go back to friends house, take bong rips and lay on the couch for 2 days

man I love surfing. the ocean is so humbling

As coach always told us "your body can do anything that you ask it too it's you're brain that stops you, ignore your brain"

It's a great way to go about most things, but fuck me I've had some times that I'm pretty sure my body could do no more. Anyone who's ever wrestled knows what I'm talking about, there are times when you have to be carried off the mat because you're legs are no longer able to hold you up. You don't want to hit that stage in the middle of a lake.

My most stupid out mistake was attempting a 10 mile walk home in -30 ignoring the windchill in a pair of pajama pants and a light winter coat. I got this weird feeling about half way there that I can't really explain. It was like I couldn't feel my legs but at the same time they were on fire like I just sprinted a mile full bore. Ended up getting home telling myself "it's only 30 seconds to the next pole, we'll rest there, you can take 30 more seconds" all while thinking that if I stopped moving for a second that I was a dead man. It's a miracle I didn't get frostbite or something although I did get a terrible wind burn on my face.
You're supposed to swim parallel to the beach to escape the rip current you gomba
I did a similar thing when I was 10 during a scout camp out. Me and another kid tried to swim across a similar sized body of water. We made it most of the way before he ran out of energy and started to panic. Luckily there was a dude in a kayak who pulled him and me closer to shore.
Nah mate we think of all you fucking yanks as inbred anyway what other excuses do you have for trump here in Australia he would be watched carefully with safety scissors
>never felt so alive

Had a similar feeling after exploring this white water rapid river in northern Quebec . I was by myself and while trying to get some pictures I decided the only way to get a good shot is to climb out on this big moss covered log sitting at an angle in the water. As I was walking to the end I tried to swing around a smallish tree growing out of the middle of the log and my feet slipped out from under me and the current sucked me right down. I flipped and flopped down the river for maybe 100 ft before my hand got a sold grab on a root sticking out of the side of the bank. With all that adrenaline and knowing how close I was to death I ripped myself right out and onto the bank.

I walked back to the lake and the people that dropped me off never knew what actaully happened to me to this day. Its my favorite memory from that trip oddly enough
Wear them. They are fun. It is like wearing flippers for your hands after all. Flippers are fun. If you have good flippers & leg strength and are not a lard ass you can lift yourself a good ways out of the water like a dolphin. Thus, they enhance your ability greatly. With webbed fingers like that you can swim a lot faster without tiring as much.
FYI, if you have to swim long distances the backstroke is the best way since you can glide and rest between stokes.
can confirm. its also better for your neck

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