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File: ice fishing.jpg (2 MB, 4000x3000)
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Any of you anons go ice fishing? I'm starting to develop quite the interest in fishing as a whole, but winter is pretty much here where I'm at so looks like ice fishing is gonna be my only option for the next few months. What advice would you give to somebody who wants to get into this but has no prior fishing experience? Should I just wait for warm weather and learn to fish the normal way before I attempt this? Any advice is appreciated.
>fishing for ice
what the fuck are you doing?
if you want ice why not just freeze some water in your fucking freezer?
File: inderned.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
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Thanks man.
File: lundhags.png (796 KB, 975x1339)
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796 KB PNG
I'm no expert on ice fishing, but I know it's easy to get brutally fucked if you're not thinking about safety.

On your first trip, you should not go alone. Buy ice claws such as pic related - they can save your life if you fall through the ice. You should also get a lifeline if you're two (or more).

You might want to consider trying to fall through the ice and get back up again so you know what it's like. It'll be cold as fuck, but it could help if you were to ever fall in by accident.

Here's a video of marines practicing getting back out of the water, as you can see most of the soldiers easily get up without ice claws, but their officer (I presume) at 2.20 is clearly struggling.
Yeah, I definitely don't want to take chances with safety. It's pretty common knowledge locally how to stay safe on frozen lakes and the like, but I'll be sure to take your advice on the ice claws and not being out there alone. Might even muster up the courage to fake a fall through the ice if I'm lucky.
Haha, don't fake a fall - you'll want to have a fire/tent set up and a towel/dry set of clothes and a wool blanket ready! It'll be a fun experience, trust me! To make it more comfortable, you can do it on a warm and sunny day.
Just watch this guys videos and you'll be good to go
Didn't make any sense at all until I saw the vodka.
Now I know exactly how he does all that.
How are those used? Looks like something for grip strength exercises with a whistle attached.
File: IMG_0706.jpg (2.01 MB, 3264x2448)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Ice thickness must be at a minimum 4" on new, clear ice. Rain soaked ice etc. should be 5-6" thick. Make sure to pick up an ICE fishing rod, noticeable by the short length they are. get a hand auger that makes a hole in the ice for you and if you are really dedicated get a shanty tent too if conditions are brutal or you like the comfort. Wearing a life jacket is recommended too. Ice fishing and regular fishing are two way different experiences. doing ice fishing first wont hurt you when you try warm weather fishing, I would do both because they are both great experiences
Beneath the plastic caps there are metal spikes, you slam them into the ice so you get something to hold on to. You wear it around your neck.

holy shit that's a lot of fish
I got out on 2" of ice with a sled of gear nearly every year, one year it was raining when I was on that ice. Sure it cracks every other step but don't be a dumbass and you'll be safe.
Only reason I do so is I've been walking on ice since I could walk and have knowledge of good and bad ice. Have had it walkable on one lake and the next lake the ice is similar to rubber, next lake break through first step and so on. If it's thin stay shallow.
>no prior fishing experience?

I’m just trying to make sure he doesn’t die
Good tip on the ice fishing rod. It would be hilarious to see a noob trying to ice fish with a summer rod though.

Personally Ive always just used a spool of fishing line and a jig. You can feel every little nibble. Just keep one hand gloved and maybe have another near by so you don't cut your hand when a big one bites
What's the fucking difference. Just length?
>how are those used
Like this
Go to 1:24

I started a few years ago, it can be a lot of fun. Many guys look forward to ice season more than open water season.

-Check out iceshanty.com, especially the forum for your specific state/province.

-Get a quality 6-8" auger, and a 5gal bucket or sled

-In general, TINY tackle is key- little jigging rod, 2-4 lb fluorocarbon line, 1/32-1/64 oz jigs, little jigging spoons. You can catch anything from 12" perch to 24" lake trout on this.

-Very warm boots and mittens are important, and most days a portable shelter helps a ton

Like any new hobby learn as much as you can before you start buying chit.


File: Ice-Thickness-chart.jpg (124 KB, 700x700)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>trying to fall through the ice and get back up again so you know what it's like

lol....no. This is literally just asking to die.

If you pay attention to the threads on iceshanty.com for the lakes you fish, you will know when the ice is safe enough to go out on (NO such thing as 100% "safe ice"). People start going out when it's 3-4" thick, but I don't until about 6-7." Unless you live in the middle of nowhere you will not be alone out there. Just follow the trails on the ice/snow other people have made and fish near them. As the season goes on you will start seeing people going out with ATVs/snow-mobiles and then full sized trucks. Every lake is different and actually every season is different too...know your lake and listen to the guys who fish it.

Sensitivity and flexibility, ice rods are super thin and made for 2-4 lb line.
lol you won't die from a little ice bath unless you're a fucking moron

Happens every year in my state to about 5-6 people.

Anyways good luck finding a situation where the ice is thick enough to get back on top of and thin enough to get a human size hole in it. Odds are you will either not be able to get out or will get trapped underneath. A few mins in water that cold can and will kill except in a very controlled environment with plenty of help available. This isn't a fucking episode of Bear Grylls.
If you'd read my earlier posts >>1118386 >>1118413
you'd see that I gave some pretty good instructions on how to do this safely. I've done it, a bunch of my friends have done it. It's a simulated experience to let you know what the real thing's like. Finding the ice shouldn't be hard at all.
what's this guy's problem

No, son. It's stupid. Period.
Stop mucking up my thread with your arguments.

t. OP

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