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post your true spooky innawoods stories
bump for innawoods spooks
>be me
>just turned 17 on the way to philmont
>pretty much not scared by anything
>lead the treks for my crew
>boss as fuck orienteering skills
>day 8 on the trail
>go to a place called blackjack hideout
>set up camp and everyone says their low on water
>last water station in a mile back through the woods and rough terrain
>it's beginning to get dark
>saw bear tracks in the way in
>say fuck it and take my bro with me with our packs filled with nalgenes
>going back to the "spigot" and see bear tracks
>finally get to the spigot and fill up everything
>it's basically dark now because the foliage is so thick
>say fuck it and walk back with only the moonlight because it's beautiful
>start hearing murmuring in the woods and horses
>wtf this is the one of the most remote campsites in philmont
>bro hears it too
>pretty close back to camp at this point
>feel really really uneasy and bro says we need to get out
>I agree cause I feel the same way
>run the short distance back to camp
>tell everybody we heard gunshots and horses
>they say there's nothing

Flash forward to the night

>wake up to more weird sounds
>I'm pissed at this point because I see a light shining through our tent
>I unzip the tent and instead of the light there's a grey apparition of a "wild west" guy
>I wake up my bro and before he gets up it's gone
>tell everyone and of course no one believes me

Flash forward to like two months ago (two years after trip)
>in group chat with the bros relieving memories
>I bring up the ghost thingy
>buddy in another tent finally says he saw a similar figure while pissing early in the morning
>rangers at philmont have had ghost stories about this place for awhile

So yeah and I'm an Eagle Scout and it still a good story to tell the tenderfoots
File: yukon.jpg (2.25 MB, 1753x7763)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
I'll post a few. I don't believe these are actually "real" but they're fun reads
File: lord of the flies.jpg (720 KB, 1142x1795)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
File: joshua tree np.jpg (992 KB, 1731x2842)
992 KB
992 KB JPG
File: gorp.png (1.27 MB, 1902x2770)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
That's some top-tier spookage if true. Is there any specific history involving cowboys in that area? Like a mining accident or something?
Yeah look up a guy named black jack Ketchum. It was one of his hideouts after he robbed banks and trains
File: IMG_0713.jpg (4.74 MB, 3264x2448)
4.74 MB
4.74 MB JPG
OK, this happened a couple days ago...I am just now working up the courage to write it out. I am well versed in the creepypasta game, so I am going to make some meta comments first.
1. Yes this really happened, who the fuck will believe me?
2. Yes I plan to go back out and do a follow up soon...when I work up the courage. But I will be back and update you guys.
3. Yes, I am aware of the creatures I may be dealing with, I will discuss my theories more in depth after the story.
4. No, I don’t have any more pics than pic related. Deal with it,

Ok, so I was out for a bit of a hike the other day. I was innawoods alone, first mistake right? Well I enjoy being /out/ alone. I like to have no other noise but the crunch of my boots and the sounds of the trail. I find serenity in solitude with nature. The problem is that the feeling of isolation can get creepy in the right situation. You start to the think about what could happen to you and how long it would take to find you… Solitude is creepy, whats even creepier is when your solitude is broken unexpectedly.

I was maybe a fourth of the way through my hike when I saw that there was a side trail that strayed off into the woods. I like following side trails just to see more of the nature, so I generally explore them a bit. I turned down this trail and walked down it for maybe 100m when I saw pic related. It was up an incline and hidden in the trees a bit. I was curious so I snapped pic related and hiked up to take a look.

As you can see from the pic, this is some sort of cage and it had a flimsy tin roof that was almost all the way off. The weirdest thing about all this was that this was a somewhat big man made object way out innawoods. Who put this out here and why? Upon inspection this thing was a cage with four chambers arranged in a square. The two facing the trail were empty. I heard rustling coming from the other side, I walked around to look at the other chambers. Thats when things got weird.

On one of the backside cages there was a piece of lumber screwed over the cage door. On this wood was painted the words “medicine man”. I can’t exactly explain why, but I got the impression that this was mocking, kind of like when they put “King of the Jews” over Jesus head on the cross. Then I noticed that there was something at the back of the cage, it looked like a human buried in leaves. Sure enough, the thing laying back there began to move.

A fucking human was back there. I was starting to lose my shit a little bit at this point, and my instinct was to run, but i couldn’t force my body to move. It got up and looked at me. It was a native american, he was real dirty and he was wearing some sort of black war paint. He had no clothes on except some old gym shorts and he was skinny as hell. He started walking towards me. My mind was racing, I glanced at the door of the cage, it was locked with a big heavy lock. As the indian started shuffling across the cage towards me, he also started speaking. His voice sounded like rustling leaves and I couldnt understand any of the words, they were some native language. The last thing I want to note is that one of his feet was deformed, it was covered in black fur and his nails looked like a dog’s toenails.

I couldnt move, I was under a spell. This crusty indian came right up to the wall of the cage and tried to reach through it to grab me, scraping the skin off his fingers as he shoved them through the holes in the cage. He didnt even flinch. Thats when I heard a voice behind me say “He doesn’t want your medicine”. When this was said, the man in the cage recoiled and I snapped out of my trance. I turned to see who was behind me.

It was two people. A clean looking native and a pale white man in a suit. Imagine Doug from house of cards, except hes wearing a black suit, black fedora, and he has no hair. This guy looked weird. The suit man looked at me and said “It appears as if youve tumbled into into an odd circumstance. You may consider it advantageous to skeedaddle.” This guy talked fuckin weird, and everything he said was monotone. I took this opportunity to run for my life.

When I was down the trail a way I could hear the caged man screaming. Against my better judgement i snuck back to peek at the cage. I could see the clean native using a cattle prod to shock to the caged man and the suit man just stood watching. After a minute of watching, the suited fucker turned and looked straight at me and said “Youre breath is loud and has a particular cadence. Leave here now.” When he said this, I couldnt see his mouth moving and it sounded like he was right next to me. I almost pissed my pants, so i ran for it again. This time I really ran.

I got in my truck and drove home as fast as I could. I haven’t left my house since. I live out in the country. This was all a couple days ago. There has been a shitload of coyote howling at night. I am afraid to go outside, but I am planning to nut up and go back to the cage soon.

I have had a few days to think about what happened. I think the man in the cage was a skinwalker, it seems to fit the lore. The suit man fits descriptions of men in black, but I haven’t ever heard of them dealing with skinwalkers. What he was doing torturing that thing instead of just killing is a mystery to me. I read up on some skinwalker lore and i feel prepared to face that thing. I don’t think its right to leave it caged and tortured, so Im taking some bolt cutters and im going back. If you guys have any info on any of this it would be greatly appreciated. Ill try to update after I have gone back.

Oh and I only have one picture because I took several, but every pic I took after pic related was distorted and blurry. Of Course.
What I find weird about all this is that they seemingly just kept it in a cage out in the boonies instead of taking it to a more secretive location. Like they either couldn't move it or needed it close to the wilderness for some reason.
Yeah I wonder if his power was tied to woods in some way? Not sure.
> southern illinois.
> not good for out but whatever. it's pretty dark out there so the stars are good.
> drive down there with two friends.
> talking with some folks
> they say that there is abandoned observatory near by
> it's a ten minute drive
> "we're doing this" says whole friend group
> we're stoked. shoot the shit until midnight
> drive over there. it's only ten minutes
> get to the site.
> it's gated off.
> park the car on the side of the road and walk through
> walk for a good twenty minutes down this dirt road through the trees before seeing it.
> it's this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYzMG-hAl2U) except at 2:00 AM
> get on the inside with the big dome.
> echoes and shit
> very very spoopy.
> add to the graffiti and leave
> everybody has to take a shit afterwards.

that's it. nothing paranormal but the experiance was spook.
File: spooky.gif (974 KB, 750x600)
974 KB
974 KB GIF
>be me
>take a long bicycle drive through the countryside
>stop by some dirt road to take a drink
>look around at fields and dry stone walls
>suddenly notice two beer bottles levitating below a tree, like they're being drunk by invisible people
>not a windy day
>mildly interesting but don't really want to venture across the wire to investigate because there are a lot of mines
>drive away, not even sure what I saw
>years later uncle tells me that around 500 chetniks died there during Yugoslav wars of the early 90s
pretty spooky. If you aren't bullshitting and are really going back you should bring a gopro across your chest and maybe bring a friend or two.

>This crusty indian
do you mean mines as in landmines or mines as in coal, etc mines
Landmines, duh. Government claims they've cleared a lot of terrain but our government is corrupt to the bone so I reckon they're bullshitting, have pocketed the money, cleared perhaps 1-4%, and even that was half-assed work by their crony cousins, so I guess real number is even lower. Plus gypsies and remnants of Serbo-chetniks sometimes steal landmine warning signs, plus chetniks don't even know where they've planted them because they were 1) drunk and drugged almost all the time 2) don't want to tell us obviously + they burned the files.

Guess this is spookier than all else, going /out/ for hunting and thinking whether you'll return with intact body.
Love this kind of stuff, was there ever a follow up post?
/r/ing that story about the guy who saw a dragon and a farmer killed it with a bigass shotgun
is there a sequel?
File: sp00kydragon.png (219 KB, 817x2325)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
I gotchu, Senpai
File: kamerad.jpg (88 KB, 736x947)
88 KB
I fucking love you anon, have a picture of a friendly nazi
File: 3 (16).jpg (33 KB, 462x460)
33 KB
Glad to be of service.
Has anyone ever been deep in the woods and hear what sounds like people talking?

I just got back from being in the forest on a heavy rain day, we even have a weather advisory. The trail parking lots were vacant so I had my pick basically because it was pouring out and it was Thursday in the afternoon. I walked about 3 miles in and turned around when my dog perked up as if someone was coming. I flipped my hoodie hood off and lifted my knit cap off my ears and could clearly hear what sounded like someone talking but not forward on the trail but in the trees, couldn't make out any words. It didn't sound like an animal and I wasn't near a stream. It was only for about a minute or so but what got me was my dog heard it. When people are coming I put his leash on so he was kinda waiting for me to leash him up. I've heard talking before but can't figure out what it is. I'm more of it has to be something explainable and not monsters.
I have this quite spooky experience from 2 years ago.

>was /out/ing as usual
>the place where I was hiking on is pretty famous for its spooks
>the moment I arrived at the place I smelled the scent of flowers
>there weren't any flowers around and it's a fucking forest
>asked one of my friends whether he also smelled it or not
>he said no
>okay holy fuck, fucking goosebumps after hearing that he didn't smell anything
>that happened during the day

skip forward to the night

>we decided to walk a little at night(fucking bad choice)
>after walking like few hundred meters, I heard whispers into my left ear.
>it sounded like as if it was directly into my ear and I even felt like a gust of wind blowing into my ear as if someone is whispering to me
>couldn't make out what he or it was saying, like it was a fucking weird language
>we were walking in a column formation so there weren't anyone else beside me
>even if there was a person, I could've felt him but there weren't anyone beside me

told everyone the next day and they pretty much believed it too, and one of my friends even saw something like a light and it was hovering higher and higher up into the sky but only spoke about this the next day.
I thought nature spirits were just folklore until I started spending more time /out/
>Go out running through the hills south of Seattle last night
>Running on a dark tree-lined path
>Round a corner and see an large black man
>Turn around and run away
File: my spooky spooky.jpg (139 KB, 1335x503)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I posted this in on /k/ , but then the thread died lol.
I've got more pict of the tree if anyone is interested.
>I smelled the scent of flowers
>there weren't any flowers around and it's a fucking forest
Did it smell like vanilla?? I live in a heavily forest area and in the forest you basically smell pine sap and top soil. But I have also smelled something that smells like vanilla every once in a while.I'm not sure what's causing it.
I don't believe in any super natural shit but I think it's interesting to think about

What are the best ways I could spook some retards innawoods? I was thinking a scary realistic animal mask or something. But how can I fuck with people without them seeing me? Noises, objects etc.
>all of my wut
Dont do it friend.
A lot of people, myself included, carry a firearm in the woods.
You could get killed and ruin and another s/out/'s life.
File: IMG_20170926_212327_295.jpg (406 KB, 1200x1500)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Ran around next to a grave yard on some hiking trails.
Really nice in the daytime but snoopy at night.
Ended up going full STALKER when I found this
If you are far enoug hout you can get ravens.
I'm telling you, they LOVE to fuck with people.
They will circle your tent making various ungodly noises, and when you catch them in the act they play innocent.
They are cute, but total assholes.
It was more like a mix of flowers. And no, it wasn't like vanilla. The weird thing is that no one else seemed to smell it, only me.
Smelling flowers in a very weird or haunted place means that a supernatural phenomenon may or will happen according to my culture.
>be me
>hiking with my bro on our family's lands
>no neighbors for miles
>it's almost 8 pm., so pretty dark already
>start making camp
>hear some weird noises
>me and bro shine lights around
>there's a rando old dude just walking there
>wtf this our land
>don't know what to do (no guns, cus Finland)
>decide to leave the area and hike further

we almost shat our pants, but nothing happened
File: bun bun.jpg (132 KB, 540x960)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I am the spooky innawoods

Always wanted to see something crazy or supernormal in the bush but shit out of luck. Often do pest control in the Pilliga scrub for years now for a little government contract and for decades there's been stories about it, all the people keep saying 'oh don't go there!' because-
>min-min lights
>crazy aboriginals
>ghost lady on the highway
>drop bears... hoop snakes, serial killers etc

I ain't seen shit.
Apparently spookiness doesn't like heavily armed bogans :(
Post tree pics nigguh
Grew up in Eastern KY. There is a type of owl that makes a noise during mating that sounds like children laughing. Creepy shit.
>this is our land
Don't you guys got "free to roam" laws though?
Same. Would love to see something spooky, but I've had absolutely no luck except for some oddly sized deer.
scariest post
I don't see anything anon
File: IMG_0009.jpg (143 KB, 960x539)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
File: desert rat.png (781 KB, 1360x4752)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
Personal fave
File: graverobber.jpg (348 KB, 1221x1358)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
This one is great too
>camping in mark twain natl forest
>good 400 yards from the trail
>let fire die at sunset
>get innatent
>wake up to flashlight beam crossing my tent and a stick breaking very close to my tent
>sit bolt upright like a vampire and grab knife, flashlight and pistol out of backpack
>yell for whoever is out there to fuck off
>hear them crashing off into the brush
>open tent in time to see someone in all black running away
>didn't sleep rest of the night

i don't know what the fuck this dude was doing in a national forest at night 400 yards off the trail but it would've probably involved bad things happening to my butthole and me probably not leaving the forest alive
How do I stay safe from spooks innawoods? I'm a britbong so guns aren't an option
well not everyone lives in a shithole country that has landmines still buried.
>If you are far enoug hout you can get ravens.
We definitely have Ravens
We also have Owls.
I just want to see it being done
move to a real country
Fug. Moar?
File: 1.jpg (66 KB, 852x480)
66 KB
Similar shit happened to me
>Hiking in Hiawatha
>Set up tent like 200-300 meters from a split in the trail.
(think if you walked strait when the trail took a Y shape)
>set up my poorfag milsurp tent
>no fire because it was rainy and already dark
>half awake in tent listening to trees dripping water on my tent
>see a light
>think its a car
>Wait im in the middle of nowhere
>Grab my ak that was sitting next to me
>hear crunching of leaves and see the flashlight getting closer.
>When the light gets close enough I burst out of the tent screaming my best rebel yell
>Unleash 1000 lumen surefire in direction of flashlight
>its a 30ish year old indian guy (like from india)
>see machete at his waist with the fastener undone
>I blinded him momentarily and he bolts back the way he came yelling shit in Hindi
>I give chase for a bit and fire a few shots to make sure he knows to keep away
>hike out next day scanning everywhere with my rifle in my arms (normally its in a slot on my pack)

Thinking about it now I was a dumbass for shooting, he might have just needed help , was lost or something but at that time I wasn't taking any chances in the middle of nowhere with a random indian guy.
People like you fucks should not be allowed outdoors.
You see someone else, near a trail and blast out of your tent with a knife, a huge flashlight and a FUCKING GUN, START SHOOTING INTO THE AIR AND RUNNING AFTER THE POOR SOUL. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

You were near a trail, dickhead. You wandered off and set up camp. Some guy was trying to do something similar and happened to stumble upon you. You clearly have no maturity whatsoever and act like a scared little kid.

Reminds me of a friend I sometimes hike with. Cant keep his cool if absolutely anything happens, god forbid he ever gets into a truly serious situation. I think he will just start crying and faint.
File: RIMG0358.jpg (1.29 MB, 3000x2250)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
This is a true story
>be me, be first time in Iceland
>be into my 3rd week, hiking the highland desert called Sprengisandur
>2 days away from the nearest hut, most psychedelic landscape I've ever been to, gray ruble desert, snow, wind, no shelter, every now and then a little oasis with a spring
>following the old horse route that already the viking settlers used, it is windy as fuck and I spot a oasis in the distance, its the only green thing there is
>walk to the oasis, I could use fresh water and a tea break
>arrive, it is motherfucking beautiful, a small artemisian spring feeds into a sand pool, a small creek runs from it and disapears again after around 50m.
>everything is green and full of pretty flowers, magic place, I drop my pack and grab my kuksa and bottle and go to the spring, fill the bottle and drink a cup, tastes great
>theres a stone, shaped like a throne, perfect to have sit, make tea and be sheltered from the damn wind
>the moment I place my ass on the throne stone the show starts
>acoustic hallucinations, I hear strange voice from really close but can't see shit, I see movement, but only with my peripheral view, lots of shit is going on
>pretty freaked out right now, not sure if food poisoning, lsd flashback from the college days or something else
>pack up, 360 and walk away. I remember saying something like "sorry guys, I didn't meant to, just needed the water and the break, I'll be going now"
>freaked some more because I normally don't talk aloud to myself
>walk some 40km more trough the desert. beautiful, strange, totally uneventful
>arrive at some Icelandic mountain hut
File: RIMG0365.jpg (1.32 MB, 3000x2250)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>beautiful place far off in the highlands, away from most tourists
>hot spring and natural rock pool
>finally clean balls after all those days
>some other tourists there, most with off road vehicle
>take a lone spot on the huge camping
>solo hiker, so last warden already radioed me in, matron at the office expects me
>pretty friendly, she likes hikers much better than car campers, gives me a beer (big thing in Iceland!) and send me to the to the pool
>40° water, 0° air, cold beer and that view
>matron invites me to dinner, fresh veggies and fish after a week of dehydrated, i'm ok with that
>turns out she is a farmer, hut warden and certified expert for Huldufólk, the Icelandic magic fairies and trolls ad stuff
>we talk about my route, few take the old horse path on foot, I show her on the map
>she points to a spot on the route and ask if I was there
>yeah, thats the little oasis, tell her the story of the spring and the stone and me freaking out
>she freaks out, freezes and stares at me, real creepy now
>I tell her that I apologized and left
>she asks about pretty much every detail of the event for the next 10 minutes
>apparently I stumbled right into the capital of one of the different Huldufólk ethnics, had a sip from their sacred well and took a break on their high seat
>she was really surprised that I made it out of the desert without an accident of some sort
>says that I am a strange walker indeed when even the trolls give me a pass, good karma and the fools luck
yeah no, 400 yards is not "near a trail"

and some fucktard dressed in all black with no backpack or gear just wandering around in the forest hundreds of yards from the trail in a multi million acre national park isn't just going to "stumble across" me at fucking who knows in the middle of the night with a flashlight, he knew what the fuck he was doing and that i was there and made the conscious choice to continue approaching my tent after visibly seeing it

retards like you are the ones who end up on fliers and missing persons lists with their families wondering whether you were murdered, attacked by animals or whether you committed suicide

do us all a favor, stay out of the fucking woods, it's not the place for city trash with no common sense
Look at how you acted. You blasted off your tent with shooting into the air.
In the extremely unlike possibility that he was someone dangerous (you have been watching too many movies), get out of your tent calmly and talk to the guy, ffs. You have your gun on you should he try anything.
That would only be reasonable if you were in, for example, a forest know to house people who have escaped from prison, drug smuggling routes, etc.

You were just too scared, unable to think and acted like a scared little kid. Think before you act.
If the gearless guy was just lost why would he run?
Oh shit now that's a story
Because he saw a mindless and violent guy burst out of his tent with a gun in hand shooting at the air.
What would you have done?
File: sp00kyiceland.png (72 KB, 1024x900)
72 KB
Top spooks. Figured this was worth a screencap.
Not be a rapist in the woods
you’re fucking stupid i hope someone slits your throat while you camp you deserve it
I bet your the type of guy that only packs bear spray
You must be seriously gullible to think someone would have gone to the middle of a national park to kill or rape anyone. Much easier ways to do it, seriously. Do you know of absolutely any recorded case where that happened?
If he was indeed out to do something like that, you bet your ass he wouldn't be so easily scared. Would have gone with a shotgun in hand and very well prepared for resistance, sure as hell would not have been scared so easily.

Been watching too many horror movies pal. Just how gullible you have to be to SERIOUSLY believe Jack the Ripper is out to get you in the woods.

>bear spray
Too heavy. I do pack some pepper spray in case of vicious dogs and yes, in case I meet someone violent. Which is surely not going to happen the way you described, but rather accidental running into some private property with some very angry owners or something like that.
>Your just paronoid
>No one's out to hurt you

I can't believe you are still insisting someone set out in the middle of a national park, intending to rape or kill you, found you, made no effort whatsoever to hide the fact he was approaching (on the contrary, he was shining his flashlight directly at you), was easily scared when you got out of your tent, despise the fact he was supposedly prepared to rape and kill someone?
Are you so scared and emotional you cannot see it does not add up? Look at the facts man, does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

Don't you think it is much more likely some hiker happened to stumble upon you, walked towards you tent to greet you and just let each other know you were nearby in case anything happened, then got scared shitless when you acted the way you did?

Seriously man, think with your head. I know it is difficult to keep your cool when in that situation, but looking back don't you think the most likely scenario was the second one?
you are an idiot of the highest degree
>national park
unlikely friendo, thats a felony and your story is just made up. nice job triggering the liburuls
any chance you have sugar-pine in that forest? the vanillin in their bark gives them a kinda floral-vanilla-oldbook smell. heat and bark damage releases the smell more
File: curiousboy.jpg (6 KB, 236x244)
6 KB
I'll dart in and out of greentext so bare w/ me but this story is 100% true.
>be me 14
>at friends house who owns shitton of land
>weve been friends forever and hunting buddies since age 6
>first time hunting alone
>ohio btw
>head out to the woods behind his house and take a seat in the side of a hill we dug out. him about 70 yards from me.
>getting dark so we meet up at the bottom of the hill trees everywhere
>buddy says "anon ill cross this stream here I hear a deer stay back since your shitty boots aren't waterproof"
>alright cya in a few bro shoot a deer for us
>waiting and waiting
>I start to see a bright red light
>josh whats going on bro you shoot it?! i shout
>no response
>hear rustling and water moving like something coming towards me
>no response
>hear shit behind me now after nooise made its way around me
>pull out shitty buckknnife after I hear an arrow in my quiver get lifted an dropped back into the hard quiver, making a looud noise.
>joooooooosh stop fuking with me bro
>headlamp starts fucking dimming and dies
>just like the movies
>haul ass like never before up an atleast 75 degree up hill slope.
>go to joshs dad
>is josh up here.jpg
>youre kidding me anon
>his dad calls for him
>no response
>eventually he makes his way back up
>anon ur yelling was spooking the deer haha
>not as much as ur dumbass red light did u dumbass
>what red light i thought that was yours
>hes being genuine as fuck
we still talk about it all the time and how we felt like someone was stalking us with that red light. fucking spooked me back then and weird to think about now.
>he got a random man on trailcam wandering on his property awhile back also.
Anyone got any stories about human hunting? I have to suspend belief for spooks but the idea of people hunting others for sport has probably happened.
i'm usually out of /out/
explain the skinwalkers meme to me
don't worry about it
are you home alone right now?
I wouldn't worry about it.
Myths, anon. Myths.
>any chance you have sugar-pine in that forest?
No, my describing it as a vanilla smell was just because it sort of is the closest thing I can think of. Every time I smell it I walk around looking for where it is coming from.

Nothing to worry about. Nothing more than fairytales. Trust me.

First time I went to Tennessee (floridafag) I was damn near choking from how fragrant and perfumed the air was compared to the swamps of FL

Could be this, as there were no flowers where I was either.
What happens is you walk along and you take a step and smell it and by the next step you don't. It's definitely a plant of some kind but it isn't something that's in the air or wind based. It's bugged me for years. Next I smell it I think I'm going to track it down.
File: 1494300558829.gif (1.43 MB, 250x226)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
One time I was walking through the woods, heard a weird noise behind me, but when I turned around, nothing was there. OooooOooohhhhh sppooookkkyyyyy

Spoiler alert, 99% of the time the imagination is scarier than real life, it's why the best horror movies don't show the monster up close much. The odd sound, moving bush, eyes shining in the night, the feeling of being watched, the strange animal calls, the sense of unease, all at best leftover from our days as cavemen being hunted by far scarier shit than what roams the earth today. That fear, the "oh shit I better leave" response, is merely part of it, an inbuilt survival instinct because the ones who ignored it usually didn't get to live long enough to pass on their genes. Hell look up a fox call sometime, I remember the first time I heard it I almost unloaded into the woods at 3am. Nowadays I know it's a simple part of nature, and even the most badass fox isn't sneaking into my tent at night to tear out my throat.

Basically I wouldn't worry about it.
meant to reply to here

That's also why 99% of horror movies don't use a fucking fox as the monster. It's more than likely some otherwordly being with the ability to skin you with its dick.

A cougar scream would be a better example, as far as real life goes though. That shit is 20x scarier.
Damn, makes me want to go to Iceland. Good story, anon.
File: 1496594172389.jpg (9 KB, 242x319)
9 KB
>Basically I wouldn't worry about it
This is honestly my greatest fear when solo camping. Friends think I'm weird but I sleep with my gun in arms reach in the tent just in case. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper though so it still makes me nervous. Wish my dog hadn't died last year. Having her around made me much more relaxed.
>>says that I am a strange walker indeed when even the trolls give me a pass, good karma and the fools luck
fantastic story anon
Skinwalkers don't exist anon. Are you going camping soon ?
>look how you acted
you mean maturely to an obvious threat?

I told them to fuck off and didn't fire my weapon, that was the other poster that fired his, I'm not talking to some random fuck in the woods at who knows when in the fucking middle of the night 400 yards from a trail, you're one dense mother fucker if you can't pick the screwdriver out of the box of broccoli and tell that something is dangerously fucking wrong with that

>You must be seriously gullible to think someone would have gone to the middle of a national park to kill or rape anyone.

yeah, you don't sound like a serial killer at all bud, read through some of these and tell me murders don't happen in state and national parks


read up on the FEDERAL law you liberal retard


Shouldn't you be doing something else right now? Like homeschooling your future wife or ODing on China white?
>mark twain natl forest

Probably just some meth cook investigating to see if you were a threat or not, must've decided you weren't a threat.
Sugar pine don't grow in the SE
This 100%. I've encountered some real strange/potentially dangerous people in the woods, don't take any chances
Probs wouldn't involve your butthole, just a hole in your face because you didn't notice how close you got to the cooking trailer.
>anon ask about spooky innawoods
>/k/ faggots thinks this is about him being paranoid and armed in the national park
>redneck shitfest ensues
Why do you faggots always have to ruin perfectly good threads with muh guns muh /pol/?
You and your buddies were all having ever so slightly seizures.
Posted this one once before, happened to me just around a year ago

> looking to get some good remote camping in
> start looking over maps of northern Michigan and find a spot that looks good
> pack all my shit up and head out Friday afternoon so I can get to the trail head at a good time
> hike in is pretty rough and takes about 2 hours but I make it to my spot around 6pm
> set up my tent and get a fire going so I can cook up some dinner
> sofarprettycomfy.jpg
> after dinner the Suns going down and it's starting to get dark when I hear a few snapping noises in the woods
> at first I'm not too worried I just assume it's a deer or something, but the branch breaking continues and sounds not too far off
> at this point I'm starting to get a little concerned so I start scanning the treeline
> about 30 yards out into the treeline I can make out the figure of a man standing there looking in my direction
> idk what the fuck this guys doing so I pull out my handgun, and yell over to him asking what he's doing
> I don't get any answer but he moves about 5 yards towards me
> I'm not going to have this guy get any closer so I fire off a round into the air and this causes him to retreat back into the woods
> I quickly packed my shit up and hiked my ass back to my car in total darkness

I have no idea what the fuck that guy was doing or what he wanted but I definitely wasn't sleeping there after that.

Fuck you and your gif
Are you retarded? You sound like the liberal type of faggot that wants to ban guns. A refugee could probably walk into your daughters room and you'd tell them to "hold on" so you could grab snacks for them as they rape your daughter.
>be me
>back about 2 years ago
>just getting into the outdoors and hell bent on exploring shit
>Hella old stone quarry near my house, not even a five min walk
>try to head out their with friends several times, but each time they get too stoned to want to go any further to it.
>one day just say fuck it and head out there alone
>got up to the quarry and find a majority of it flooded and not too much to explore
>hop the fence and take some pics and wander around for a bit.
>had a generally bad feeling about the whole place but I thought it was just me being a pussy cause I was alone.
>get the vibe to fuck off so I hop back over the fence and head home
>completely chill till that night

>Have an extremely vivid night mare
> In a pitch black room tied down to an old wooden chair, with another creature in the room
> only way to describe is it was basically just a skeleton, except the head was a fusion between a deer skull and a humans , with a giant black cloak covering the rest of its body
> comes up to me and starts stroking my arm and explains in explicit detail on how its going to kill me within 1 year.
>wake up and forget about that shit, shrug it off as a bad nightmare

However weird shit begins happening around my place. several times when me and my friends would chill on my porch we'd hear something two legged walking through the forest (Mind you its legit 4 feet between the porch and the forest) usually when we heard that shit we'd head back inside cause it was 2spoopy4us. Eventually it gets more agressive, footsteps in the woods would be closer, pick up pace, hell one time we heard it run at us and we all ran inside. Eventually it stopped but only after the last event with it
>one night I have a my two best friends over chilling since i had the whole house to my self
>they're both chilling on the porch drinking and I'm back and forth between the porch and the kitchen making some bomb as chicken
>finally finish making food and I come out to let em know
>we start eating and talking just chilling on the porch
> just looking into the woods when I see something white fall out of a tree, just barely see it and point it out to both friends
> We all look into the woods and we notice this thing
>it was hard to see, not because it was hidden it was like it was hard for my mind to comprehend
>you know that weird feeling when you see something and your mind mistakes it for something else and you realize it? same feeling when seeing this thing.
>It was on all fours, crouched on the edge of the woods, pure white but it looked really weird, like its whole body was made from wooden tendrils wraping around eachother.
>sunken holes where eyes should be
>all 3 of us looking at this thing and then it moves, looking directly at us
>all 3 of us slowly get up and as soon as friend 1 opens the porch door we all sprint inside
> commence locking of every single door and window in the house
> we end up chilling in the living room for the rest of the night and we just convince ourselves we didnt see what we saw

after that all of the weird shit dropped off the map, I don't know what happened, only thing I can think of is the city I live in began demolishing the quarry around the time it vanished, for what ever reason they decided that it was a good idea to turn a flooded stone quarry into a park. Never found out what it is, cause nothing matches the description of what we saw. I'm still alive 2 years later, and I haven't had anything spooky happen since that last encounter.
One of those dudes didn't even fire. The one that did is an irresponsible dickhead, the other guy did nothing wrong.
>I told them to fuck off and didn't fire my weapon, that was the other poster that fired his
It's amazing how the idiot(s) replying to you couldn't keep track of this. You did nothing wrong. Stay safe out there friendo.
I know when I go to greet random campers I'm always sure to do it dressed in all black with a machete in hand at 2 to 3 in the morning... oh and when I say "greet" I actually mean rape lol.
Nice quads idiot to the highest degree.
File: 1502046793124.jpg (16 KB, 447x444)
16 KB
So you're basically saying " wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhh, words made mee butt hurt worse than when my wifes boyfriend fucks my butt hole! Wahhh wahhh, stop saying things I don't agree with. Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh.
City boy got rustled, have fun on your picnic with your feminine step dad Robert
So you plan on trespassing and then using pepper spray on the landowners?
Fucking crusty
Sorry guys, I thought he was the one who shot. Indeed, you haven't done anything dangerous, but I don't think you took the best course of action either. I don't see how you think your actions could possibly have been a good idea.
LETS SUPPOSE that he was indeed someone set out to hurt you. You pretty much let him know you had noticed him, if were he armed he would have shot on the spot, or otherwise taken action to hurt you.
The fact that he ran away just shows he did not mean to hurt you. If he did, he wouldn't run away just because you screamed.

Stories pls anon.

Kek, I don't even have an opinion on gun control, and it did not bother me the slightest that someone would bring one while hiking. It does bother me that people who do not have the mental capacity to handle firearms carry them. The dude who did shot could very well have killed some lost hiker looking for rescue.

>plan on trespassing
I know it is a troll but still, I do not plan on trespassing but where I live a lot of proprieties are not marked. Very easy to veer into them if you are on a park or something.
Also, it is very common for the dogs that guard those properties to wander the parks, and they can be dangerous.
This shit spooks me
Honestly I would have shot it i wouldn’t be able to restrain myself from my fear instincts
>see a guy
>shout at him and pull out your gun
>shoot at him

Holy fuck what a pussy faggot. Why not just walk over there and talk to him
>gf and I go out for a 3 day backpacking trip in Red River Gorge, Kentucky
>first day, we hike in, solid day, get about 12 miles in and make camp
>wanted to get off the trail
>no designated camp spots or shelters or anything
>find a spot that looks a little worn in like it has been camped
>it's close to a stream and pretty far off the trail
>kinda have to trek in a little bit
>looked like somebody had camped there before a long time ago because there was a fire pit
>set up our tent, get some water and eat dinner
>sit out under the stars
>gets late
>finally decide to retire to the tent
>finally we fall asleep
>it's about 2 AM and all of a sudden, from a distance, really far from a distance and really faint
>get woken up by the sound of someone yelling
>literally out in the middle of nowhere
Red River Gorge, if any of you have been there, it has very nicely marked trail systems but is not a very populated area, especially during the week, which is when we were there.
>hadn't seen anybody the first day all day long
>remote area
>laid there with my eyes open
>gf is still asleep, probably snoring
>and I hear it again
>"helloooo, is there anybody out there? is there anybody in there?"
>my eyes get huge
>2 AM, middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden flashlights start hitting the tent
>freak out, nudge gf
>then I hear "Is there anybody in there?"
>say, "Can I help you?"
>voice goes "This is the US Forest Ranger Service. How many of you are in there?"
>immediately sit up, snap into it
>"There's two. Is there a problem?"
>he says "There is. There is a problem. We need you to get out here right now!"
>rustling around, trying to find my pants, put my shirt back on
>unzip the tent and there's a ranger with a flashlight right in my eyes
>gf is freaking out because she's just now waking up
>and he's like "We need you to step out of the tent."
>I was like "Okay okay"
>I said "Is there a problem?"
>And he says "Yeah, there's a huge problem."
>"You're right in the middle of a 50 acre forest fire that's been burning for a few hours now. We need you to evacuate the area as soon as possible."
How the hell they found us, I have no clue. We were sitting where you couldn't even see us off the trail.
>ranger lets us know to break camp as soon as we can
>tells us the direction on the trail that we need to get out to
>says there's a certain trailmarker on this intersection and when you get there you're safe
>anywhere past that you can camp, but we need you to get out of this section of forest
>gf and I break down camp super fast
>take bear bag down from tree
>swear it took like 30 seconds
>fastest I've ever broke down camp
>adrenaline is rushing
>hike up mountain, look over to right and you can just see this orange glow burning
>smell the smoke
>get up to top of mountain, intersection, look back and you can just see the whole forest on fire
>look back to the spot we were in and see how insanely close the fire was
>raged out with adrenaline and couldn't sleep
>ate breakfast, decided to keep hiking, put in like a 20 mile day that day
>kept running into people telling us to avoid the forest fire
>ended up finding out that fire burned for two days
>burnt through the entire place where we were camping
>gf went back later and everything where we were was black
that's really spooky and also cool. spool
did you find/thank the Ranger? that was a super close call.
File: 1489969468885.jpg (690 KB, 1433x1080)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
Not innawoods, but i did some STALKING when i was a kid. Here's the rundown:
When i was 12 i went exploring an abandoned, rotten, meth shack that was so moldy nobody even wanted to do meth within. A friend of mine had introduced me to the location so we could play air soft in the buildings courtyard, but eventually we decided that it was time to explore the building.

After entering through a vacant door frame connected to a bathroom, the first thing to notice was webs so thick that i had to clear the door with a stick. The spiders had been living off of flies produced by several dead vermin like possums and rats, old and new corpses. Did the animals stink, who knows. The smell of rotten carpet and wood overpowered everything else, more nauseating than rotten fish. We moved deeper into the house, past the bathroom and into the main room. -Keep in mind, this is only one of 3 abandoned buildings on this property. This room was gross, a blotchy mess of melancholy modern art; black, dark green, red, orange all blending together to form a hideous and wretched carpet. Besides the carpet, nothing else of interest was within this room. Now we could have either left the building, or gone deeper and into the bedroom. Naturally we entered the bedroom to find a mirror about 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide with long dried blood streaked across seemingly intentionally. This was spooky. We didn't bother opening the sliding closet door (i've seen the grunge, i know what's in the closet) Pretty spooky. We called it a night and ended up not exploring the main building for several months.
File: 1491466511364.jpg (108 KB, 1024x530)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Now time has passed and the spookyfactor has diminished somewhat, so we would explore the largest and most mysterious building. After entering the door which was definitly not locked, and the window next to the door had definitely already been broken, we were immediately regretful. The smell was 10x worse than the previous building, and there was no light to come through any windows. One thing stood out most of all, the trap door directly ahead of us by the corner of the room. We turned around and noped out momentarily to adjust our shirts for maximum filtration and headed back inside. The room to the right was stank and dark, but uneventful. The next room, to the left of the second room, was just as stank. We had entered the third room with our eyes still adjusting to the low light. I'm sure everyone else was also keeping our vision on the completely dark doorway which led to room four through a black and musky hallway. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed the first furniture in the building and the second red flag. A rocking chair had been placed facing the wall in the verry corner, along with a stool and a glass by its side. Needless to say we didn't enter room 4, 2spoop5me. I headed back to room 1 and made my way to the trap door, one wide of which was already open. With my friends besides me we inched closer and closer, eventually looking into the basement of a building which shouldn't have a basement. After minutes of deciding who is and who isn't a pussy, it became obvious that i would have to be the first one down. We opened the second panel and i began to descend down cement stair into the dark with no flashlight. I saw light, i was looking from under the house out through ventilation/service pannels when i made the ultimate spooky discovery. A teddy bear had been placed upon the wall directly above the wall where the stairs ended and the basement began.

I left, we all left. I never went back and within 1 month the place had been fenced off.
Nigga why was the guy standing in the woods watching that anon? And when he was yelled at he didn't answer but slowly approached, fuck that shit it was obviously a mentally disturbed person or criminal. Plus anon shot into the air not at the person you dumbo
>mentally disturbed person or criminal
not even close to an acceptible reason to shoot at anyone, or into the air to threaten someone

you fuckwits watch too many fucking movies

>i know what's in the closet

What was in the closet
That is absolutely fucked if true, but do not release it. The last thing you want is a skinwalker on your ass.
Have you gone since?
Maybe they shouldn't start shooting just because they heard a weird noise.
>be me
>be forester inna UK
>be in shower after work
>feel a tick in my arm pit

Turns out it was just a nasty as fuck black head.
Damn, she liked you anon.
I wasn't scared, but it was definitely fucking weird.
>wanted to stealth camp in a local park with woods
>had to leave because they called that I had work the next day
>me and my friend are walking back to where we live
>i have a nice headlamp so I am able to see pretty well
>we spot some guy standing in the dark with no lights
>its pitch fucking black, without a light you can't see shit
>i point my light at him and he doesn't move
>has a bunch of flying insects around him
>every so often I look back and see him standing still
I wonder what the fucker was doing.
Oh shit what are you doing letting it out! Rip.
>Not pulling your colt .45 peace maker and challenging him to draw
Get the fuck out of here pussy
Actually, in defense classes they teach (because it works) that you should only try to pretend you don't see your aggressor if you are not armed and ready to fight them so that you can try to get to a safe area before initiating confrontation which is the ONLY situation where you do that. If you are armed it is best to let your aggresors know you are armed and willing to use force. This keeps rapes, killings, roberies, and more from happening. Someone planning to commit a crime wants the least amount of struggle and fight. Even serial killers and rapists (who enjoy the rush) want to go unnoticed with their crime (obviously) so they are less likely to do anything if you come out guns blazing. The idea that a killer will shoot you if you come out shooting is the dumbest idea one could comprehend. This is not a war zone, you are not trying to be sneaky. It's the same thing as confronting a bear or mountain lion. If you try to hide or run you are dead... but if you stand your ground and look/sound scary aka firing off a firearm you are in the clear. Passive equals death. You aren't thinking clear at all bud.
did you fuck her tho?
Mind showing route would love to to do it
Darwin, is that you?
IF it were a killer and you opened your tent pointing a gun at him that would be the best course of action, yes.
Yelling "go away!" from inside your tent is not. As far as the killer knows you have no weapon on you, are scared as hell and you just gave him time to react while you are still totally unprepared and stuck inside your tent with no way of knowing what is outside.
Were he armed and intending to kill you, no way in hell he wouldn't have shot you on the spot.
Fugg. You're a lucky camper.

This quarry wasn't in Atlanta was it?
File: RIMG0335.jpg (930 KB, 3000x2250)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
nope, she sent the signals, but I met a german yoga instructor in the pool
afaik you can't anymore there is a new huge lava field in the area which makes access very difficult now. It was some place near the Bergvatnkvisel south of Laugafell
I haven't been back out to see it yet. Partially because I'm a pussy and partially because work. Maybe this thurs.
I suggest you take some friends and some firearms. maybe a dog even. film it and tell us how it went! I'll be looking forward to hearing bout this.
God damnit now I have to acquire friends, firearms, and doge. Seriously I'm just a humble hiker and fisherman... never been a gun man. I guess I better arm myself if I have skinwalkers in my area.

What country are you from anon?
Sounds like you were visited by Mari Llwyd.
File: IMG_5899.jpg (54 KB, 720x400)
54 KB
>skinwalkers aren't real
>don't believe in them
>how do I scare people innawoods
>I just want to be an asshole and have fun
>but I wouldn't worry about it if I were you
Pic related, nice try skinwalker
File: IMG_5897.jpg (21 KB, 288x175)
21 KB
>not even close to an acceptible reason
>to shoot at anyone
>or into the air to threaten someone
No. Who the fuck is that going to hurt in the woods?
Fuck dude of all the stories in here yours is the first to make my heart start beating fast. Fucking horrifying. In the right winds, you could be trapped before you ever smell/see a major fire.
File: IMG_5901.jpg (26 KB, 750x561)
26 KB
I live in CT one of the least innawoods states but I've seen some shit in a local state forest. Kind like 'the rake'
>driving through state forest with gf at time
>park car and fuck
>get out to pee
>have a smoke
>finish smoke and smell turns from tobacco to rotting fish
>shrug it off
>get in car and start driving back to her house
>(it) crosses into high beams as it enters the dirt road
>gf is screaming her head off
>only way out is past this spookynigger
>floor it as screaming intensifies
>spook runs off road and into adjusant stream
>don't let off gas
>high tail it all the way out of there
>drive around in circles and loops b/c paranoid it might have followed
>finally pull into her drive
>she hasn't let go of my arm or stopped shaking since we saw (it)
>she finally begins to cry
>made up some BS about kids in area playing pranks
>she eventually accepts it and I walk her inside
>get home myself
>look at hands and realize they are shaking
>grab mosin
>cradle it all night until sun comes up
Idk what the fuck it was, forest is too small for no one to have not seen it before. But people kill themselves out there, occasional animal attack and a couple murders. It was weird shit man... I've never gone back and still get freaked out when I smell something rotten
nigger not even a little description of the "thing"? cmon
Sure, but you shouldn't take actions betting on people doing the right thing.
Like the pic I posted
>atleast 6ft tall (as it was hunched over)
>teeth looked yellow and gnarled
>pale grey/white
>don't remember claws but it had long bones fingers
>massive dick
>no hair, completely bald
>large black eyes
The thing shambles out on all 4s and then stood up, not completely erect. Then it rushed into the stream on all 4s again. It was 5 years ago so I don't remember everything. I just remembered being afraid and making a split second decision to charge it with my car.
Oh shit anon. I'm so sorry, but based on your description I think that was just me.

I think about it from time to time but since I don't talk to my ex anymore and I never told anyone else... I don't have anyone to talk to about it. So I just drink a lot to supress the memory. I suppose it could have been worse. I've read a lot of these skinwalker type stories and it always makes me think
>what are the stories that haven't been told
I want people to share their real experiences but then I get even more dark and think about the untold stories because people ran into things and didn't make it back.
I think about that too. It's scary to think about encountering something like that and not living to talk about it.
just remember it's more scared of you than you are of it
Where you be op? Im an injuin i could tell you more if i knew where you were.
I'm thinking about doing my first solo camp out in the forest but after reading some of these posts I now have this fear of meeting some creepy person with intent to do harm in the middle of the night. Does stuff like that really happen?
No. You're perfectly safe alone in the woods. Out of curiousity, where exactly are you planning to go?
Fuck you anon.
>massive dick
That's oddly specific.
Think you're getting your skinwalkers and spiders mixed up there mate
I'll look around on Google maps lava ain't gonna stop me
I grew up in Logan County way out in bumfuck WV, I've heard of this thing before. It's called the Yellow Thing.
care to elaborate? that's the most bizarre critter i've ever heard corroborated
I posted almost a year ago, maybe eight months? about my encounter in the New Jersey pine barrens, I tried to find the thread in the archives a few weeks later to copypaste it because I had done a decent job of writing it out and

the OP's pic was black and white and some old stone gazebo-type structure, does anyone happen to know if that one was archived somewhere?
On a phone so I won't type much now, I'll try to come back and go more in detail when I get home from class. The Yellow (Yella, around here) Thing is either a literal creature or an omen of bad times. People have gone hunting with buddies, seen it, and then someone got lost on the trip and never found. There's a lot of abandoned mine shafts around WV, so people could just fall in and never be found it heard though, so idk if it's really a weird werewolf like some people think. I've heard it referenced more often by old timers as an omen. My grandpa survived the Buffalo Creek flood, and said there had been sightings the weeks leading up to it. A couple books about the Hatfield's and McCoys mention Yella Things sightings during the worst parts of the feud, when kids were getting executed and shit. Most descriptions kind of inagine it as a ragged "yellowish" bear with bald patches that are pale and slimy, and dirty dark yellow fur. For some reason I've always inagined it looking like a Yao Guai mixed with the Cheat from Homestar Runner lol, but that's just me. Appalachia is pretty cool and creepy though, I'm a history major so I try to get a lot of local folklore and tales by interviewing the older generations. WV still has a lot of folklore and shamanistic rituals, we've really only been "civilized" in the last couple generations, my grandpa is in his early 70s and said there weren't paved roads or sewage or phones well into the 1950's.
what about the schlong?
Imagine the biggest summer sausage you can imagine
>massive dick
>not completely erect.
oh found my post, it was only in May, copy pasting it but I was the op of it.

>In college on summer break
>Camping in NJ Pine Barrens with two friends
>Second night out on trip
>Had two beers, without eating dinner yet, nothing big but slightly tipsy. It's late dusk
>I go out to piss
>Go out a little into tree line
>Piss and turn around, literally facing the direction of my camp. I've ran through this a million times and I'm absolutely certain it was the same direction I came
>A few steps out, there's trees where they weren't before
>Remain calm, and turn around in every direction, trees everywhere without any hint of an open area where we were camping
>Stand still for a little bit, and go back the direction I was originally moving towards and walk a few yards
>Still just trees
>I stopped again and whistled. Nothing. I swallowed my pride and yelled. Nothing. Tried it several times very loud. Absolutely nothing, no sounds except the distant singing of a bird going to sleep.
>I walked forward for about a minute. Just pine trees.
>Turned around and walked back to where I was before.
>Tried to find my piss spot. Couldn't.
>About an hour passed of this and I was pretty panicked
>I had been calling and walking around for the last twenty minutes straight. It was completely dark by now.
>Hear a yell back. It sounded like a muffled human voice.
>Tried moving closer to it. The yell repeats. I noticed then that it picked up this bizarre shrill high pitched sound at the end of the yell. It was very inarticulate sounding.
>I didn't yell.
>It did it again and sounded closer. I just stood there as something about the sound made me terrified.
>Every fiber of my being told me to get away the sound. But a little thought in my mind told me not leave as I could be acting illogically from being lost and it could be my friends.
>It sounds again, this time even shrilling and horrible. That one thought remains and I stay.
>After a period of time of complete silence, I've thought this over often and I really can't figure out how long this was, I hear it again.
>As soon as I hear it I bolt in the opposite direction I don't even remember what it sounded like.
>Ran for a few minutes and ended up back at the campsite
>My friends weren't alarmed that I had been gone and hadn't kept track of when I left. They said they heard nothing the whole time. They laughed me off when I suggested we leave
>Couldn't sleep all night. I left in the morning, they stayed two more nights and friends from their school came
>Didn't tell them any details about it as they are complete assholes

It didn't sound like any frogs or birds or anything. It doesn't bother me much anymore, but I had trouble being in the dark or alone for about a year after that. I've tried to remember the last sound that made me bolt and I really can't no matter how hard I try
Is the lava field covering it or surrounding it?
>I just want to see it being done

You want to watch owls mate?
>you kinky bastard.
File: 1494034437329.png (587 KB, 680x680)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
t. friendly fellow
Along with >>1126753 the area outside of Philmont such as Cimarron have a lot of cowboy history such as the St James Hotel
That's pretty spooky anon. I want to know what that last sound you heard was too.
File: 1500933369616.jpg (3 KB, 126x125)
3 KB
Any sources online that mention this anon? Or is it too much of a local legend? Sounds legitimately spoopy.
someone in the last thread told me it was a "Pukwudgie"

some Indian thing that I've never heard of before, but apparently the Lenape (Delaware) believed in it. Pretty eerie, I've not mentioned it outside of /out/, don't want people to think it's some Jersey devil spiel
Happened last year and pretty much made me stop hiking in foreign countries

>be me solo hiking a trail in the Lemmenjoki national park in Finnland
>needed time for myself after a bad break up so decided to visit Europe for 3 months
>first stop Lemmenjoki
>beautiful and vast park, was pretty much alone for the first 2 days
>on day three during a bad storm I met a Ukrainian dude in his 20s who helped me build my tent
>told me he worked in Finnland as a farm assistant and goes hiking to collect tree sap from tie to time
>apparently you can make wine out of tree sap
>since we got nothing else to do we ended up drinking and playing Russian card games for the rest of the night
>he got drunk pretty fast and told me he had a boyfriend in Finnlad while being in a relationship with a girl back home
>took pitty in this guy since he was a closeted gay in Ukraine and they do fucked up shit to homos there
>asked him why he couldn't just stay in Finnland but apparently he's got a daughter
>the next morning he gave me a bottle of self made wine sap, told me to have a nice hike and went his own way
>two days later the scary stuff started to happen
>always had the feeling like I was being followed
>hear distant footsteps all the time but it could be explained away easily as animals
>some time I heard somebody faintly sneazing like 500m away
>"maybe it's just some weird Finnish animal" I thought to myself
>the same night I built my tent and drank half a bottle of the tree wine to ease my nerves
>like 10 minutes later I felt light headed and nauseous
>eventually passed out
>woke up the next morning without my purse, mobile phone and watch

so this fuck roofied the wine and followed me around for a few days just to steal my stuff.
I went to the police ASAP
when they asked me to take a rape kit it dawned on me why he was so open about his sexuality
I declined since my ass didn't hurt and I really wouldn't want to know
File: 1491587465094.gif (1.93 MB, 256x198)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
>literally got assraped innawoods
don't act like you didn't enjoy it anon
I didn't realise this was a YLYL. My side's are currently in LEO
Couple years back.
>Climbing in the Gunks, not too far out but early on a weekday so the area is empty
>As we walk the base of a cliff, an empty half-gallon jug falls from above, just missing me. Can't see top; figure it's kids
>Get to climb, stash gear & head up. Me first, friend seconds
>Get to belay ledge, friend continues past overhang to top
>Can't see friend. Rope eventually stops pulling up
>Call out, no response. Rope just hangs slack
>10 minutes
>Well shit, start planning to lower off & wondering what went wrong
>Rope suddenly takes up slack. Still no call-out, but OK. Pull out anchor & start climbing
>Pull up over top lip, see friend and 3 burly dudes in all-black assult gear with ARs
>Friend makes the "silence" gesture
>Well this got exciting.jpg
>One dude points us down the trail. Start pulling rope, but dude grabs my hand & again points down the trail
>Head out, leaving all gear behind. One of the dudes heads out in front of us
>Big ol white POLICE lettering across his back

As we got to the trail head, there were cops EVERYWHERE. Some local had shot his pregnant girlfriend, and they'd found his carjacked van in the trailhead lot. SWAT teams were searching the woods & expected a gunfight. They held us in the lot for a couple hours, until finally they let us head back down & collect our gear, with an escort. Turns out the guy had jumped, and the empty jug was probably a 'test throw'. He made a real mess, but thankfully chose a spot a hundred feet up-trail from our gear.
File: IMG_0744.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x2448)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG

Ok, I made it back out to the skinwalker cage. Time for an update.

So when I went back the cage was still there, but no one was around. I took some pics though, and I'm convinced what I saw last time was real. This is the cell that held the skinwalker, the lock has been removed, so I could look inside. The cell next to it was locked with apparently no one inside. Weird. Also, the lock in the next door cell was shiny and new even though the cage is rusted out.

I will show you a pic of the floor of the cage next, what I found surprised me.
File: IMG_0745.jpg (2.09 MB, 2448x3264)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
damn picture was posted sideways...

So I looked on the inside of the skinwalker cage... and theres fucking bedding on the ground. I didn't notice it the first time, probably because the skinwalker was buried under leaves. This proves someones been staying in it. Obviously it could be some hobo, but I am not anywhere near civilization and I have never seen any other evidence of hobos.
File: IMG_0746.jpg (2.22 MB, 2446x3264)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
This hole in the cage is where the skinwalker was sticking his hands through the cage and ripping his skin off in the process. It has been a rainy week, but you can see the hole still has some blood stainage.
File: IMG_0748.jpg (3.17 MB, 2448x3263)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG
Ok so that was all the evidence I had, the bedding and the hole. I'm pretty spooked right now because I know I wasn't dreaming. I heard every single rustle in the underbrush as I walked out of there, and now I'm holed up in my house considering buying a gun.

This last pic is another curiosity I found not far from the cage that I didn't see the first time. Obviously this trailer has been there for a long time... but I wonder if that was how they got the cage out there in the first place.

Full disclosure, I haven't posted all my pics, I have a few pics left that just show the cage, in case I ever have to prove that I'm the same guy who posted everything else.
This all went down in North Carolina in the USA, never heard of the Mari Llwyd before, guess its time to do some research
Nope, its in North Carolina
Was there any sort of path along which the trailer might have come you could follow for more clues?
Today I was innawoods and just hiking around and I heard a loud tree knock. It happened right in front of me in a very large tree. I stopped and looked up to see if a branch may have broke and was slapping the side of it. While I was looking up it happened again. I have heard sap freeze and thaw in trees but that is more like a "ping" This was a "WHACK". I looked up the side to see if the tree was cracking or splitting but didn't see anything. Now I need to figure out what causes it. I do know that if this happened but wasn't close to me I would have probably freaked out.
No path from the trailer. It has saplings growing through the middle of it, so it hasn’t moved in a while. There are several little trails in the area, I followed most of them, didn’t find much. There was a lot of the tin roof material from the cage all over and pretty far from the cage and lots of tin cans and other food trash
File: 1367243043692.jpg (43 KB, 468x484)
43 KB
I know for a fact a book about the Hatfield's and McCoys written by a family member mentions it, but beyond that I think it may just be local. Appalachia has some dope monsters and folklore though, look up the Crooked Man. There's a Hellboy comic about him.
From what I've heard it doesn't attack you in most versions, it just watches you and if you look at it it will smile at you. That always scared the fuck out of me as a kid, some nasty yellow bear monster just smiling at you because it knows some bad shit is about to go down.
File: 1489942490221.jpg (85 KB, 720x545)
85 KB
you serious nigger

did you get your stuff back?
File: muldo-1417.jpg (94 KB, 536x536)
94 KB
why didn't you call the authorities? human trafficking is a thing dude.
oh release the poor man!
Him being a skinwalker? Dont worry about it, they probably just like torturing that poor man... Release it and set it free... I mean set him free...
Get a proper sword, i know it sounds autistic but is a solution, or carry a spear like a walking stick
File: Goat Walker.png (105 KB, 895x1255)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
File: 1495162033338.jpg (28 KB, 480x270)
28 KB
maybe he was just looking for a road

to poo in
Fuck, that got me. Very literal
Anon please l, I'm super spooked righ now. That skin walker probably got you.
You heard someone sneeze over 500 meters away?
>meet slav in woods
>trust him
This is where I knew your story would end in disaster.
T. Slav
Laughed hard, could have been better if it wasn't written by a Belarusian.
stop bumping this is a slow board
>you saw something after waking up and no one else saw it
sleep paralysis, you were already spooked too
>years later someone else says they saw it
false memery, he probably wanted to feel cool
File: demonpig.jpg (15 KB, 600x374)
15 KB
I've got some OC:

>be me
>be summer
>out on my friends cattle ranch bowhunting hogs
>I hike in to my tree stand about an hour and a half before sunset
>Get into my camo and climb ,up in my stand
>Shits pretty cash, drinking tequila out of a flask I brought(I was the only person on an 800+ acre ranch, otherwise I wouldn't be drinking)
>Just chillin, watching the sun set behind the hills and watching various wildlife
>Fucking deer start eating my corn, but they GTFO suddenly
>a sounder of ~7 hogs come in and scared the deer away
>Not terribly big, good eating size,80-150 lbs
>I catch something out of the corner of my eye, and I realize why the deer fucked off
>A fuckhuge boar, probably around 250-300 lbs comes out of nowhere
>At this point, my only option is to shoot the boar, because if I fuck with his bitches he gonna get pissed
>I'm wearing a harness(safety first) so I lean out of my treestand to get a shot lined up, as there were some branches and shit in the way
>The hog moves in to about 25 yards, come to full draw
>Suddenly, a fucking cow comes out of nowhere, completely blocks the fucking boar and his bitches
>This fucker just stands there, while I'm rapidly losing day light
>Right as its about to be too dark to take a shot, the hogs move down wind
>They wind me, but not my own scent, I sprayed the bottom of my boots with a shit ton of sow in heat piss
>After about 45 minutes I decide to climb down, it's dark and they had to have moved on. As soon as I step on to the ladder, I hear a bloodcurdling roar, and it charges towards my location

I don't know if y'all have ever heard a boar roaring, but it is creepy as fuck, especially when its dark and the boar is about 6 feet long(from the front hoof to the back if it's strung up.

>At this point, I realize that I may have dun goof'd by spraying a shit ton of sow in heat piss on my boots
>Pretty sure it thinks it's about to get its fuck on with a sow
File: fear_the_musical.jpg (41 KB, 480x270)
41 KB

>Can't GTFO, because I was pretty sure I'd get 9 inches of pig dick in my ass and/or get fucking reck'd by this thing
>It's getting darker, and my fear level was rising, as I was almost out of tequila
>Literally hang out in the tree til 2 in the morning, because this fucking boar is persistent on getting some swine pussy and wouldn't leave
>The boar finally leaves, and I'm totally ready to go back to the ranch house and have a drink after this shit
>As I'm walking back, I hear the fucking boar rushing out, luckily it just hung out around the tree stand while I walked off, or so I thought

>I make it back to my jeep, and as I open the door, this fucker comes out of nowhere and just crashes through the woods out onto the road
>mfw its so close I can smell it
>it smelled like it just got out of a 3 day orgy in a tuna canning plant
>tactically shit myself, almost dropped the keys to my jeep, but manage to hang on.
>I get in, start my jeep and get out of dodge
>fucking cows
>best vacation ever
>going back after deer season
>be me
>Go to a quarry in an abandoned subdivision.
> Abandoned years ago. All grown over. There was a landfill there and it seeps carcinogens everywhere
>Buddy met a lady who took her dogs swimming there. All three died of throat cancer.
>Whole place is just creepy , plants are really weird, smells odd, not bad, odd.
>If you stay past dark you hear really weird sounds, not just like coyote sounds, like loud bangs and stuff like there was a train starting up from a stop.
>Basically if there was a nuclear apocalypse , nothing would change
>Home to some huge perch so who the fuck cares about cancer.
>Took a kyak on it
>Water super clear, could see down 15 / 20 feet when the sun is right
>Gets way deeper than that
>Saw bones on the bottom on the sand
>I hope they were deer
>Literally only perch in there
>No sunfish, no baitfish, just perch and whatever bugs and frogs they eat.
>Only thing to catch them on are perch softbaits
>Be fishing one day
>Huge splash in front of me, i saw something metal fall into the water, like it was thrown behind me
>Yell at imaginary kids I think are fucking with me
>Happens again, but this time I see it rise up out of the water, jump like 6inches to a foot out of the water.
>Looks like a huge gold coin
>Happens multiple times after. After looking at it, I have no idea what it is, think I'm either crazy or discovered a new species of fish
>Turns out to be the rowdiest turtle I've ever seen
>Come back the next week and see 60 year old gay couple banging on the shore
>That ended me going there since

This really makes me want to visit Iceland, such a beautiful place.

>did you get the succ
Sheeeitt nigga, top spooks. After some spooky experiences I always bring two headlamps with me. If the backup works, you're gonna be alright. If it does the same shit, you may be in for a proper dicking. Its always good to know if its time to shit bricks or not.
Top kek
File: IMG_7769.jpg (117 KB, 750x744)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
hey friend! That was me in the last thread that told you it was a pukwudgie! Glad to see that you're still alive and well!
I used to walk around the woods and the railroad tracks in the dead of night when I was in middle School/high school. Someone asked me why I'm not scared that I'm gonna stumble on some creepy guy or something, and I tell them that I'm that creepy guy that people tell about seeing in the woods.

For example:

>Be me, sophomore in high school at the time
>Enjoyed walking around the rail road tracks at night.
>They go right next to some redneck house
>I actually know them a little bit, but I don't ever make noise or use a flashlight going by their house because I know that they'll probably shoot me before I can tell them who I am
>They're having a big redneck get-together
>Considering sneaking and stealing some booze
>Nah lol, I'll just stay quiet. I pass by them they don't notice me,
>Hear twigs snapping
>Probably just a skunk
>It wasn't a skunk
>Hear snarling
>I can't see it really at all, but from the sound and whatever light the stars cast, I can see it's bigger than a coyote,
>I know that there's no wolves, but there are bear
>It's either a massive coyote or a bear
>Do the first thing that comes to my mind
>start chucking the train ballast and railroad ties as hard as I could at this thing all while making the most vile sound I can make , sounded like if a scremo singer was being sodomized by a rhinosorus
>Starts barking and wimpering
>Rednecks dog was just sniffing around
> Rednecks start yelling
>"What the fuck is that"
>"Come here Lucy"I forget it's exact name
>"Get my gun"
>"Should Call the police?"
>Mount up on their John Deere gator
>Coming towards me
>Run as fast as I can down the train tracks until I hear the gator coming on the access road on the tracks
>Duck into some bushes
>Hear a shotgun go off
>Rednecks probably shot the first rustle they heard in the bushes
>Continue on my way
Same anon, another story

>Do another late night walk on the rail road tracks but I go further than I have in the past
>Decide to walk on a road the tracks cross over to get back home as a change of scenery
>A couple trucks go by me, I turn my flashlight on so they can see me
>Mostly drunks at 3am so I don't think anyone cares
>I hear a truck coming behind me
>Turn my flashlight on
>Right as he passes by me he lays on the horn
>Asshole I think to myself
>Pulls a U - turn that makes a skidding nose
>Comes back at me, does the same thing
>Pulls another, this time he's driving on the shoulder coming right at me
>This dude is trying to kill me ?
>I flash my flashlight at him to let him know where I am,
>Still coming at me
>Jump into the the ditch next to the road at the last second
>Pulls another U turn
>Run into the woods in front of someone's house
>Pretty sure he saw where I went
>Climb up a tree in the woods and take my bowie knife out
>My plan is if he comes into the woods after me , I jump down and kill him with my knife
>Plan to tell the cops exactly what happened
>Truck is rolling by slow, he stops where I went in , turns the truck perpendicular to the woods and shines the brights on the woods
>Hear another car coming
>I figure it's the sherrif and they got a call about a loud noise
>it Rolls past, it was a Chevy Cobalt or something, not a cop,
>Thankfully the guy in the truck leaves for now
>Wait in the tree for an hour
>Adrenaline finally wears off, I slink back to the railroad tracks
>I don't walk the roads anymore
>I'll never forget, it was a red Ford 250 , probably 2008-2010
File: spoopy gif.gif (320 KB, 500x409)
320 KB
320 KB GIF
Haha, or when someone who has never heard a deer hears it for the first time during the night. Some people think it´s a woman getting killed or a ghost.
What´s with people and forest nights? Are they all just crazy or are they just other nearby campers trying to get a look of you?
What the hell man? That's fucked.
Good ol boys do that kind of shit all the time
anyone know of any good spooky areas of Virginia or West Virginia?
There's a haunted house in Barboursville WV. I have a story about it because I grew up there but it really isn't that creepy, but it did happen. I'll type it out if anyone is interested.
yea share!
Okay, sorry it took so long, I typed it all out on my phone and then hit a button wrong and had to re-type fucking half of it. Bville was the site of a decent sized Civil War battle because a small river that's easy to cross runs through it, meaning the armies didn't have to deal with crossing the Ohio which is a lot bigger. So they fought over this bridge literally 30 yards down the road from what was the tiny vilage of barboursville (it's still small, but suburban sprawl has essentially made it the outskirts of Huntington, which is a city of 50,00). The battle was pretty brutal, and back then Bville was far enough from an sort of civilization that any sort of wound was a death sentence. Well apparently a 13 year old boy who was a son of the Millar family in town ran off to join the Confederates in the fighting. He took a shot to the gut. His family found him on the battlefield and took them back to his bedroom in the attic of their house to die. Flash forward 200 years, and my parents get divorced so my mom and I move in with my grandparents right across the street from the Millar House when I'm 12. The house is still residential but is on the historic record or maintained by the local historic society or something like that so there can't be any major renovations done to it. All the kids in school tell creepy stories about the house. An elderly couple live there alone, and are too weak to climb the stairs anymore so they just stay on the ground floor. But people swear that sometimes late at night you can see a pale face peeking out the attic window, which used to be the boys bedroom. They also say that any time you move the furniture around up there, the next day it will be moved back to the way the boy had it when he lived there. I was a huge pussy, I was the kid who had to change the channel if a commercial for a horror movie came on, so I'm terrified by this.
One night it starts snowing and I'm excited that I may get out of school, so I look out my window to see how bad the street is getting and THERE'S THE FUCKING FACE looking right at me. I freak out and stay the night with my grandpa, I tell him my room got too cold or some shit. A few nights later I muster up the courage to look out the window again, and I see him again. He was looking up the street towards the bridge where the battle was, but after I'm looking at him for a few seconds he turns and locks eyes with me. He just looks like a normal kid, not spooky or ethereal or anything like that. But like I said, only an old couple live there so it has to be the ghost. Maybe a week later I'm on Christmas break, so I'm staying up all night and playing Gamecube. About 2 a.m I pas out. I wake up on alert, like someone's in the room with me. I click my lamp on and look and he's fucking standing at the foot of my bed just staring at me. His belly is all bloody and has a chunk missing out of it, and he's wearing old-timey Mountaineer clothes. I scream and run past him. When my grandpa calms me down and makes me go upstairs with him to check my room, the boy's gone. My grandpa convinces me I jsut had a bad dream because of the stories the kids at school told, and I calm down and go to sleep. The next night, it happens again. I'm too afraid to move this time, I just lock eyes with him for what feels like hours until I pass out.He doesn't look angry or mean, just sad. The third night, sure enough he wakes me up again. This time manage to choke out, "Are you okay?". And he starts sobbing. He's not making any noise at all but just bawling his eyes out staring at me. After maybe 20 minutes of this I blink and he's just gone. Now my family is super religious, so on the 4th night when he shows up I ask him if he is scared. He nods his head with tears in his eyes. .
I tell him it's okay, he just did what he thought the right thing to do was and he could go to heaven if he wanted to. He stops crying when I say that, and just looks at me inquisitively. I have a Bible in my room and I get it out and read to him some, and he starts smiling. I pass out holding an open Bible, my family ws porbably proud as fuck when they woke me up the next morning lol. I never saw him again. My brother is in middle school and says kids still tell spooky stories about the Millar House, but I've personally never seen anything since. I'm not arrogant enough to think I convinced a ghost to go to heaven or some shit like that, but I think maybe he was just scared and confused and wanted another kid to act normal around him. It was definitely the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, and I've never told anyone about it even my wife. It kind of helped me get over being afraid of everything (I think I was fucked up from the divorce, my dad was abusive so I was always on edge never knowing when the next ass beating would come), and hopefully I helped him too. If I ever saw him again I'd like to think it would be like seeing an old friend.
I guess I should've green texted that but fuck it, if someone cares enough to do that they can steal it lol
That is still awesome, great story. I've never really seem anything crazy like that. Maybe one day
Thanks man, I know it's not really innawoods but I feel like anything that isn't the same 5 reposts would be welcome. and it's not like you can post shit like this on /x/, they're retarded
Bruh that's rust, not blood
I know, none of them go out, not even to freaky/weird locales, I've tried to ask them before. And honestly your experience is amazing. That's probably all that the boy needed, to be treated normal by one of his peers, it's heartwarming
Thanks for the story man. West Virginia always spooks me, it's so remote with a really checkered past. I go skiing in Canaan valley sometimes and every time I'm out there I just get kind of spooked.
>Do you know of absolutely any recorded case where that happened?
Ivan Milat is a famous Australian case. He hunted people in national parks for fun
Aussies have a proud history of hunting humans
kekkitty kek

Cunt if you want a spook google "bitey castle bongo".

that's a fox
I reckon people just get freaked out because its so vast, 750,000 acres of untouched wilderness full of trees, sand and rocks. But I'm pretty tuned into my environment when out into the bush and there's nothing in there which has every struck me as being unnatural, man made or spooky
>doing out and back trail
>turn around and head back
>find a severed deer leg and thigh in the middle of the trail
File: witch.gif (3.75 MB, 700x350)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
It was a witches raven. She was mocking you. Whatever made the screams were another of her beasts, a Familiar perhaps.
She's out there, up in the mountains, in her witches lair . Like that hut in the movie The VVitch. You probably got too close to where she lives, and she was going to take you out one by one and fucking cook you.

Good thing you left.
>it was a witches raven
No it wasn't
>shes in her witches lair
No she isn't
>its like that movie
File: pepe_laugh3.jpg (18 KB, 248x189)
18 KB
seriously? the broken english made it 10x better.
File: Untitled.jpg (17 KB, 594x649)
17 KB
>be driving to visit parents to the countryside
>take old road to avoid toll jews and because I get bored on the highway
>going through plateau, encounter light fog
>god damn it, its getting thicker, slow down
>exit turn see pic related standing over 2 metres tall less than 20 metres away on the road
>if I try to break and turn I will stop too close to it
>fuck it I will go past it
>as I swerve and change my angle I realise its just a stupid horse perfectly aligned to fuck with my perception
>stop next to horse and call it a stupid cunt
>drive away

Fog, not even once.
forgot to mention, I have also lost the light
File: 1510280864970.gif (146 KB, 388x400)
146 KB
146 KB GIF
Looks like a spooky Gondola
Ever been there of a night?
sorry for scaring you anons
good luck on your next trip out in the woods
Usually between 3-5 nights depending on the job.
Most of the nights we're active though with a spotlight getting rid of pigs, goats, feral dogs and cats, then catch a few hours sleep before dawn.
What is The Missing 411
Fuck that tb h. I hate going into the scrub at night due to spiders, centipedes and sneks let alone potential Ivan Milats.

You're one of those people that end up in the Missing 411 cases. Fucking faggot.

Yeah, good luck with pepper spray when a bear or a mountain lion charges you, idiot. lmfao.
Most crazies and psychos want someone they can actually catch, backpackers and druggies are much easier than chasing an ex-military guy + shooting partner in the middle of literally nowhere with big fuck off guns and el doggo.
>Snakes, don't step over logs and avoid bothering them
>Creepy crawlies, zip up your tent and check boots or loose clothing left outside

I've been plenty worse places than the middle of nsw
Buy a gun
On a slightly serious note, you should probably get tested for HIV because the earlier you catch it, the better off you'll be later in life
Wow man. Best story in a long while. If there is a part 2 i hope someone posts it.
This isn't really innawoods, but I grew up in a semi-rural area. So we have about an acre of land that's fenced off, then one of our neighbors had about the same, and beyond that was the county's land trust.

Anyway, a few years back we started hearing this really strange noise. I never saw anything, just heard the damn thing. Imagine a short yell/shout that's almost high pitched. That's about the best I can describe it, I don't know what else to say.

I've thought maybe some fucked up bobcat or mountain lion, and we have wild turkeys in the area and they can make some weird noises.
>inb4 skinwalker
It's moreso the thought of not knowing what it is that freaks me out, and I don't know if I believe in that stuff 100%. Anyway, it's just an unsettling noise that gives off a bad vibe
I had 200 acres of my childroon ruined by an out-of-towner who bought it all up and built a disgusting 5000sq ft mcmansion right in the middle of it. This also ended the farm that had been in constant operation on the hill for over 300 years.
get rekt poorfag
File: 1366158616455.png (16 KB, 265x307)
16 KB
anon why

I got nothing

But I go where pretty much no human goes, so that'd be why.
File: Visigoths_sack_Rome.jpg (438 KB, 1039x1600)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
You know what you need to do.
>be medifag
>take gross anatomy
>Need a break from school and shit
>Go steelhead fishing
>look down in the water next to me
>Perfectly removed pair of human lungs
>What the fuck
>Remember its deer season
>didn't catch any fish

That's a really beautiful story in some way, thanks for sharing
Skinwalkers aren't our enemies. Well they are but they want the same as we do. They're protecting nature. Nobody wants to live somewhere that's haunted by a skinwalker, which prevents people from settling there. We both want unspoiled nature. The only downside is that we're just humans to them, so they see us as a threat as well. They can be reasoned with though. Apparantly if you make it clear to one that you will leave and never come back they might let you leave.
File: This is a skinwalker.png (86 KB, 640x400)
86 KB
>Skinwalkers aren't our enemies.
If only some scary creature like, uhm, say a skinwalker could have scared the construction workers away causing the owner to check it out and never be seen again...

How would he know if you passed out by the drink or your were just sleeping like the other days?
this is story Anon

It was not, you've never been around ravens. They do things like this a lot. try going outside.
Plus, we stayed another night with zero incident after that.
It's a somewhat popular trail in the summer. I think people would have notched a fuckin witch.
If a sasquatch charges you, you need to shoot it in its eye sockets. Its chest is too thick. Never run. They smell like wet horse/dog, sulphur, rotten eggs. Carry a powerful led flashlight, they will stop charging if it's shone in their eyes. Please stay safe
a legendary story
He needs to sack Rome while naked? How does that solve anything?
File: 1508636523519.png (133 KB, 778x842)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
He is the Visigoth and the McMansion is Rome.
Death to Caesar.
ty mate. It's not that scary to me anymore, wouldn't mind camping in the pine barrens again

I know what foxes sound like, they're all over my neighborhood, it wasn't a fox.
>Be me
>organize hike with some "buddies"
>both claim they are experienced
>turns out neither have trail blazed and only one has hiked at altitude
>only find out after the fact
>get to the first high point on trail
>look down valley
>we decide to trail blaze through the valley and on the next mountain side
>last stop before big push
>stop at a small glacier
>so good.MP4
>continue to extraction point
>other two start lagging behind as I lead through the brush and rocks
>fatass twists his ankle with 6 miles through rocks left
>go to check his wrap
>fucker had his boots loose
>fucker wraped his ankle so the ace bandage is drooping OFF
>wtf m8
>wrap it for him and tie his shoes up good and proper
>los gehts
>come to really bad boulder field
>fatass has to stop at a grassy patch
>I take water and go scouting for an easier route
>have to go over mountain to get to a trail, suspicions confirmed
>fatass said he couldn't walk uphill
>go back to rest location
>the fuckers left
>know this is it by the two large spots of packed grass and empty water bottles
>good thing I photo memorized the damn map
>walk until dark
>settle down in wooded valley, probably less than a mile from the trail
>too dark to go on
>dig sleeping hole in tree roots
>go to sleep
>wake up with odd feeling
>still pitch black
>then I notice it
>from the other side of the stream
>just sitting there
>starring at me
>these dull red eyes
>just watching
>watches for what felt like an eternity
>then it moves
>it stands up
>stands up to ~6'6"
>then it smiles, with bright white teeth, big teeth. I can just see it in the moonlight
>and it just fucking leaves
>it just walks the fuck off
>so fucking tired I fall asleep after a little while
>wake up
>sun is barely up
>walk to high ground
>check phone now I have weak service
>1 new message
>those fuckers got carried off the mountain by SAR troops in the middle of the night while I slept with a god damned skin walker
>walk towards trail
>meet up with SAR troops
>walk like 13 miles back to the trailhead with them because that's where they parked their trucks
>they tell me that one of them had a breakdown and started crying his eyes out and the other one sat down and fell asleep like a bitch
>one of the SAR guys says he wishes his daughter would date a niBBa like me than the usless fags she dated at the time
>get back, SAR guy gives me his e-mail
>talk some more and find out that fatass and shitface couldn't even get their stories to match while sat in the same damn room
MFW didn't even get killed by a skin walker
MFW SAR guy tried to set me up with his daughter
MFW "friends" couldn't even get a lie about leaving me behind right
MFW I was out an ACE bandage from this whole thing because fatass left it somewhere because it was itchy or something.

Now that last line is the real horror story.
Been going /out/ for 30 fucking years. Never any spoopy happenings. Read spoopy threads on /k/ /x/ and /out/. Assume it's all fake bullshit told for fun.
Just last month this happened.
>own 52 acres in SW VA.
>Decide to get some chickens for dem fresh eggs.
>set coup up about 100 yards away from house near woods.
>let chickens free range during day lock coup up at night to keep hens alive.
>get home late one night 10ish
>Go to close coup up
>as I walk toward coup see something large run into woods
>think some stray dog has killed chickens
>check coup, chicken a fine but all feed is gone.
>here something running in woods
>sounds big. Maybe dog, deer or black bear.
>it stops running away. Starts running toward me.
>all I got is my pen lite fenix e12 I edc.
>don't see shit but can here it getting closer.
>yell out loud hopping to scare whatever.
>slows down but can still here it getting closer
>yell again this time scream "I got a gun motherfucker" (I don't have one on me sadly)
>much closer than I expected I hear something try to repeat the word fucker.
>it was all gurgly and shit. Like it hurt to speak.
>I nope the fuck out and Sprint the 100 yards back to the house.
>grab the Mosman and go back outside.
>2 rounds of 12 ga 00 buckshot where I heard that thing.
>nothing, no sound, no running, just nothing.

Haven't had anymore experiences like that. Only thing different is I take my pistol whenever I go out to the chicken coup now. I used to camp out by this little 2 acre pond on my property during the summer. Don't know If I will have the balls to do that again after this shit.
Where you at anon?
Air horn and a brick
>be me building a nice bug out camp in the woods behind my house
>hear a dog up there and figure it's a neighbor dog running around
>on top of a really steep hill with alot of bush
>in process of building a hard shelter
>nice summer night. bring up my pack and some food
>fire going, comfy as fuck
>buddy and me are drinking beer and bullshitting about our plans to make the hard shelter
>go to sleep
>wake up in the middle of the night and hear something rummaging thru our cans and bottles
>figure it's a raccoon or something
>go to investigate
>oh fuck 2 coyotes
>they look pissed
>no gun at the time
>throw a beer bottle at one of them
>it breaks off a log and scares them away

I know it was just a coyote but I was pretty spooped. I didn't think we even had them in our area. Now I carry my handgun when I go up in the woods
>they do fucked up shit to homos there

this might be the best story in the thread

no idea why there are no replies to it
Yeah good point. I loved that one, should've let anon know.
File: rock$20island.jpg (90 KB, 450x315)
90 KB
>live in northern wisconsin
>taking some city-females hiking for the first time
>we go out to this island called "Rock Island", have to take two boats to get there, way out on Lake Michigan (pic related)
>no electricity or anything on the island, just some carved paths and that's it
>hiking around the entire island
>walking down the path
>passing this really old cemetery with gravestones from the 1800's
>looking straight into the forest to see if I can see the cemetery through the trees
>see a girl in an old grey nightgown lean out from behind a tree for a second, and then sink right back into the tree
>looked really bizarre and unnatural, almost like it was computer-generated
>do a double take
>nothing there
>really weirded out, don't want to say anything to freak the girls out, thought maybe I am just dehydrated or something
>we keep walking and come to to a cliff
>one of the girls starts looking kind of weirded out
>she says "Man...I just thought I saw a little girl walking towards us, then she just disappeared. Kind of weird"
>tell them I saw a girl come out from behind a tree and then sink back into it
>they're kind of freaked out
>I don't really give a shit, think it's kinda cool
>finish out the hike, but get stranded on a different island because I'm a retard and I messed up the boat schedule
>we get a motel
>girls kind of angry at me
>I am looking up haunted stories on Rock Island
>It says many people have seen a little girl near the cemetery on Rock Island
>shit bricks
That video made me legit rage because it shows the observatory, but the guy never goes in and shows whats inside.
>be me, pro truck driver
>taking 34 hour reset in rural NY at a TA near this really awesome trail and creek
>go about 5 or so miles innawoods to set up meager lil campsite (cant bring too many camp suppllies because truck has limited space)
>let fire die down, fall asleep in tent
>wake up to the sound of rustling leaves
>"go away bear... go away bear" i shout
>sniff sniff at base of tent
>"FUCK" grab glock and chamber a round
>point flashlight at corner of tent
>see shadow of small little snout
>wtf, coyote?
>open door, look outside
>mid sized lil poodle comes up and licks my hand, tail wagging and all
>"whoa lil guy, what the FUCK are you doing out here?"
>invite him in, and give him some leftover spam
>pet him/play for a minute or so
>he wanders back outside
>i follow
>he runs off toward this mountainous ridgeline to the north
>I spotlight him with my flashlight to see where hes going as far as I can but lose him in the vegetation
>eventually my light beam reaches the ridge
>I see this silhouette of a man on the ridge
>point light at him
>skinny black man w/a neatly trimmed goattee
>green bandana tied around his head
>baggy jeans and tan timberland boots
>he smirks at me, partially covering his eyes from the beam of light being pointed at me, and then jumps down the other side of the ridge, out of my line of sight
>I sprint up there and shine the light down to see where he went
>vanished... no one there, completely gone

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