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File: adena.jpg (41 KB, 480x320)
41 KB
Stories of close calls and stupid shit youve done while /out/ing.


>go hiking in super clifty wilderness area
>red river gorge if you wanna look that shit up
>hammock camping at the top of a ridge, 50lb winter pack
>shit yeah cellphone reception
>get woken up at 6 am by my wife saying that our car battery is dead and that my mom is coming to get me in my sisters car to come get the car I brought
>oh goddammit
>pack up and bug out
>know a super short but insanely steep route that would get me to where we would me up in less than an hour
>come to a spot called adena arch, pic related
>have to climb on top of it on that left side to continue on my trail
>not pictured is the 200ft drop on the left side of the arch
>it had rained literally all day yesterday so the rock was slick
>on all fours, my plant foot slips and I begin to slide towards the 200 foot drop
>catch my right hand on a divot to stop the slide
>crawl up on my stomach the rest of the way
>sit on the top of the arch for a good 10 minutes to chill the fuck out

So yeah, that was my day today.
aleast you experience a pretty cool movie ish scene
File: 70410019.jpg (156 KB, 640x424)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
I fell out of a tree once. I was about 25 ft up climbing on dead wood, with the first live branches maybe another 15 ft above me. I was chillin for maybe 30 seconds trying to muster the balls to make the last push when my branch broke. Pretty much just slid down the trunk, my shirt got lifted up and the bark gashed my chest and armpit. Hitting the ground was fine though thanks to all of that friction. Only time I've ever fallen.
File: 001.jpg (923 KB, 2272x1704)
923 KB
923 KB JPG

be careful next time

clifty is great though, can confirm n ky was wet as shit yesterday
Dude the distance marked on some of the trail junctions is bullshit. At the pinch em' tight trailhead it says its 8 miles to indian arch but I logged 10 on my gps.
>>come to a spot called adena arch, pic related
>>have to climb on top of it on that left side to continue on my trail
It looks like you could have gone up/down the right side of the arch just fine, bro.
Its a little more steep that way. Its hard to really tell by that pic
I mean judging by the angle of the trees that looks pretty damn flat. Pretty easy to walk along that, though not nearly as scenic I'm sure.

I've told this one in a couple other threads but I think it's a good one for other new climbers.
>Brand new climber
>Climbing with a friend who is trying to get back in to it
>After top roping a bit, we switch to another route, he climbs up and clips a bolt 12 feet up
>Climb some there, he hasn't got the guts to go any further than that bolt and I have zero business lead climbing whatsoever
>I aint about to downclimb
>Decide to rappel down from above, grab the quickdraw and clean the rappel from above
>Checking my gear before going over
>Only one end of the rope is through the carabiner, the other is just looped through the ATC
>Go white and fix it before checking everything again and talking myself over the edge
>Lay back against the rope and everything is fine; feelings of relief and confidence replace the fear.

Fuck my life, I'm glad I'm still scared of this shit enough to quadruple check every single thing I do.
>driving around after a camping incursion deep in mountanouis shit roads at 4am in deep fog and rain.
>going literally 45 degrees downhill and 90 degrees in turns in shitty roads
>crash into tree and total car
>literally car is destroyed and non-recognizable
>walk away like nothing happened.
what car?
File: 1456289367.jpg (5 KB, 205x246)
5 KB
>Chopping wood near a river
>A couple of bees are buzzing about and the air is crisp
>Why are there so many bees?
>Why are there so many bees on my shirt?
>Why are these bees bigger than your average bee?
>Sprint away as fast as I can and crush the remaining bees on my jacket and pants
>They were yellow jackets and I was working right next to their underground nest
I don't understand why can't you just walk to the right of the arch?
Just a ky bro here to say RRG seems like a little known place here. At least in 502.
Adena is still in geological area it is off of bison way close to the visitor center. you do know that it's technically not right to go to cloudsplitter and all those other off trail areas in the geological area. The places have been camped down to a sad state. Any who if you'd ever like to have some fun without becoming another trashy splat ohioans, try practicing map and compass and go east over the ridge on the otherside of swift creek. People call it tje callaboose and its as close as you can get to untouched by trash as you can in RRG.
in spirit of thread... went to slick rock creek wilderness and reach wilderness trailhead 5k up the unicoi on low low maintainence gravel hollow hugging and winding trail. camp down fat gap to fish and see 3 tier waterfall. go back to car at end of trip with rear flat. go down trail storm rearing with a donut gripping wheel with white hands.
I swear I saw a comment that someone said they lived off of alumni in Lexington. Deleted comment maybe? If you’re still in this thread dude I’d be down.

I know, but those are where the cool spots are. Also I’ve got a good ass gps and fuck the whole map and compass thing. You got coordinates for the spot you’re talking about?

at least you probably dont have these cunts
This happened to me the other week.

>Get to a waterfall at the end of a trail
>View of falls isn't great, decide to clamber up to an area where you can see it better.
>Get up there, eat lunch, realize that getting down is gonna be way worse.

This was a basically vertical hill here, almost a cliff.

>Instead of sliding or crawling down, decide to walk it.
>Slip and slide on loose rocks and basically windmill arm my way down at a running pace.
>Slam into a tree to catch myself, scrape up hands and face.

The trail was pretty busy, but I was ready to crack my head against a rock and die out there. Lesson learned.
Yo hold up, yellow jackets nest underground? There’s a campsite I frequent that there’s always a shitload of yellow jackets and I can never find the nest.
>climb up cliff side into mine shaft
>head back slide down ore pile, dusty AF.
>Can't get dust off for some reason

>Find out it's a cinnabar and mercury mine. Throw out my clothes.
I fail to see why you would need to walk atop that stone
File: IMG_20170923_125750.jpg (3.31 MB, 3120x4160)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
A prime example of why shortcuts are almost never a good idea when hiking. I got one for myself too
>Hiking with my Dad up in Washington
>We reach the summit of our mountain and see that there's a rock slide that if we went down would cut our trail time in half
>Me being the fool young man that I am I convince my 56yo Dad to come down it with me
>Mfw literally sliding down rock cliffs with almost no handholds and a considerable drop beneath us
>Nothing that would kill us but you could easily fuck up your leg or angle and have to make a humiliating call to search and rescue
>My poor Dad makes it down, we each nearly fall 3 times
>Once we're past the cliff it's loose rock for another kilometer
>Making mini rockslides every time we move and having rocks slip out from under us
>Rocks are slippery from snow as well so we have to go down on our hands and knees
>Total time down ends up being the exact same because of how slow we had to take it going down

On the bright side we found a massive rock with beautiful (what we think is) jade deposits running through it. Pic related
idk best entry js off sarges creek other than that i wont spoon feed you because if you cant use a map i wouldnt recommend.
Don't antagonize them in any way. I highly recommend you bring poison with you because I must have been stung 15 times all over my body.
>be me
>decide to go the trial route like I have a hundred times
>stop half way up the mountain
>wipe sweat
>take a step forward
>literally slip and fall
>landed on my ass
>almost fell a couple hundred feet to my death
>girl runs up saying she saw the whole thing because she was write below me when it happen
>says thought I was done for
>get new hiking partner
All in all sometimes things happen for a reason.
Holy shit, all bad situation there.
Theres a drop along that right side too. Its a thin ridge.
oh holy shit, thats beautiful
Just fill a small disposable water bottle like one quarter way up, throw a thumb sized piece of lunch meat in the water, set it out or hang it, and watch those dumb greedy fuckers drown themselves trying to find the meat. I've collected dozens and dozens of dead yellow pieces of shit this way in less than a day!
Just wanted to add: you could genocide a whole colony this way, but you have to start removing the dead bees eventually to make room for new ones to drown, otherwise they start climbing the floating mass of dead bees to freedom. This is after around 30 or so dead bees.
File: IMG_0004[1].jpg (2.63 MB, 4000x2248)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
>Decide to try a 13 mile loop trail up local mesa.
>climbs up 3500ft higher than surrounding are, so figure good views
>Starts on reservoir access road for easy accent.
>get to top of loop, in lake bowl so no views like what.
>topo shows if I bushwack i'll get the views I want.
>decide to go past the no trespassing signs because its remote.
>takes an hour to navigate a route to the ridge.
>views worth it. pic related.
>decide to follow ridge.
>getting late, not looking forward to the extra hour and a half to get back down to the trail.
>plan new route further along the ridge.
>begin making my decent.
>steeper than anticipated
>come to where I could slide down but I know I could not climb back up.
>seems to level out below.
>Go full Edward Abbey and go for it.
>scrub oak city. hard going.
>engrossed in descending, surprised by loud "HUFF, HUFF" noise.
>turn to see black bear
>15ft away
>Hanes shopping soon.
>bear luckily books it.
>watch it tear through scrub-oak all the way down this valley.
>thats my route out. can't go back up.
>begin singing loudly. don't want to spook it again.
>continue down,
>tree scratching.

made it back alright. its just a black bear after all.
File: 1474818749464-b.jpg (166 KB, 2208x1242)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
you lucky motherfucker.

real camping
>walking down steep ass hill in thick bush, down re-entrant
>slide on your ass often, proper steep
>40kg pack on "light" infantry
>fall forwards and somehow manage to catch my rifle between two trees
>slam chest into it hard and knocks the wind out of me but arrests the fall

Would have been a hell of a tumble, couple hundred meters to the bottom.
RRG is no joke, I love it there, but it has a long history of deaths
Every summer trip i go down ppl (climbers mostly) fall into the gorge
Carry some thin rope to make a prusik knot around the rope everytime you rappel
My closest call was in Croatia, south of Karlovac.
Strolling through the wilderness, I wanted to get back to a road and saw a dusty street in the distance. As I came closer, I spotted the red minefield warning signs. This one, was like many others, only marked from the roadside. So I realized I was inside that fucking minefield.
Without a mobile phone and alone, I had no other chance than walking the last 50-75 meters to the road to escape the minefield.
It took me the scariest hour of my life to get to that road, I kissed the dust out of sheer joy having reached it as a whole.

Kinda /out/ related

>have small creek that ran through childhood home
>as town grows creek flooding becomes more and more intense
>also raised goats back the
>one particularly bad flood washes out the bridge but not the trusses it set on
>flood debris gets stuck on trusses and looks solid
>7 goats try to cross
>get stuck but thankfully the debris is so dense they are stuck floating above water
>jump in pull them out and pass to sister
>no goats dead
>suddenly something gives
>me and all the debris are sucked under the trusses and spit out the other side
>water so thick with sticks/field waste/logs/everything else that I can't surface
>panic sets in and I go nuts clawing my way to the surface
>surface/breath/scramble out in all of a second
>I'm 30 feet downstream from the trusses
>scratched all to hell
>get a rash from god knows what in the water
>new policy to lock the goats in the barn every time it floods

All in all I got lucky as fuck and realistically I should have been dead. Don't fuck with flood water boys.
>hear fence put up around a fire tower
>decide to just check it out after work on impulse
>don't tell anyone where I'm going, still wearing work shorts and short sleeved shirt
>less than 30 degrees out, no flashlight
>bookin' it through the woods because cold, trip over a root and fly a fucking foot
Only a little blood and a welt, but if I had broken my leg or something no one would have known where I was, and how long would I have lasted if I couldn't drag myself back to the car? What if I hit my head on a rock instead of the ground? Lesson learned
File: CirqueMadeleine.jpg (2.7 MB, 2560x1920)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG

>Be aged 8
>Kayaking in French gorge with family
>Gorge has many rapids
>Family paddle through some especially rough rapids
>I enter rapids last and capsize
>Parents don't realise
>Kayak wedged between rocks with me trapped in water beneath
>Start thrashing from drowning
>Luckily a couple of French hikers were nearby
>They pick me up and send me on my way

I was real lucky those French guys were there, otherwise I would've drowned.
You were saved by frogs in a river lol

Seriously though that's so lucky.
I did have one of those tied on. I can't recall if having it tied wrong was part of the mistake or if I was only freaked about the ATC error though.

I only climbed like three times this year after my class which really wasn't enough to drive everything home. I'm taking mountain school this spring which includes rock sessions which will be nice to reinforce everything and then hopefully this year I'll be able to fight my anxiety enough to go climbing with some class mates or something.
>saved by frogs in a river
Never thought of it being like that desu
Holy fuck that is terrifying
I woulda just laid down on the ground and fucking cried.
Yeah man, a guy died out at hansons point in mid october this year.
Thanks for being a tripfag so I can filter you
Haha, you do you, man
Similar thing happened to me when I was 8. Climbing the tree next door about 20 foot up when i put my weight on a dead limb. I ended up spinning just enough that i landed flat on my back knocking the wind out of me something fierce. Not a scratch on me though, walked home and started watching the tv.
> 20 year old me with best friend.
> Long weekend. Bored. Let's go fuck around in the hinterland.
> Let's not tell anyone where we're going.
> Let's bring almost no equipment.
> Having a great time by the river. Skipping rocks, climbing shit. Saw a huge eagle.
> Holy fuck is that a boat?
> It is a boat. With paddles.
> Let's ride this boat down the river to my parents house, It's only 40km downstream and we have nothing better to do for three days.
> Great idea.

> Boat is old and abandoned. Probably leaks.
> Well fuck me, it works perfectly fine.
> Float for some hours. Experience the beauty of nature.
> Yo, that Island looks lit and I wish to camp on it.
> ooo fireflies so pretty.
> Have a campfire and catalog supplies.
> 4 packs of sausages, a bunch of ramen noodles and a fuck load of fireworks.
> Let's shoot each with roman candles.
> Let's throw the biggest fireworks into the fire.
> Nothing happens. Huh. Guess we can get back to cooking sausages.
> 5 minutes later something happens. Campfire expands violently and unexpectedly.
> Fire everywhere. Attempt to extinguish. Attempt harder. Nope, this isn't working.
> Abandon island to it's fate.
> Yo, that Island is literally lit and I no loner wish to camp on it.
> Paddle to shore. Camp where the world is not on fire.

> Continue floating next day.
> This is taking longer then I expected.
> Float by the pulp mill. River becomes noticeably more green and scummy. Gross.
> Are we fucking there yet holy shit.
> Yup, just keep floating.
> Finally get there. Stash boat for future use. Walk to parents house.
> Hi mom.
> "How did you get here? Where's your truck?"
> We stole a boat and floated here.
> "How haven't you two died of being retarded yet?"
> Shrug.
that sounds like a great story.
minus the part where you almost died and burned down the forest.
Wait if they had a car to come get you why didn't they just jump the dead car with theirs?
they only had it until like 11 am
Sorry, read that wrong. They couldnt get it to jump. It was also my wife and mother so theres absolutely no way for me to know what they actually did.
>Be fishing
>Cast out
>Reel in
>Get weeds on my hook
>Try to take off the weeds
>hook my hand
>Start bleeding
>blood falls into the water
>Hundreds of brook trout start swarming me
>Waders get ripped up
>Take two steps out of the stream

Im surprised i didn't die desu.
File: 1 (6).jpg (10 KB, 224x225)
10 KB
>Let's throw the biggest fireworks into the fire.
I hope you've stopped doing that now that you're older and wiser.
File: 20170730_170934.jpg (1.82 MB, 3264x1836)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
>be me in Olympic national park
> shit is gorgeous
> hall of moss and shit
>go on short 2 mile hike
>skip stones at cool glacial river for a few minutes
> run to catch up to parents
>round corner and there's a group of people stopped
>there is a bear and 2 cubs about 10 feet away
>mfw I almost got mauled
well this wasn't so bad but is a reminder of how easily you can get lost hiking

>was on a work trip mapping geology in forested area
>working in pairs, one guy had iphone with map and the compass
>decided to go up just ahead to check out something
>went a little too far and started back to where I came from
>ended up not finding where I started from
>probably just passed to the side of the spot and started going back the way I came
>go way to far back and try to retrace my way back the way we came up this large hill
>ended up crisscrossing back up and down this hill for like 45 min
>really start freaking out... it's really hot out and I'm going up and down this large hill without much water
>didn't have an orienting gear on me and so going by memory only
>everything starts looking the same
>start calling out as I try to find my way back
>hear guy calling out and find my way back

It's a lot easier than you think to get lost in the woods and as much as you think you won't you will start to panic and do stupid stuff and get yourself more lost. We were near the top of a hill so it was hard to get really lost but even so it freaked the hell out of me. Later I learned an important lesson of carrying a GPS and turning on a track recorder to find your way back. The thing was at many points I was quite close to where I wanted to be but in my panic I started moving past it thinking I had made a mistake or was remembering things wrong.
>hiking with buddy on dry narrow river valley
>region is known for having boars and jackals
>as we're walking we start hearing a boar roaring and squealing, making a huge ruckus in some bushes about 15m away
>literally sounds like a battle from Jurassic Park and the small trees and bushes are shaking as the roars echo through the valley
>booked it for about 10 minutes, could still hear the roars behind us

These boars are pretty good sized too, about 4 feet in length
Yes, yellowjackets will nest in a hole in the ground
Damn that's a nice view and pic. Would be cool to bring a high powered telescope there and chill on your stomach while investigating the whole valley.
Mine is more /an/ but it was still life threatening.
>be around 16
>on vacation
>my brother and I were playing on a big, floating plastic ring that was an aquaculture once
>two rings, each ring 10 inches in diameter
>not the most stable thing
>about a mile out
>the water was crystal clear so we could see straight to the bottom of the sea
>caught a fish
>nearly have it reeled in, already at the surface
>suddenly a shadow appears from nowhere
>a great white shark takes my fish and bites into the ring only a few inches away from my foot
File: 03000eca_1499025593303.jpg (188 KB, 960x1280)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>camping with some buds by the lake
>arrive well after dark, set up quick and go to sleep
>next morning realize several hammocks are attached to this big old dead tree that sways dangerously everytime the wind blows
>well that's dangerous we should push that over before we leave tomorrow so nobody gets hurt
>hanging out for a bit, everyone in their hammocks and I'm in a camp chair
>tree suddenly falls on top of me
>golly gee that smarts
>friend pulls tree off of me
>they load me up in a car and drive me 2 hours to the nearest hospital
>pic related is the injury. Major surgery and a week in the hospital
>4 months on crutches
>5 months physical therapy
>walked with a cane for a while after

Not sure if this counts as a close call since I actually got hurt, but I could have actually died so I consider myself lucky
>conservation corps
>taking lunch, sitting with against knee height rock on steep slope
>2 FAGS (fellow americorps guys) sitting next to me
>1 FAG up above us hiking down
>he kicks a big ass rock
>it comes flying towards us
>he yells "rock!" when its already halfway towards us
>i duck under the rock and a split second later it flies right through the space my head was just occupying
>the other FAGS didnt flinch
>im getting paid 4$ an hour for this shit

Why didn't you just shoot the ground in front of you to safely set off any mines? That's what I do in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
>land of a friends family has a wild cave
>friend assures me he's been in it plenty of times, we can't get lost
>keep going deeper and deeper in
>sliding sideways through cracks
>crawled on hands and knees into openings
>no service in there
>no one knows where we are
>we're in there awhile and decide to turn back
>he stops after awhile and says we hit a dead end
>says that the next two attempts
>trying to remain calm
>keep going in circles
>am starting to accept I might die in there
>finally find the hole
how to destroy an underground yellow shithead nest:
>boil water inside of canteen
>bring canteen over to the nest
>open it and flip it on top of the hole of the nest
>boiling water fills the nest and destroys it
>yellow assholes get boiled alive
>if one of them somehow flew its way up into your canteen, just put the canteen's lid back on in an angle from the ground so the bitch doesn't escape
>find a water source and drown it

if you have the time and water to spare, try it out. you might have to endure a couple stings tho
i would have probably just killed myself at that point
File: 1394463374874.gif (2.72 MB, 240x234)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB GIF
>golly gee that smarts
File: 1493351195689.jpg (24 KB, 461x408)
24 KB
Fifos have ruined the gorge . We need to build a wall.
File: 20150613_205032.jpg (2.04 MB, 3264x2448)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
cool rock, reminds me of oyster shells.

>offroading buddy invites me to a random dudes birthday at some lake that can only be reached by offroading
>Get there and drink a fuck ton and get rather belligerent about the extremely loud EDM music.
>Get fed up with the noise so I pack up my backpack full of beer and wander into the woods.
>Find a nice cliff to hang out on and drink. make animal noises to try and remind the rednecks of how awesome nature sounds. After about 10 minutes of stupid noises and 3 beers I decided to head back to the camp.
>Get up and look around the cliff for a way down, how the fuck did I even get up here? While looking around I step on some moss that gives way causing me to slip towards the edge of the cliff.
>In a last ditch effort not to fall 30 feet down a cliff I jump for a near by tree and try and hug it like a bear.
>End up sliding down the tree like a fire pole and I rip all the skin off both of my palms and my inner bicep.
Luckily there was a nurse with a full first aid kit at the camp who bandaged me up. I kept drinking for the rest of the night. The next morning was one of the worst hangovers of my entire life.
Pic is from the top of the cliff.
First In, First Out. Queueing data buffers.
Fifo =frigging idiot from Ohio
lol oooooh

Though, the most egregious shit ive seen out there was from the locals man. That waterfall directly off of 715? Ive watched an entire family of hicks that had powell county plates, bathe in it and then leave literally all of the soap, soap wrappers, and shampoo bottles.

>Camping with my 70 y/o dad and brother last summer.
>On an remote island in middle of a huge lake
>Me on start of trip: "Guys our #1 priority is safety, don't take risks, don't get hurt, think before you do chit, b/c we're a long way from any hospital."
>Arrive, messing around camp, processing wood
>Having a few beers
>Get out the Gransfors Scandinavian Forest axe
>Trying to split wood chunks for kindling, sitting them on bare ground
>Ground is too bouncy to split on
>Dad: "NAW, gimme that I'll show you how.."
>[Sets beer down]
>[keep in mind Dad is on blood thinners for a couple heart stents from a few years ago]
>[and wearing sandals]
>Dad puts wood chunk on the edge of a raised wooden platform for tents, lifts the axe and takes a swing at it
>Axe clean misses the wood, and the platform, and blade falls directly between two of his toes, slices clean through the bottom of his sandals
>Barely nicked one of the toes, could have been so so much worse.
>We don't let him use the axe much anymore

Damn. People can die from a fracture like that.
File: 1511057398310.jpg (81 KB, 600x800)
81 KB
yeh the fucking local hippie shits that go there on a sunday afternoon and let their little shit dogs off the leash to run around while hikers are coming up the ravine
File: transcoder.png (78 KB, 256x256)
78 KB
>be me
>be 6
>live in northern sweden
>take a piss 2 in the morning
>piss behind bush
>see a brown bear on other side of bush
>it is coming around the bush to kill me
>fucking run
did it killed you?
How do people like that manage to stay alive long enough to grow old ?
>Outside all the time fishing
>Fish near gator
>Fish near water moccasins
>Fish on and around slippery banks and rock formations
>Fish under bridges with black widows near
>Hiked Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, Arches, Zion, Bad Lands Etc.
>Didn't see a single bear, rattlesnake, or even moose.
I kinda wish I had a scarier experience when I went out West.
if thats true and you werent all really drunk or high your retarded. ''i gues the expolisive poweder we threw on the fire dont werk hurr hurr lets stand close to it dave''
I did this I guess

I don't know shit about boars, but I thought they were usually scared of humans? I came across one while jogging in the dunes on the VA/NC border and it looked at me like a deer in headlights and running away with an audible REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>be out
>skinwalker territory
>have password with friend so we know we havent been done in when we go poop
>friend comes back from poop
>ask him for password
>laughs and ignores me
>keep an eye on him for rest of trip
>get home
>block his number and move states

Probably the only reason im alive was i was open carrying my native hatchet gifted to me by the local shaman
>not First In First Out inventory method
File: 1512691311098-pol.png (14 KB, 800x800)
14 KB
>Hiked and ran up and down hill trails in Austin
>Walking up a trail at the beginning of our trip in Jouneu
>walking while talking to wife, half turned not paying attention
>slip off edge of trail and have to catch some bushes on my belly to avoid sliding down 140' of steep shit

Thats funny. Sometimes ive come across herds of 30 or 40 with maybe 10 piglets too. They fucking charge and wreck through woods. Ive had them run away and some run right at you when you jump em.

Texas is full of em. Near the coast in like Port O Connor and Gorda they swim to islands and take over. They eat a ton of oyesters and the calcium makes em have long cutters.

Ive hunted them with dogs a few times a year and knifed almost a hundred by now.
What part of the body is that? Did you instantly lost your consciousness?

That fractured bone gives me goosebumps dude. Glad to hear you're okay.
File: 1512696424802.png (66 KB, 645x729)
66 KB
>> Let's throw the biggest fireworks into the fire.
>> Nothing happens. Huh. Guess we can get back to cooking sausages
Same when I was 6, except it was a cliff. Lost a huge chunk of belly skin, I was terrified not of the fall but of what my mom would to to me when she'd find out.
God I hope that's not a femur
If the shortcut was actually a good trail it wouldn't be a short cut, it would just be the trail.
>being scared of a boar

what in the literal fuck son
File: YEAAAAAAAAA.jpg (44 KB, 1280x720)
44 KB
That's what I call...
falling in love
oh shit nigger

beautiful but
>that lack of forest
it hurts
what state ?
maximum ass clench
File: 1512714692233.png (3 KB, 365x241)
3 KB
>Walk at the edge of a waterfall in dry season
>Look down for a moment and don't see that one puddle of mud
Luckily I fell parallel to the edge that was like 20 cm away from me.
Looks like a femur to me. Fucking damn. Anon should thank the sky his femoral artery wasn't hit, the ensuing hemorrhage would've knocked him unconscious in a matter of minutes and kill him before his friends even loaded him in the car (unless they are trained to tie tourniquets).

This gets my vote for the closest call
Honestly I just wanna see how long I can keep this thread going
serious bee attack is the worst

taking a step and sinking a foot deep into the mud happens occasionally
File: IMG_2515.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1440)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
>hiking up into the Lewis Hills
>take easy gradual hike up
>decide to take different way down
>come to a 10 ft cliff to climb down
>scared shitless but I make it
>no turning back
>come to a 20 ft cliff to climb down
>have to dangle off the side and stretch out my toes to catch the next ledge.

going a different way down is an awful idea.
Not really a close call but this creeped me out

>Camping at primitive site at local state park, usually it's pretty crowded but that day there were not many people, it was pretty cold and a weekday
>About two hours after the sun sets I start to get real cold (it's winter now and I wasn't really prepared for it desu and I sleep really cold)
>Decide to just night hike out and sleep in my car in the parking lot
>Beautiful walk back, can see the stars, fireflies bugs, and I'm not cold anymore because I'm moving around
>Turn headlamp off because I don't really need it, very wide clear trail I've been before and it was running out of batteries anyway
>Finally get to parking lot, start walking to car
>About halfway across the open lot I realize this black blurr which I thought was a tree trunk was actually some guy in black pants and a black sweatshirt standing on the other side of the lot near another trail head just watching me
>Freak out and speed walk to my car, shine my headlamp on this guy real bright, and spend what seems like forever trying to dig my keys out of the very bottom of my pack
>Just drove home because I don't want to get rape-murdered

Looking back on it I think it was some sort of drug deal like he was waiting for his crack dealer to come by or something but it freaked me the fuck out I was not expecting that in a gated state park
File: 1431500554348.jpg (8 KB, 190x200)
8 KB
I'm proud of you, anon.
File: 1432059132938.jpg (79 KB, 500x461)
79 KB
>getting wasted and wandering into the woods alone
>make animal noises to try and remind the rednecks of how awesome nature sounds

Honestly I can't tell which of these is more ridiculous but cool story bro
dude you shouldn't worry about that shit too much skinwalkers are just legends, you should revisit your friend and go camping to that same spot again, i'll bet you'll have a lot of fun.
>be hiking
>suddenly a huge rattlesnake
>lol its okay I'll just blast it with 5.56
>decide not to since Im only a mile from a campground
>running away from a weak mutant
>Running away
>Not eating the skinwalker's hart to gain it's power
What the fuck is wrong with you anon?
Just piss on it's face to show it who's boss and to mark it as your territory

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