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File: tarpsetup.jpg (46 KB, 955x605)
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What's the best cordage for doing a ridge line for a tarp? I've got a 6x10 and been using paracord but it sags quite a bit. What's something that doesn't sag?
>not your mom's titties
Schools out for winter break I see
a sapling
Can't cut anything in most places I go
I think that setup is over complicated. You can go without the ridge line, and without the prussic setup. Just double the cordage over from each point and tie knots along it every foot or so. Then you can fasten it to a tree just by going around it pulling tight and slipping one of the knots to be held in behind another under tension. Seconds to put it up or lower it. Or place a peg at the many points along the cord without tying anything.

Let me know if that didn't make sense and I'll do a picture

Paracord is overkill strength for this and also elastic, cordage similar to this will do fine http://www.ozsurplus.com.au/our-products/military-and-general-items/militaria/hoochie-cord/
2mm or 3mm static line. The 'static' part means it doesn't stretch, like paracord.
Does the tarp have any reinforcement where you have attached the lines or along the ridge, or just plain?
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autismo par excellence
>so called stealth bicycle sticks out like hell
>even a female talks to him
why not use bungy cord?
I'm sure I saw someone recommending amsteel
>Amsteel (Dyneema cord) is great for a range of purposes such as hammock camping and kayaking, but perhaps most widely known for its use in making whoopie slings – a lightweight hammock suspension solution.

>When made into whoopie slings, this is a fantastic modification for anyone looking to reduce the pack weight of their hammock.
dd hammocks website
Thin nylon or hootchie cord will do. fuck the clips and the Ridge line off and just tie the middles to a tree with a truckers hitch
I just pulled the pic from Google randomly after searching tarp ridgeline.

It has reinforcements but I just do a basic setup. Run the ridgeline between two trees then hang the tarp over it.

Ended up ordering something called dynaglide. It's says it's used for throwlines in arborist work. Hopefully it works. I'll post results when I can.
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>implying the average person in the city looks away from their smartphone long enough to notice some guy with a mss strapped to his 3-speed aesthetic af bicycle
Helsinkipop is least autism. Hes just a regular finnish man going /out/. His stealth/bicycle camping is stealth in the sense of the camping part but bicycle as the means of transportation.

Sheesh. Some people.

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