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/out/ - Outdoors

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What kind of music does /out/ listen to? Looking for something to put together for backpacking through the Sierras.
its weird i love back packing and i love jammin to tunes but i dont really like them together.

to answer your question i like story tellers. does not really matter the genre.
pretty much everything from the dead to nas and a whole lot in between. a lot of bluegrass music (ricky skaggs and doc watson) can tell a good story. so can rush, and deltron, and willie nelson. recently ive been jumping between Highwayman, Cake, and the G-Unit Blood in the Sand Mixtape.
the Snake Oil Willie band
-I don't look goodnaked anymore

Apparently I’m lying to myself. Here are the top 10 most listened to songs on my iTunes
File: desierto.jpg (134 KB, 960x960)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I listen to this

Its the best music when you are in pic related
marshall tucker band, eagles, Pure prairie league, i have more but my phone is dead rn which has all my music. might post more later
I don't really like music when /out/. I prefer the sounds of nature
I only listen to Fashion Nugget on repeat at all times
File: Capture.png (36 KB, 538x909)
36 KB
Here's my current list,

Dialog -Masoud & Sina Shaari , Pejman Hadadi

Si verias (La Mandragore, album Convivencia)

Les Jongleurs de la Mandragore - Procurans Dorum

Akino Arai & Yoko Kanno 「時の調べ」 Toki no shirabe

mondo grosso / 惑星タントラ

12 Canons melodieux, ou 6 sonates en duo: Sonata in G Minor, TWV 40:119: I. Presto

Peter Rabbit Soundtrack. Especially, "Perfect Day".
List: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pM7Xwx6TiE&list=PLUq-6aS_fNWjpAaUNm1ssSUGIuHO1ClQa

Giselle - Silk 60 fps extended version

Görkem Şen - Yaybahar.
Yaybahar Improvisation at Seaside

Mad World - Piano Version by Marius Furche
Yea dude it’s pretty clear I have aweful taste in music. Here is the next ten for you to cringe at
File: night-moves-lp.jpg (126 KB, 500x500)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I love listening to this one, goes great with just about anything while /out/
Carl Sagan - Night Moves
>tfw I love to listen to the sounds of nature but I got tinnitus so now I have to listen to music or it bothers me too much.
Listening to the sounds of nature is the best music when out in the great outdoors but it you want some good tunes, put some kpop on your device.




Good tunes... KPOP
There's something flawled in your reasoning friend.
What, you don't prefer listening to birds and leaves when you're outdoors?

Isn't there a way to use both hands to interweave the fingers then palm the back of your neck to sort of like pinch it and relieve that problem for some people? For them it is a pinched nerve that causes it, for which a trip to a proper chiropractor fixes it until they do something to misalign it again. For other people a course of antibiotics help.
This, except when I'm in a shitty situation and need motivation to walk fast, a lot, possibly in the rain. And when there's a lot of wind, I cover my ears anyway so I'm always packing nasheeds and black metal.
How do you guys listen?
My phone doesn't hold power long enough to be a sustainable option when /out/ for more than a night, and I don't feel like getting an iPod or other mp3 player. This might just be because I think bringing electronics out is weird.

I really wanna listen to music, but I can't find a way to make it a viable solution.

or just whatever music you like:

The best is just listening to the sounds of nature though.
>need motivation to walk fast,

I dont listen to music when I'm in the wilderness, but when im in society I like a lot of different things.

Tipper, Boards of Canada, the dead, black flag, smut peddlers, nicolas jaar, joanna newsom, greensky bluegrass, ramshackle glory, ovoid, tycho, shlomo, sleep, eternal tapestry, the list goes on...

when i boulder at a gym I tend to listen to SoCal punk or psychedelic electronic music. I almost exclusively listen to the Smut Peddlers while I am driving to the coast to surf. In the wilderness I like to make up songs and drum on my cooking pot while drinking at night with friends
I read that as, "smut pebbles".
File: wolf-page2-2017-1-18.png (531 KB, 710x474)
531 KB
531 KB PNG


Doc Watson is best.
the rest of your list is stuff I associate with women who have bad taste in music.
you are odd
4chan having the most awful blend of autism and shitnormie taste on music, as usual
These two are true masterpieces
Mind sharing your superior playlist with us, buddy?
File: 1501698435844.jpg (24 KB, 470x422)
24 KB
>being insecure about your music tastes on an anonymous board
File: 1471556115072.jpg (41 KB, 515x515)
41 KB
>talk about being insecure about music tastes
>is the one being triggered over my original post
But he's not me.
Put your phone on airplane mode. Makes your phone last way longer.
Coheed, nice.
If you like story tellers you’d enjoy Frank Turner
Not him, retard.


I love how patricianfags know full well that their taste is something to be ashamed of.
The good thing is, their insecurity will ensure that they keep their shitty tastes to themselves. So thanks for that I guess.
>Not enjoying the calm and sounds of nature
Rainforest sounds
>Not him, retard.
how is that even relevant if you're even more triggered than him, you fucking retarded autismo?

I love seeing shitasters rage and loathe themselves through others because of their irredeemable shit taste on music, talk about projection lmao

it's okay anon nobody really gives a shit about you only being able to enjoy top charts and radio singles because of utter ignorance and lazyness, I was just pointing it out
this is fucking great
It's been said already but the quiet contemplation wilderness offers is part of the experience.
I'd feel like an ass if I blasted my music into the beautiful landscape, possibly bothering other hikers and I need my ears to hear whats going on.
The worlds performing a concert, you made the effort to go see it, why would you listen to something else?
but, to not be a buzz kill, I'd reccomend the wild arms OST.
RPG music is great for traveling.

I might play some of my own at night if I've brought an instrument.
Sometimes it's nice to hike for a bit with some music. It can add to the experience. But yeah, obviously if that's all you hear when you're out in the open, it's a pretty huge detriment.

But hey, if we're going with video game music, you can't beat the Oblivion soundtrack.
File: 1493951599091.jpg (110 KB, 588x602)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Isn't there a way to use both hands to interweave the fingers then palm the back of your neck to sort of like pinch it
>For them it is a pinched nerve that causes it, for which a trip to a proper chiropractor fixes it until they do something to misalign it again.
>For other people a course of antibiotics help.

Is this bait or are you legitimately retarded.....?
Bluegrass and synthwave man.
File: spotify-2017-wrapped.png (361 KB, 1200x1200)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
I don't really like listening to music when I hike even though I'm otherwise almost always listening to music. Here was my Spotify year in review.

For /out/, check out Sturgill Simpson

File: Heilung fun innawoods.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
Heilung when in the woods is kinda fun. On a tough uphill it works well. Watch the youtube of them live. Quite enjoyable.
I'm a huge Marty Robbins fanboy.

The whole album is special to me.


Just to introduce you to some Iberian scent.
Yous all listen to hipster fag shit.
What yall need to is get some portable stereo speakers and blast some geffafelstein

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