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File: spookywoods.png (991 KB, 1217x590)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
The last one 404'd, so I figured I'd start one up, since the weather is FINALLY cool enough to do some serious /out/door adventure.

I haven't seen any threads including weird shit you've seen on the water, so fishermen and sailing enthusiasts feel free to tell your tales as well.
File: spookyskeleton.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1536)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
OP here, I'll start with a short one which happened to me today

>Be bowhunting for some wild hogs innawoods today
>Come across a good bit of rooting and hog shit
>Continue along game trail, and see what looks to be a fuckhuge tarantula, but on a limb overhanging the game trail
>Never seen a tarantula in that situation before, but I know dick about spiders so I decided to approach it slowly
>See actual pic related, realize its someone just fucking around, have a giggle and continue
>See a few more spooky skeletons
>See more and more rooting and hog sign, hell yeah
>Suddenly hear rustle in the foliage
>Not really, but I circle around really slowly so I can approach downwind of it
>Takes a while, but it turns out to just be a few does
>tfw you didn't get drawn for the deer hunt there
>Anyways I start heading back around the way came, but I see something really weird
>Through the brush, I see a guy in a black robe, can't see his face.
>Just standing there, menacingly
>Start heading towards him, I'm not getting killed by some spooky motherfucker today
>Turns out it was just part of a tree that was struck by lightning
>The bark around the trunk was splayed out in a way that made it look like arms
I dont know if its bush jitters or just a particular part of the bush that puts the shits up me.

>be waiting in some ferns near nightfall, waiting for deer to walk out from the dripping bush
>air is very still
>many drip sounds and water flowing in a riverlet beside the bushline
>very quiet aside from that
>morporks (nz owl) start up, (very bad juju to look upon them
>the bush at this part is very old and near the edge of the farm, and the way in funnels you towards it, like a hungry mouth ready to swallow you up
>still very still, no wind at all, night is descending, no deer so far
>look into mouth of bush, theres fog slowly rolling up hill from it, the thick inpenetrable kind
>nothing makes a sound at this point, i can hear my heart slamming in my chest
>wait there till its dark enough for me not to make out the 44's sights, wander home.

That place is a bit eerie, ive never seem for roll uphill like that before. Heres a pic looking sort of in the mouth of it, before the fog rolled in.
you all are lucky, never find any spoops. Weirdest thing I seen is when me and my brother went to the quarry behind our house, there were a line of trees on this small hill, couldnt be longer than 50 feet deep and 300 feet wide and yet we found cow bones EVERYWHERE. In an area not bigger than a bedroom we found at least 10 jawbones and plenty of broken skulls and even more femurs I'm guessing? Now that I think about it it was probably a dead cattle dump site but still...no livestock farms anywhere around for about 5 miles, and they would have to use city roads to get to the site.

Anyone know of any good spoops in the Shenandoah Valley?
not so spooky because I know what it is, but still unsettling.
>camping this summer
>fairly deep in wilderness
>set up at dusk near a river
>a few minutes after I turn out my light I hear galloping
>animals are running close to my tent on both sides
>coyotes, I've had this happen before probably because of my dog
>later that night get up and pee (my dog never goes outside at night)
>as soon as I turn out my light, literally 30s or less, one of the bastards comes and pees on the exact same tree I just peed on.
>packing up camp in the morning, I can see that they bedded down about 20 feet from my tent.
I've never had coyotes be that bold before, they picked a good place for it though, in between two lakes to the north and south and between a river and a cliff face to the east and west.
Never been to NZ, but I've always wanted to go. That place looks awesome though, top spoop potential for sure. You heading back sometime soon? Sounds like some killer stories.

One of the areas I hunt(the one from today actually) is not too far from where the 2003 and 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacres were filmed, so no matter where you go, spoops await.

Your story reminds of the time I came across some vertebra in a set of woods near my house when I was a teen, at the time I thought they might be human because there weren't many deer/other critters since I lived in the suburbs. I'll type up a green text tomorrow.

Coyotes are creepy as hell. Even though they don't do anything most of the time, I still shit bricks when I hear them at night when I'm alone.

Anyways y'all, I'll add a few more stories tomorrow, but I gotta crash. I put in a good 8ish hours of hunting/hiking today.
>went on first /out/ trip last spring
>stayed in open lean to for 2 nights
>at dusk coyotes start
>regret living in state with strict gun laws
>just slept with knife close
I never even saw signs of them which made me think I was more afraid than I needed to be. I forgot to even move my food scraps away from the lean to and nothing happened.
Not mine, but I went looking for spooky stories online after the last thread 404'd. Found a thread on survivalist forum in a similar vein.

Nothing paranormal was posted but there were many, many stories about people camping, hunting, or fishing who feel like they're being watched and develop an intense level of anxiety and discomfort. Naturally, they nope the fuck out and in nearly every story they never find out what it was that made them so uncomfortable. In several of the stories they find a mountain lion, bear, or even wolves had been nearby and/or following them.

It seems like we have an innate ability to sense when something dangerous or malevolent is watching us... remember that the next time you're alone innawoods and you feel like you're being watched because there is a very real chance that you are.
I also found these nifty stories from reddit. Poster claimed he was SAR and these were all true stories
File: Kickrocks.jpg (16 KB, 280x210)
16 KB

You're just a pussy bro where abouts in NZ are you based? im a possum trapper n I stay in the bush some nights, sleep like a baby every night, I think the more you do it the less the aerie spooky feeling persists.
In the mamaku kaimais, but ive stayed and slept up in the the horomangas heaps, no spookies at all.

Theres just something legit weird about this patch, it dont feel right, like the time me and some mates were out the back of reporoa pig hunting, and came across a sort of clearing, and started hearing shit and seeing shit out the corners of our eyes, the dogs freaked out and we fucking booked it. We later found it that place was an old neglected urupa. Was the spookiest shit ive ever experienced.
File: 20171208_201558.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x1836)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
I was back there tonight, i took a some better-ish photos. My phones camera is a tad fucked
File: 20171208_202904.jpg (1.73 MB, 3264x1836)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Damn sideways photos
File: IMG_20170930_213844.jpg (3.83 MB, 3036x4048)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
>be me a month ago
>Heard about urbex, want to check out semi-forbidden areas
>No abandoned buildings near me
>Eventually find out about a large drain pipe grate that empties into the nearby river
>Have to wade along the edge of the river for a bit, headlamp and shitty skateboard in hand
>Find it and crawl inside.
>Not too cramped, but you can't move very fast
>Going for 25-30 min past a few drainage grates/manholes
>Well out of sight of exit
>Headlamp flickers
>engage 100bpm
>Get out backup flashlight because I'm not retarded of course I brought a backup
>Headlamp flickers again just as I get close to what looked like a really neat cistern
>Goes out entirely
>Totally black for 3-4 seconds while I fumble with backup light
>Huge rush of air against my face, like someone had just turned on a big box fan for a few seconds
>Freak out, almost drop light
>Scramble to turn around, scoot towards exit as fast as fucking possible
The worst part was how long it took, how slow I was. I couldn't get those images of spindly movie monsters that move like spiders, quick and darting. It was like an injured seal floundering along and a shark under the surface of the water. The faster I went the louder it got which just freaked me out more desu. Might go back, but I'd bring a friend
File: IMG_20170930_214040.jpg (3.45 MB, 3036x4048)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
More pics. Cropping mobile pics keeps them from being sideways
File: IMG_20170930_212823.jpg (3.29 MB, 3036x4048)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
big spoops yes. I remember reading a creepy pasta way back when of a similar thing where lights go out and rush of air, i've personaly felt and heard someone breath on me in pitch black which was unsettling to say the least
feaky I remember reading about some random stairs in a forrest in a spoop thread on /k/, something about a local using it to freak out tourists
The stairs in the woods meme has been around it's a very old creepypasta....that said there srems to be a bit if truth to it. Seems that stairs have always been pretty well made or something because I live around a lot of abandoned places and the stairs generally seem to hold up pretty well. Been several times I've been hiking or rurbexing and found some random ass stairs to nowhere
>coming back from camping on a river
>know theres a campsite about 100km out of the way on the way home, figure I'll check it out cause it looks neat, might go next time
>in the middle of nowhere, rural australia, in a patch of bush growing around some old volcanic area
>decide to take a shit
>go to toilet block, toilets full off tiny flies
>figure thats just normal, not too strange
>mid shit, start looking arounf the cubicle, looking at graffiti
>see "CHRIST" carved into the wall
>as I see it, the main door to the toilet slowly opens, massive creaking noises
>hear faint footsteps

noped the fuck out of there without wiping
i remember seeing a box of comdoms on the trail head
>start gold panning as a hobby
>scout a river for months
>never see anyone not even trash on ground
>months pass mid summer
>bring friend
> Point A river bend Point B 30 meters
>pan between points for a few hours
>location is one way in cliff face blocks u eventually
>trapped if u look from over head veiw
>4th hour in head back to point A
> in the sand written
>stanic pentagram RUUUN!!! upside down cross Satanic pentagram
>look at friend
>pack our shit up keep calm
> leave
> don't run cuz im not a bitch.
>keep rock pick in hand entire way out.
this happened a 1 day hike into the woods. the only way to know where we were was if you followed us. havent panned since
>be me
>Go innawoods
>Set up camp
>Tummy cramp
>Go to poop
>Twig snap
>Oh crap
>Get spooped
>Done pooped
>Nope back home
>be me, 18, summer after freshman year of college
>friend's dad has huge property in the middle of wyoming
>theres no civilization for miles, basically anprim.jpg
>me and the boys hiking around heavily wooded area just for shits and giggles, only carrying a .22
>middle of night hear screams of pain and agony and howls, so loud. unlike anything i've ever seen before.
>me and friends huddling like fags
>next morning look arround, find nothing.
>never going back.
Female mountain lion mating call. Sounds just like a woman being brutally murdered
It's important to wear protection while going all Deliverance on cityslickers nowadays, son.
Maybe your friend was fucking with you.
One time i heard a chicken at night
>Be deer hunting in Alberta
>Deep innawoods alone, setting up camp on a ridge overlooking small valley
>Making late night dinner. suddenly hear Gun's and Roses blaring from below, Paradise City
>can't see any lights or fires in the distance
>Enjoy the rock while I eat
>Over the music can hear the sounds of fucking, can't hear the women but can hear the guy
>Goes on for a half hour, music dies out
>Call it a night, up early the next morning looking for spot to set up
>Encounter a pair of guys on a deer trail who are in the area
>Get chatting, say they where her night before camping
>Ask them if they where the ones playing the music, yep
>Just them out here
>Tfw I listened to the sounds of two dudes fucking
>Woods are full of homos
>Scared the shit out of me, does this make me gay?
I once ran into a vixen in the fields at night. Of course I didn't know what it was at that point, I heard that fucker and was sure that I was being chased by a werewolf.
I know that feeling. Sometimes I wander through the forest and feel great and all of a sudden I get the feeling something isn't right and just get scared. When that happens I immediately leave the area I'm in in search for better vibes. I live in rural germany so it can't be predatory animals.
>being new
>Scared the shit out of me, does this make me gay?

it makes you a fucking faggot, yes
File: image.jpg (3.42 MB, 3264x2448)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Not really that spooky, kinda weird. White Mountains in NH.

>solo hiking the pemi-loop in early fall
>find nice campsite hidden off the trail, just under the treeline before Bondcliff.
>make small fire in rock ring, eat some chow, settle into my hammock for the night.
>hear loud noise like a gunshot in the adjacent valley, which has no roads or houses, around 10PM
>get woken up several times between 12AM - 2AM to heavy footsteps going back and forth on the trail, which was nearby. They sounded undeniably like human foot steps
i've been afraid for no reason in the woods due to that weird feeling you get sometimes but nothing too terrible. last time i got that feeling, there was a buck about 10 meters away from me just chilling out. i'm lucky he didn't clobber me.

i have come across some angsty teen stuff, though. inverted stick crosses dangling from trees, rock circles with what looked like blood on them (maybe someone cleaned game there?), a squirrel nailed to a tree, and a deer skull on a post in the bush a ways off trail.

i must admit even though i'm innawoods a lot, i still get freaked out by myself and i often get panicky especially overnight. i have to take sleeping pills to camp. i only camp if i'm on a very big hike or car camping in numbers. perhaps i haven't seen the spoopy because i've been too freaked out already.
Look up infrasound. Big cat's are known to produce it when they roar.

This story was scary for me at first but it ended up being hilarious to everyone else.

Grew up in Florida but moved to NC (Boone) when I was in 8th grade. My cousin from NY came to visit. We were both very much into the /out/ and this house in the mountains gave us both the opportunity to do so.

The first night of camping we were in a tend on the property of about 7 acres with nothing but the blue ridge behind our house. cousin and I bring some snacks and fall asleep in tent.

I wake up at probably around 3 am and hear a weird crunching noise and cat/animal like noise i look over and see a racoon sitting on my cousins chest eating something which I assumed was his face. I yell cousin wakes up and racoon bolts out the fucking tent.

turns out my cousin fell asleep with a bag of chips on his chest and the racoon climbed into the tent sat on his chest and started to eat away. giving the illusion from my point of view of the racoon feasting on his face.
File: 1511581457711.gif (1.96 MB, 480x270)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Lad, that's pretty fucking hilarious.
File: 2017-08-12-15-13-54.jpg (773 KB, 900x1600)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
Not my story, but on the water.

>Be my uncle
>Fishing on the lake at our cabin in the middle of nowhere in Canada.
>April/may, water is still cold, 40s-50s, still snows from time to time.
>Trolling by himself on a 12 foot boat and a 25hp two -stroke outboard stick throdle.
>Raining bad, the boat fills up with water.
>To drain these boats you have to go really fast then take out a little plug in the back.
>Does so
>Driving really fast still, as he goes to put the plug back in, he let's go of the handle of the outboard motor by accident
>immediately the motor turns as hard right as it can
>Throws him out of the boat and into the water
>He's wearing heavy rain boots and gear, they fill with water instantly and he sinks to the bottom of the lake 15-20 feet
>He says "there's no way I thought I could survive this, everything was too heavy, I remember hitting the bottom, then, I swear to God, I feel these two hands lift me up from behind and push me up to the surface"
>From there he swims to the shore, it's a 3 mile walk through the bush to get back to the cabin
>It's in the 30s F and rainy and windy as hell
>He's cold, and lost a boot.
>After maybe 20 minutes a couple French Canadians are driving across the lake and see an empty boat circling around
>They go to investigate, and see my uncle in his yellow rain gear on the shore waving to them
>Pick him up
>Neither of them really speak English at all,
>On the boat ride to our cabin where my father was, one of the French Canadians tell him in broken English "you're lucky sun' uh' bitch"
>Uncle doesn't like fishing anymore

He's not the superstitious or religious kind of guy, so I have to believe something happened underwater

Pic kinda related, similar boat
Whatever happened to that anon who found that weird wendigo dude in a cage with a "medicine man" sign and had an encounter with a man in black?
Got snatched up. I told him not to go back.
>tfw too much of a pussy to read more than 1/3 of that story
>Stairs in the woods?
>I wouldn't worry about it
I wonder what pushed him out of the water.
who ells hear would climb those stairs?
So in addition to being murderous shapeshifters, skinwalkers are also unlicensed contractors?
only if you fapped to the sound of it
I think you heard a guy die anon
so Canada has mermaids now
>be me, solo hiking in Massachusetts
>following what appears to be a deer trail
>pretty late in the day, sun is going down
>come across a tree covered in vertical slashes, like somebody was pissed off and decided to just hack away at the tree
>kinda weird, but ok
>keep walking down the trail, basically dark at this point
>notice a small, makeshift shack out of the corner of my eyes
>using my phone as a flashlight, decide to go inside
>nothing interesting, just a bed, some shelves, and a miniature wood burning stove
>start to hear footsteps outside
>oh shit
>bolt out of the shack
>hear somebody yelling at me
>run even faster until im out of the woods
you broke into some homeless dude's shack man, not cool
there are guys out in the woods living in old abandoned hunting shacks, beats sleeping on the street
Thats literally ripped out of an old /k/ greentext
File: 1447899438323.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
Haha, sounds like you had a good hunt, wendigo poster.
File: 1481500047170.jpg (40 KB, 406x395)
40 KB
>in storm drain
>huge rush of air in my face
congrats, you narrowly avoided drowning
>be camping with friends in NC
>we have to be up early and get to the car
>wake up at about 5am
>holy shit it's dark and foggy
>imagination starts running wild
>1.5 mile trail back to the car through pitch-black foggy woods
>I take point because I'm the only one with a rifle

spoopy but less spoopy because gun
File: 2049259400.png (710 KB, 784x879)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
>pitch dark forest
>normal breath, no issues
>see a glowing spot
>looks like a a burning cigarette on the floor
>wtf ... was there someone nearby?!
>nah.. this cant be.. going closer... it look like >a glowing orb which is divided into sections
>touching it! it is cold! like an insect: a firefly.
The beginning of the movie "The Guardian" has something like this in the intro "there's a legend of a man who lives beneath the sea. A Fisher of men, the last hope for all those left behind" it's a movie about coast guard rescue helicopters
My dumbass friend brought fireworks camping in some private land. At 3am he runs down the trail lighting them and throwing them. Love the dude
Was it a firefly?
I was a lot more creeped out about it afterwards thinking about WTF was going on. While its not uncommon for people to night hike the trail, they didn't have a headlamp or any lights whatsoever. Other background info, it was a sunday night later in the season, and I passed only 3 other people, saw nobody on the entire climb up the trail I was on.

Its almost like someone saw the fire I had so they knew the area of the trail, but couldn't find my camp because the embers had died by the time the person was walking back and forth on the trail.
Which state?
What dou you mean “snatched up“?
We won't be seeing anymore of him anon (((they))) got him
The jews?
>Woods are full of homos
your mom.
>Anyone know of any good spoops in the Shenandoah Valley?
I live there. Other than the Old Mill in Edinburg, there ain't shit besides Coyotes and the occasional meth head breaking in to peoples cars. Ain't even the right part of the country for Squatch stories.
File: you.png (66 KB, 645x729)
66 KB
going that far into a drain meant to contain floodwater
File: y tho.jpg (105 KB, 610x678)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>be me
>live in 3rd world Caribbean country as child
>fishing with childhood friends in a storm drain near some woods by our school
>kid calls the squad over to some neaby bushes
>says there is a guy slamming some fat chick in the woods like 100% serious
>sickened, but curious
>whole squad moves up on the woods to get glimpse of filth in person
>apparently some kid was acting as a point man and comes running around a corner up ahead, snot flying tounge out hauling ass like only a third world child knows how
>everyone sees this and hears a grown mans angry voice and the instincts kick in
>entire squad is running for dear life back to school from assumed angry man with dong out
>fat kid gets stuck trying to climb up wall
>we pull him over and finally make it back to school
>everyone is in assembly praying
>we late af.jpg
>we sam fucking fishered our way into class while everyones eyes were closed it was so lit we felt like spies
>teacher noticed 2 of us and the rest survived

such is life in 3rd world childhood
we went back to the spot next break and found dirty old couch where the pointman fled from
Not spoopy, just minor weirdshit:
>Be elk hunting in N. Idaho.
>Back deep innawoods, isolated and rough fucking terrain.
>Camp on a ridgeline overlooking valley.
>Guy in our party is compulsive bullshitter. Former USMC reserve, short man's complex, nearly deaf from shooting .44 mags without hearing protection (because he's not a pussy.)
>Buddy of mine and I are standing on ridge after rain. Suddenly a plume of mist starts rising from below us.
>Must be a campfire down there burning wet wood.
>Came all this way just to share woods with some other bunch of shitheads.
>Short Marine goes to investigate.
>After several minutes, buddy and I see discrete plumes rising from several spots across valley. Some odd natural phenomenon. Never seen it before or since.
>Short Marine comes stomping up trail cursing.
>"Yep, we're not alone. I heard voices!"
>Looks of grave concern all around.
>Spend rest of night curled up with raifu hoping that "voices" don't tell him to kill us in our sleep.
>Spend years afterward telling the Legend of the Phantom Firestarters.

My buddy, incidentally, is former active duty USMC and thought the Short Marine was full of shit. Short Marine is now a nationally known custom gunsmith. Haven't seen him in years.

My friend is good at bugling elk. Just fucking around the next morning, he practically called one into our campsite.. Lots of crashing in the bush. Then the Short Marine got excited and started jabbering. That bull was gone in an instant and we never saw him. Burned a lot of calories, ran low on food, lived on elderberries for a day. Only saw one cow elk. Given the rough terrain, kinda glad we didn't tag anything. Hauling a carcass out of that shit would have been horrid.
File: images.jpg (3 KB, 194x260)
3 KB
Here's a sorta spoopy story that happened to me one night when I was fishing. It was back in 2014 and I had just come back from deployment so a friend of mine decided to take me to a really remote fishing spot up in Aurora, NC (about an hour from Camp Lejeune where we were stationed). We got there about 5 pm and it was starting to darken as it was the fall by this time. Where we parked was this very secluded, heavily wooded area, surrounded by dilapidated old slave shacks/sharecropper housing and about 100 feet from that was a bank that lead into part of the Pamlico Sound. We got our shit and got to the bank and began fishing. Fast forward about 3 hours and it was now black as pitch and there was only some shimmering water and a half moon to give any light. All of a sudden we heard a loud slamming sound followed by a shrill scream coming from one of the old shacks. We booked back to my friend's truck as fast as we could while holding tackle boxes and rods. We turned the headlights on and we caught a glimpse of what looked like the silloutte of someone with long hair and robes running through the brush opposite to where we were. We got our asses out of there. I still haven't gone back to Aurora and I probably won't and I love fishing out here on the coast.
File: 1508910662514.png (1.85 MB, 1088x5200)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
The end of that movie actually got me in my feels pretty hard, for some reason.
So someone came in to shit and you left?
>>pack our shit up keep calm
>>im not a bitch.

Your friends set up a speaker a mile out to play the sounds of a murder at midnight so they could get with you because they're homosexuals.

U took the b8
Is short marine currently serving 3 lives in the pen?
this is cool
yeah, this is some real spoopy action. all the /x/ nonsense is just silly but being a potential witness isn't fun.

would they have been able to smell your fire, anon? how far away was the shot in the adjacent valley? how far off the trail were you?
Got sauce homie?

Dude I cannot stop crying. That is hilarious. I keep imagining your friends face when he opened his eyes seeing rocket there holding a tater chip in his hand.
I honestly really liked this anon
You bitch. My cousin and I would do this all the time. Hell we did it to my buddy while out and he got all rattled. Usually if it seems right out of a horror movie, it's a joke .
>T. Murderous Satanist
thats a nice poem anon
File: IMG_20161112_132940~2.jpg (1.98 MB, 2103x2583)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
This happened 3 years ago
>be me, homeless backpacker in Texas
>Commonly "trespassing" on land to avoid cities and roads
>Fully know that you can be shot in Texas for trespassing
>In the southern region, tons of mosquitos and roaches swarming me
>Set up hammock and tarp as far from the river I had been following as I could
>Make a fire and smoke up my campsite to avoid those damn mosquitoes
>Finally chill for a bit
>Hear laughter
>Kick out the fire and scramble for a bush
>Tightly gripping my machete and Derringer,I sit in silence
>Laughter gets closer
>I'm breathing heavily
>Hear footsteps. Behind me.
>*Gun cocks* "drop yer shit and stand up"
>Shakily stand up, dropping everything
>Stutter out a million apologies, making up stories as to why I was trespassing
>Turn around
>No one's there
>Hear a rattle
>Turn around again
>See rattler poised for the bite
>Shit myself
Yes, of course cont!
> over 1.5 million lakes with a minimum surface area of 40,000 square metres
A lot of spooks in da swamps, u never know.
File: checkem.png (417 KB, 597x596)
417 KB
417 KB PNG

>Slowly take step backwards
>Life going in slow motion
>See snake pull back, about to launch forward
>LEAP backwards, hear snake strike
>Grab stick on ground, instantly use it to smack around a snake like the snake people on TV do
>Snake is pissed off, not deterred at all
>Get opportunity to grab Derringer
>BLAM. Motherfuckers full of 410 shot
>Collapse on ground, panting, heart beating, white knuckle gripping the Derringer
>"I told you to drop yer shit"
>Heart nearly stops
>Hear bang
>... Not dead?
>Turn around. no one there
>Hear rattle again
>Snake body gone
>Slowly turn to see snake is eye level with me
>Voice behind me: "Get outta my woods"
>I call out: "how can I move with this snake about to fuck me"
>"You don't have to physically leave to get out"
>Cold sweat, heart beating out of my chest
>Snake lunges forwards, feel it dig into my neck
>Feel myself dying in the ground
>Wake up on the side of the highway... Miles away from where I was
>Single spent 410 shell sitting upright on the pavement
>No bite marks on me, still smell like burning mesquite and palm wood
>Terrified out of my mind
I never believed in spirits until that night. Even now that I'm not homeless anymore, when I hike through unfamiliar wood I leave some food on the ground or drizzle some liquor into the soil and ask for forgiveness before walking in those untamed lands.
I was less than 10 yards off the trail, so close as fuck, but just below the treeline the brush is super thick. The valley was about 4500 feet down and maybe a mile away. My fire had died down to nothing so it would have been tough to find me at night.

There are some weird people out in national parks and popular trails, theres another thread right now about some guy who apparently got raped on Mount Monadnock. I also remember reading about Israel Keyes, who talked about stalking victims in national parks.
What kind of drugs were you on that night?
Who do you think builds casinos?
Chicken coup anon from last thread.
Had another spoopy encounter near the chickens.

>night time once again.
>Go to close chicken coup like I do every night
>cat is following me tonight
>check coup to do head count before closing.
>hear leaves rustling in woods near coup.
>cat goes ballistic. Shoots to edge of the woods.
>cat's back now arched, hair up, spitting, growling, hissing and jumping around.
>hear whatever is in woods come closer slowly.
>ever since 1st encounter always pack my Shield 9mm when near woods.
>fear cat will go into woods and get killed so scoop her up.
>cat will not calm down. Claws me to keep looking at woods, eyes wide doing a low almost continues growl.
>angry cat in one hand pistol in other I walk backward to house keeping eyes on edge of woods/chicken coup.

This thing hasn't killed any chickens, rabbits, or my cats (got 2). It's like it just hangs out at the chicken coup to fuck with me a little. None of this started until I got those chickens. I'm seriously considering getting rid of them to see if it will fuck off.
For someone who missed the last thread, can you please explain the story up to this point
The worst part was at that moment I was completely sober and drug free. I wish that I was fucked up to have some kind of explanation for it.
I wouldn't worry about that
>bought 52 acres in SW VA.
>set up chicken coup about 100 yards from house near woods area.
>I let chickens out during day to free range. Shut coup up at night so foxes or dogs don't kill hens.
>get home late one day (10pm or so).
>walk straight to coup to close up.
>at about 50 yard see dog size animal run from coup.
>figure dog, fox, raccoon has killed chickens
>chickens are fine but feed bucket overturned almost empty.
>here whatever it was running away into woods.
>have pen light (fenix e12). Shine in woods trying to see what it is.
>sound stops running away. Now coming toward me quickly.
>scream to scare whatever.
>it slows down but still coming closer.
>can here it crunch leaves maybe 10 yards away. Still can't see shit.
>scream again, this time say "I got a gun motherfucker!" (I don't sadly)
>thing replies with a strangled croak that sounds like it is trying to repeat "fucker".
>too many skinwalker stories on /out/ so I nope the fuck back to house and grab my 12ga.
>return to coup but no more noises. See nothing in woods.
Sounds pretty spooky anon
I saw an all white coyote in my neighbors' yard last night at just after 1am. I woke up from a dead sleep and felt the urge to just shine my light around my property. When my light hit it, the eyes were brighter than any other dogs' or coyotes' eyes I've ever seen. Probably just because it's a purty bright torch, but it still spookified me a bit.
I'm in the woods of north central-ish Florida.
Ok, so this happened back in the 80's when I was a kid.
>was fishing for catfish Sacramento Delta with grandparents
>at night time we'd go frogging in the irrigation ditches
>catch enough frogs to fill our wooden box
>pull the boat in and load it on trailer with grandpa, small aluminum boat
>it's like 3am & time for bed
>grandpa has camper on bed of truck, big one you can stand up in
>we park underneath a bridge for the night and set a crawdad trap on the other side of the levee in an irrigation ditch
>grandparents crawl in back to sleep, I sleep in cab across big bench seat
>it's so dark and quiet it gives me the willies. can't see shit
>spooked but drift off to sleep for 30 minutes
>awake to splash sound in distance
>then hear car door slam and drive away
>go back to sleep
>8am police knocking on window
>see I am only about 9
>ask me where my Mom & Dad are. Tell them my grandparents are in back
>They have them get out at gunpoint
>turns out somebody dumped a dead body in the same irrigation ditch we put our crawdad trap in
>ask us what we heard of what we saw, but we didn't see anything
Ill go
>Be me, about 12 or 13. Moved from a small town to a house out in the country. Bunch of old lead mine stuff, and some cool places to explore so I'm wandering about. Crossing a bridge over a creek, see my doggo pupper off to my left taking a sip of that sweet spring water.
>say "Hello doggopup", then hear familiar clickety clack of doggo pup nails behind me on the bridge.
> turn to see four legged pal followijg me
>then who was creek?
> look back at the creek to see something about person sized and grey stand up on two legs and beat feet into the woods.
>my dog promptly freaks and books it back home (this is the same dog that killed coyote for fun)
>my chubby preteen ass follows closely behind
The spoopiest thing in the whole thread is that girl's knees.
Much spoop.
Weirdest thing I ever saw innawood was an older man and a young boy who looked exactly like Mike Pence and Barron Trump.

comfiest pasta i've seen in a while
like something out of princess mononoke
Original OP here, I got super busy(final exams and holidays) but as promised here are some more stories. I posted this in another spoopy thread, but here goes:

>innawoods, bowhunting hogs on a cattle ranch here in Texas last May
>hanging out in a treestand overlooking this creek which I had been baiting for a week
>brought a small flask or tequila with me, taking a sip every now and then while watching the sun beginning to set
>I usually don't do this, but summer in Texas sucks balls so a slight buzz is nice, and there was no one else around for miles
>a pretty decent amount of deer move in
>bastards start eating the corn faster than low income folks eating chicken at $1 night at popeyes
>don't want to try and scare them off in case some hogs were around
>suddenly they get spooked and run off to their section 8 deer housing
>I thought they winded me or saw me, despite the fact that I was dead still and the wind was in my favor
>realize that the hogs probably made the deer fuck off, hell yeah
>the sounder is made up of a fuckhuge boar and about 8 of his bitches and a couple of their hoglets
>this honestly the biggest boar I've ever seen, and possibly the ultimate fucking wall decoration assuming I can take it down
>he moves into about 25 yards, it's gonna be a tricky shot as I have to crouch and lean off of the treestand to shoot through some brush
>all good, because I was wearing a harness of course and I've trained for these situations
>Almost at full draw, shits about to be cash
>a cow comes out of fucking nowhere and walks right in front of the boar, like they were bros or something
>at this point I'm screaming internally at the cow, as the sun is quickly going down
>it gets way too dark to take a good shot, ~9 o'clock or so
File: I_don't_need_it.png (113 KB, 356x249)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

>realize that I am surrounded by hogs, who are totally hardcore and not afraid of humans
>definitely don't want to climb down and get skull-fucked by these critters
>realize that I still have tequila, at least I can probably wait them out
>hogs wind me, ohfuck.jpg
>11:00 rolls around
>out of tequila
>Earlier I mentioned the hogs on this ranch are particularly hardcore
>seriously, someone shot a hog, it's buddies just jumped in and started eating the it while another started running towards the shooter
>every few minutes, a pissed off hog, presumably the boar, runs past where I'm posted up, doing its boar battle scream thing
>I don't know if you've ever heard a boar screaming, but it's pretty creepy, especially up close and at night
>1:00 AM, the hogs sound as though they've moved off
>climb down, pretty long and spooky walk to my jeep
>get back to ranch, drink tequila
>best vacation ever, going in the next few months
>this time with a sidearm bigger than a .22WMR revolver
That definitely looks sinister AF, especially if the fog is bellowing out of it
We don't see many mountain lions in my area, but they're there. This will definitely get my adrenaline up when I'm hunting tomorrow morning.

I don't know what it is, but I like a little bit of fear when I hike in to the woods in the morning when it's dark and I can barely see.
I was thinking it sounded like something in a Miyazaki movie as well.
Found this a few months ago a few kilometers off a known trail in a national park
the chad /out/doorsman
Its probably sexual predators then.
these are from a creepy pasta series my guy. "tales from search and rescue" or something along that vein.
This isnt spoopy, just retarded
This isn't that spooky or /out/, just a bit weird. Walked the dog today in the woods (about 9am) and through the trees I saw a big black thing moving slightly. Kind of thought it was a cow, since there a lot of black cows around here.

Got closer and realised it was a hobo-looking guy. He was standing under his coat and appeared to be adjusting himself underneath it. Didn't have many belongings and wasn't dressed to be in a really cold woods. He was on the main footpath on quite a popular trail (I was dog-walking, and many other people walk there too). He stood with his back to me and clearly knew I was there because I was loud, and I could see his head move a bit on the other side of his coat to get me in his peripherals.

Very odd. Moved on and didn't get eaten.
For fuck's sake that story was corny as my hefty turds but the image of the emaciated Indian, the dude being paralyzed and the words "He doesn't want your medicine" are just a combination of spooky images I didn't need in my life. I spook myself whenever I turn a light off thinking about that dumbass story
Why would a panicked person throw in extra U's into "RUN"? Also did you find anything gold panning?
Did you get Joe Rogan's autograph?
>he doesn't know that Uncle Mike and Barron regularly travel the country to solve mysteries and hunt cryptids together
cheeki breeki
how do you knokw it was't LIZZRD
TV series and this glowing bug.
Jeez anon, where did the bad man touch you?
Boar, maybe?
Looks like it’s old, but not that old since it has rebar sticking out of it. Maybe leftovers from some kind of construction before the area was declared a national park?
bumping so i can read tmrw :^)
Web series when?
File: some fucking lake.jpg (1014 KB, 1536x1024)
1014 KB
1014 KB JPG
I got one of those once while camping. I live in a rural village in Sweden and I went camping at a really nice spot near a lake this summer. The way i got there was by walking on a small trail and breaking of to the side of it. I figured it was a boar trail because the vegetation was really dense above my waist height, and would not be conveinient for a tallet animal to use.

I set up my tent, made a fire etc. The darkness came slowly as it always does in Sweden during summer. I knew the sounds around the camp, things like branches scratching against other trees, branches falling down, all these kinds of sounds. When it was completely dark I stopped adding wood to the fire and decided to fall asleep.

I woke up from the sound of a branch snapping maybe 25-30 meters away to my side. And i just don´t mean the sound of a small branch, It was the kiond of sound you make when you find a big piece of wood and lean it against a tree and kick it to break it. I only had embers left and had to grab random twigs in the dark to get a small fire going.

Throughout the night i heard these loud sounds of massive branches getting broken of from the exact same spot right next to me, mixed with sounds of what I thought was steps. When i stood up with my axe in my hand and looked into the woods the sounds they would stop for maybe 20 mins at a time, and then slowly start again. If i only had a flashlight i would have been able to see what was in the dark.

It was most likely a boar or some other large animal that was just curious of the campfire or something. But still, It really gets your blood pumping when you are all alone in the dark woods without a flashlight and a dying fire with some kind of large animal watching you.
>alone in the dark woods without a flashlight
why in the fuck would you go camping without a flashlight or a headlamp?
Doesn't Sweden have moose?
Also this ^, you some kind of retard or something?
Battery was dead, so i left the flashlight in the car.
Probably an ultralightist
You are meant to take twice your body weight of light equipment when /out/ing you noob
File: 1501401955312.jpg (26 KB, 291x287)
26 KB
That happened up in Redwood National Park. Luckily I slept through it, but the rest of my family were terrified. The worst part about it is my grandpa had gone to use the restroom as it was right next to our tent.
Does anyone have links to archives of the human hunting threads? That was the scariest shit I've ever read about innawoods
I'll second this request.
Here's one that isn't really spoopy, but was certainly scary:

>be an idiot
>go on a 3 day hike into the pemigawasset wilderness
>get lost going down a game trail I thought was the trail trail
>no signal, no bearings, have the runs
>find myself with low blood pressure and whiting out ever few minutes
>somehow made it home Sunday by 6pm
>still stayed home from work the next day vomiting and having diarrhea
put me in the video
This is probably the scariest shot that can happen out in the forest.
fuck it sure, ill bite.
>be raised in Appalachia
>dumb fuck hill billy who's only perception of the world is hills, trees and junkies
>sister in Florida decides to 'save' me and I move in with her
>shits fucked in florida, move back to Appalachia
>forgot about the things that happened around my dads old house until one night
>staying with mom
>dogs are out all day and night innawoods
>around 3 am one dog comes back home
>mom says shes going innawoods to find the other dog
>i go instead
>problem with crack heads wandering out of the woods sometimes so I take a pistol with me
>in hindsight, it probilly wasn't a good idea to go stomping around the woods at 3 am with a flashlight yelling for the dog, but my idea was it was going to scare away any bob cats or coyotes and maybe dog would hear me
>figured coyotes got to dog anyway

forgot to mention that it was late November so there were no leaves on the trees and moonlight could be seen trickle through in areas like hill tops or sides of hills facing the moon. But not in the valleys between hills. No, those areas when observed from the hill tops looked like ponds of black water and when pointing a flashlight into the pits, fuck all could be seen.

>patrol hills and hollers hollering for dog.
>often standing perfectly still listening and feeling the woods.
>never found tracks and don't know where other dog came out of the woods so I have no real direction.
>hear dog I'm looking for bark the bark of an undisciplined hunting dog who has seen a squirrel
>very high pitch and erratic
>bark echoes off hills but i know the direction to head in

typing up part two, just a second
part 2

>decide to walk with moonlight guiding me so I turn off flash light
>get to hill top where thanks to the moon i can see everything around me, but nothing beyond 50 feet due to trees
>"where are you!" I yell, hoping for a bark. Dogs fucking stupid but at least he talk to me when I need him to.
>look over hill due west, into a holler
>black as sin
>hear movement coming up the hill toward me
>"either dog or deer" i think to myself
>reach into coat and pull out .357
>movement stops
>make kissing noises with my mouth to draw in dog, if its dog.
>errie fucking silence
>fucking think to myself "Crackhead!" and grab my flashlight from my back pocket so fast the moonlight coudnt keep up
>hear movement like Sleipnir, Odin's 8 legged horse move in all directions around me and hard knocks against dead trees echo through hills and hollers with a sudden push of wind that knocked me off balance
>Run back home as fast as possible and even grab a dead vine on a tree and swing on it, instantly regretting it because widow makers and all
>get back to house, slam door behind me
>"Goddamn it scooby doo why didn't you tell me there were monsters out there"
File: 1514839340717.png (146 KB, 720x594)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>square root of 4072324
>>not hiring the crack heads to find your dog for you
Anyone have the human hunting screencaps?
sounds like some serial killer shit, senpai.
but no i dont
your most vernerable on the can man
Surely some good anon will have these.
I looked pretty hard. All I found was an old thread where a guy had a lot of scary military story screencaps. He mentioned he would do human hunting in his next thread. I can't find it.
Someone, do post
Still looking. A lot of mentions in archives and such, but no luck on obtaining stories
*muffled fiki fiki comes from the thicket*
Well a lot of parks are old farmlands ya know
add Oregon to your search term, maybe also ask on >>>/k/
I´ve spent nights in the woods in winter with only a wintercoat for warmth and no fire. I´ve never needed a flashlight, noob.
File: IMG_0026.jpg (58 KB, 355x482)
58 KB
Does anyone know where I can find skinwalkers in western Washington? Asking for a friend.
the SAR story author ended up coming out and saying these are fake. still a fun read I guess
And it was also a female, shockingly
>Be working in N.W. Florida woods.
>5 mi from the closest paved road.
>Spent thousands of hours in this part of the woods.
>See the occasional sounder, fox, deer, random critters regularly.
>Working all day doing research stuff with termites.
>Hear birds chirping, wind in the pine trees, general forest sounds.
>Sun is nearing the horizon.
>Wind dies down. No sounds in the trees.
>No sound of chirping birds any more.
>Don't think much of it because it happens.
>Things get quiet...really quiet. The kind of quiet where you can hear your own heart beating.
>I stop my work.
>Listen intently for sounds. Nothing.
>Get the feeling that something is a little off.
>That feeling quickly grows. Feel distinct feeling of eyes on my back.
>Whirl around with field knife in hand. Feeling of danger overwhelming me.
>Absolutely ready to fight anything. In berserker mode.
>Scan tree line. See nothing. Hear nothing. Still feel something watching me.
>Deafening silence.
>I instinctively growl very deeply towards the direction I feel eyes are on me.
>Walk backwards carefully to my vehicle.
>Run the rest of the way.
>Reach vehicle. Get in. Lock door. Floor it out of there.
>Don't go back out there for a few days.
>Never get the feeling of eyes on me again.
>Kind of freaked me out a bit considered I've spent so much time out there by myself.
That's a wendigo, anon.
> Be me Aussie surfer dude
> camp at fairly clear spot at end of road just over the dunes from the beach
>friends camping with to surf next morning 6 or 7 of us
> friends drinking, me getting high
> one mate flips out starts accusing other mate of trying to get with his GF who was camping with us
> everyone confused
> dude jumps in his car and starts to drive off
> we try stop him but decide to dangerous as he;s a drunk idiot
> he goes off main dirt road and we can see him driving around in trees in distance
> all of a sudden car spins out loud bang horn is constantly blaring like his face is pressed into it or some shit
> See headlights shining through trees.
> we all think he Has killed himself in car crash
> run through trees towards car lights
> get to clearing.
> car is not there
> turn around see huge burning bonfire near bank of river that leads to ocean
> Why couldn't we see that before
> notice huge big wet drag marks near campfire leading down into river
> where is friend? Where is car?
> hear footsteps in bush near us
> all freak run back to campsite
> sitting in locked cars wondering what to do.
> friend walks up to car and knocks on window
> we freak out.
>friend seems off ask him about fire and where his car is. He says there is no fire. Car is stuck on a log over in trees
> points in direction of where we saw lights and area fire was.
> friend still really aggro and acting strange
> everyone creeped out
>I'm not high anymore i say im leaving.
>everyone wants to leave
> aggro friend says fuck this im staying
> I load up my car friend who only had one drink loads up his and we all leave
> see aggro friend a few days later. Asks why we all bailed on him. Says he got lost in trees found his way back at daylight.
>who was at campsite?
don''t leave us hanging cunt
he was keanu Reeves working for FBI about to bust you guys
> Be me, 20 y/o french fag
> Last Halloween, go with some friends for a drink at best friend's house
> Drinking goes pretty well, not too drunk
> Decide to go check an abandonned house in a field
> Go on a mini trip a few km north of the town
> Arrive, go in the mud to get to the house
> Curious.jpg
> Go inside with a female friend
> No one followed us, we look at each other
> Beginning the process of making out
> Other joins us in da house, I make it back outside
> There, I see someone on the roof, not really good, like a black form
> Little spooped, but probably a friend
> Tell friends to come look, as the form stayed there a while
> Everyone take a look, joking at friend who made it to the roof
> We look at it maybe a few minutes, lost track of time
> Indeed, someone go down the roof toward us
> It was night, so pretty spooked right there, as no good eyesight without light other than the moon
> Wow, it really was a friend
> Ask her what she was doing on the roof
> Tell me, eyes wide open that she didn't go, as it was collapsed
> Proceed to check, it's right
> No way someone could have standed where we saw the black form
> Laugh about it, not really convinced, and go back

To be continued... (Just after)
File: téléchargement.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB

As promised

> So go back to the house
> Hear some rustle behind us
> Again, see the black form
> Not just me, judging by the hand of the girl twitching beside me
> Maybeaprank.avi
> Keep going back, arrive at the bridge near town
> Form still here
> She/He/It begin to scream, like really loud
> As of now, I'm really spooked
> Female friend begin to run, my hand still in hers, so a run along
> So I turn myself to run, see that all my friends are already running
> ShitInstinct.exe
> My body stop, I turn back
> Wait for the screaming fuck to come at me
> Female friend whimpering ten feet from me
> The form arrive, it's fucking huuuge
> Like twice my size, since am manlet, maybe 3m40 (10Foot maybe)
> Brown pants incoming
> Keep my ground at beastly ghost, still screaming, but I do not hear it
> Keep myself as tall as possible, menacing
> Form do not mind, just stay there, seems to be looking at me
> Looking at me from wherever the fuck it's eyes where
> Maybe two minutes passes, I see some details of it
> Long finger, with some kind of claw/nails long limbs, and an long jaw, like a fox
> A 3m40 fucking fox
> It go on the side of the brige, climb on it, look back at me, and jump
> Go look down, nothing here, it's a stream
> Go back to the house with female friend
> Sleep with her to relieve stress
> What the fuck did I just survived?

So, I maybe gained respect from a fucking monster, maybe not.
Either way, one one the most spooky /out/ situation I was in.
But when I tell it, I feel some pride.

> mfw looking at this pretty awesome spooky thing.
Most of the spooky things I've experienced have been in my own house. The only close to /out/ spook I've had was when I was a kid.
>was fighting with my brother in the back of the car and my parents pull over and make us walk home
>We take a detour through a bushy area and school oval near our house.
>See a white shape, not glowing like a cartoon but as if the thing had a solid physical presence
>Hear all around us at the same time
>"Hey guys wanna run with us?"
>The white shape was on the other side of this oval which has a circumference of about 1400m
>It sounds lame but there was nobody around us except for whatever the white thing is
>The voice was as if it was behind me, in front of me, besides me etc all at the same time
>The white thing has a form I cannot make out and I was not sticking around to wait until it came over to us
>It was gliding around the perimeter of this oval around from the bush side
>If we waited it would have cut us off from the path home
>My brother and I fucking leg it out of there
>Being the hero I am I let my little 7 year old bro tail behind me
>Get home tell parents and get laughed at
I know it sounds like there was some dude jogging at night but it wasn't that at all. It is hard to explain any better
>Same oval/bushland
>Walking through the backstreets one night
>Take a shortcut home across the oval
>When I turn down the street by this bush land a dog walks out
>It is a black dog like a big farm dog
>It comes up to me and lets me pat it
>It starts walking ahead of me
>Every so often it will stop and turn to see if I'm still following me
>I'm not following it but to this point we were walking the same way
>Get to the oval
>Dog turns again and then walks off into the bush
>I am walking the other way home
>Get this really bad feeling
>Feel like there are eyes focusing on me from the the overgrown ditch along the path
>Pick up the pace but in a casual way
Sounds like a wendigo anon
You might just be cursed
Bruh thats the end of story.
We all left we thought aggro drunk mate was safely asleep in tent after we left.

A few days later i saw him. He only found his way back to camp in the morning. It wasnt him we spoke to that night.

Ive never heard any Australian aboriginal stories about shape shifters so i dunno what it was
nah m8 that sounds like a fleshgait
Cool story, bro. I wish you could describe it a bit better but it has tyre right kind of vibes.
Jesus christ this image freaked me out. I thought that sewer gunk was like a little baby creature thing with eyes
File: tiptopkek.png (1.23 MB, 912x905)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>*muffled fiki fiki comes from the thicket*
Can you not get a revolver?
File: hammock.jpg (327 KB, 900x1200)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
>Be me 2 years ago 27 years old
>Finally go camping again after 3 years in the infantry
>Cold as shit but want to try hammock camping for the first time
>wind wicking heat since I'm an idiot and used a hollowfill sleeping bag that just crumples up beneath me providing no insulation whatsoever.
>Brother in a shitty 25 dollar tent a few feet away
>Need to tough it out to show what it means to be infantry
>grab two quilts from car and put them in hammock
>barely tolerable cold is slightly more barely tolerable
>Eventually fall asleep after drinking some shitty screwdrivers from a jug
>Wave up to my hammock swinging somewhat violently back and forth
>"What the fuck dude?" at my brother
>look at his tent
>still zipped up and I can hear him snoring
>roll out of hammock and grab machete
>headlamp on flashlight on shitty string of LEDs I use as decoration on my hammock line on
>only other campers left yesterday because it was too cold
>realize how vulnerable sleeping in a hammock makes me
>basically just a bag of meat suspended at chest level
>PTSD starts creeping on
>seeing shadow people ducking behind trees like I did back downrange when deprived of sleep and paranoid
>rebuild fire and stand watch the rest of the night, drinking shitty screwdrivers and holding machete while scanning the treeline

I still have no fucking clue what pushed me. Plan on visiting campsite again this year. This time bringing a gun.
Why do you want to find skinwalkers? They'll just use you for some weird ritual or posses you and you'll probably be dead?

Look for Coyotes skinwalkers prefer to walk around as them.
Its the equivalent of rolling out of bed when you're sleeping.
wouldn't worry about it
>t. skinwalker
>up in Colorado for spring break, I was in high school at the time
>our family went with two other families to some camp kind of thing because one of them had connections to the group running the camp, Young Life I think
>whatever, we get a pretty nice cabin a little ways above the main camp area where they have a mess hall, a rec area with a few different kinds of tables, you get the idea
>I don't know how far it was from out cabin, just that it took a couple minutes of walking to get down there
>part of this walk includes a small footbridge
>one night we're going down to get some dinner, it's all the kids going
>like, eight of us?
>we're all chatting and walking, whatever
>as we start getting closer to the footbridge, something sets me off
>just doesn't feel right and I swear I can hear something
>stop everybody and get them all to shut up
>footbridge is maybe ten or fifteen yards away and once everybody finally quiets down we can all hear it
>a faint growling sound coming from the direction of the footbridge, rising in pitch slowly and occasionally stopping for breath
>we can't see under the footbridge, so no idea what it is, we later assume coyote
>back up and go right back to the cabin, keeping eyes in the general direction of the footbridge the entire time
I think we just ate ramen that night, it's been about ten years so I can't remember anymore, just that we almost put ourselves at risk of being attacked. Probably not a very spooky story, but I was pretty scared for my life at the time.
s a u c e
Not alone. One night In My house I was going back to my room from the kitchen in pitch black (I’ve lived there 17 years so I know the way) and as I went past the bathroom I felt a breath on my neck from the door. Not very exciting but the most unnerving thing that’s ever happened to me
Bumping for cont
have a pic of the tree?
nah m8 that sounds like a fleshlight
Sounds like a skinwalker to me anon
File: manhunt.png (104 KB, 1002x930)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
got reposted on /k/
So the skinwalkers have reached Australia
Backstory of this?
Poorly written.
Hi NH friend, that's a great area for /out/
Skinwalkers are a Navajo legend, mah boy. You need to go several hundred miles South.
File: Dead Deer Walking.jpg (33 KB, 576x432)
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Friendly reminder that these fellows are expanding throughout the states, East of the Mississippi now. Good luck on your next midnight piss.
>imagination starts running wild
Read that as immigration starts going wild and had a kek at the imagery of some illegal Mexican anon and his friends running from ICE
Yeah it's pretty bad.
RIP Mountain Lions

Can't wait
>Be le me
literally nothing wrong with that
A little bit, kind of like a 3 way.

File: PicsArt_01-21-12.12.32.jpg (249 KB, 1079x719)
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249 KB JPG
I have a few.
>be 2 days ago
>go innawoods w a buddy of mine
>we're both /k/ fags so we bring AKs and gorkas w some day packs
>drive out in the sticks, it's pretty deep snow but we keep going
>drive out to a trail we heard about that had an old mineshaft
>go out, gear up and head on our way
>it's about 18:00 so dusk has settled in, mount headlamps
>20 mins into the hike we start seeing eye reflections
>think it's just some foragers or predators, no harm
>start hearing weird as shit sounds, snow crunching from all areas around us
>keep going up, noise trails us
>pass by some weird as fuck prints in the snow, like how rabbit prints are but instead of small paws they're sizeable, at least 8 inches across, somewhat fresh too
>later on we hear a cougar cry, the type that sounds like a woman being murdered
>this continues for quite a while, just constantly
>my headlamp was going out too even though I just replaced the batteries, I have a black diamond storm headlamp
>one guy looks at the trail while the other scans the trees since cougars like to jump from them
>eventually the screams phase out to absolute silence
>gets eerier and eerier, to the point we're both a bit troubled, but my friend is pretty unphased by it
>we make it to the split in the paths, one goes up the side of the mountains and the other dips down
>my friends headlamp scans both trails and for a second I saw a giant fucking shadow with two eye reflections
>tell my friend to scan the light back at where I saw it
>it's gone, even though I saw it not just 2 seconds before
>go to where I saw it wirh my buddy, no tracks anywhere
>decide to take a break, rehydrate and check our kits
>about 100 meters up the hill we hear something big crashing through the trees, and I mean it was fucking big
>decide not to take chances and fire off a round into the ground to scare it off
>the crashing just gets louder
>magdump warning shots into the woods
>decide to cut our losses and head back
Lol at raifu
File: fullsizeoutput_4d9.jpg (4.27 MB, 5184x3456)
4.27 MB
4.27 MB JPG
>we ran down the trail as best as we could and got to the car
>the car either slid or was pushed to the side of the road, it was 17°F so the roads were icy as hell
>spent 2 hours digging the car out with a windshield scraper and a few sticks
>eventually free the car and push it out
>start driving down and car slides off the road as we go up a small hill
>car gets stuck again so we decide to hike to town to see if anyone can pull us out
>3 miles later we arrive and there's no one
>the fire department is dilapidated, and a nice 2012 fire truck sat blanketed in snow and ice
>80% of the homes are abandoned and boarded up, most of the places are summer homes
>there's dead silence and any vehicles that are here are broken down or snowed in
>it felt like it was from the twilight zone
>find a few shovels and a lever winch
>hike back and begin to unfuck the car for a few hours
>as we drive back to town we drop off the stuff we borrowed
>start hearing the way we came, but the ice on the roads makes us unable to go up
>try heading up the hill 6 times
>then back and take another road
>spend another 3 hours driving on backroads looking for a highway

The entire way home, even on the highway we didn't see anyone, it felt like a dream the next morning. It was so surreal
Story no. 2
>go do some milsim shit with some buddies
>tl:dr; bunch of vets and kids running around with airshit
>go to old abandoned concrete plant we got permission to use
>split up into 2 teams
>objective is to stay there for 48 hours without being pushed out by the other team
>we're told to clear/check the entire plant before making camp since this is a hotspot for druggies
>buddy and I go to clear out service tunnels
>go down these catacomb-like tunnels
>things are like a fucking maze
>keep going, buddy is checking corners and our 6 for no real reason
>see a pile of clothes up ahead
>chemlights and headlamps illuminate it a little more
>realize it's a body
>dunno whether to call it in
>ask buddy if we should call it in
>smells like shit, but I've seen dead people before so it's not too scary
>turn around to tell my buddy to radio the others
>Before I can say anything my buddy yells right in my fucking face
>turn around
>it's not a corpse, a crackhead is getting up and looks very malnourished and very pissed
>he had a fucking feral look in his eyes i've never seen before
>he picks up a pipe on the ground
>start running back
>my dick went numb from the adrenaline
>We’re scrambling, trying to get out without getting tetanus
>get to the surface
>some of the guys are at the exit, heard my friend screaming
>explain what happened
>cover all exit points from the tunnels
>you could hear the guy yelling gibberish from below
>a few guys drive to the nearest town to find police or a cell signal
>2 hours later sheriff and an ambulance arrive
>they go down and take him up
>dude was literally a skeleton
>we were 80-100 miles from any town
>there was no fresh water sources or food, only rancid puddles from down in the tunnels

Drugs are fucked up shit.

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