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Why aren't you learning how to sling yet?





Guns exist.
Because it is pointless where I live due to brush and scrub blocking the swing area. I use a slingshot instead.
I am, I only have a crappy paracord sling I made though. It's got shit accuracy, so honestly I'm not expecting it to be practical.
I made one of those one time, just because.

Mostly use it to fling mini marshmallows at the cat/dog. Dog thinks it is the tightest shit.
Slings take year or so of practice if you do it every Sunday for a few hours


Once you have mastered it there's no better fun. It's a highly underrated weapon. There are many different slinging styles. I prefer the Greek style myself.

Ignore his tight clothing

The trick to getting good accuracy with a sling is

1) use similarly weighted, spherical or oval ammo.

You will not get any accuracy slinging jagged rockets.

2) practice and practice
the first few weeks you'll look like an idiot doing it and the rocks will fly everywhere, but eventually you get power in the throws and it becomes amazing. It starts to feel like an extension of your body. When you sling you don't just use your arms, you have to use your whole body just like throwing a baseball. The guy in the video above shows how it's done.

I have slung for 6 years now. I can hit a man sized target at 20 meters pretty consistently.
If you're practicing, use a back stop so you can recover your smooth stones, clay or lead glandes. For distance throwing and just general fun, you can use any jagged rock you can find. Although I notice they wear out my slings much faster.

I have hunted a lot of birds with my sling. It's the easiest thing after. I think after 6 months of practice you'll be able to hunt birds. I am of course talking about flocks. Most of the flocks fly about 60-100 meters high. I throw a spherical 80 gram pebble into the flock and sometimes it'll even take out 2 at a time. The first one will be pretty much dead but the other one may still be alive and you have to put it down.

It's probably one of the most effective primitive bird hunting weapons. Bows aren't really effective for flock hunting because you can't really afford to lose your arrows, while sling's have unlimited ammo.

>This video is unavailable.
Its no work

Here is a vid of me

File: 0380404005.jpg (105 KB, 764x745)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
i can sling to this

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