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Hey guys, just got a Condor Convoy backpack and when wearing it with a t-shirt the plastic buckles on the straps chafe my arms.

When I buckle up the sternum strap, the buckles are out of the way.

Are backpacks like this designed to always be worn with the sternum strap buckled? Am I doing something wrong?
is your shirt cotton? try wearing synthetic one.
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The skin is chafed right where it gets out of the sleeve.
I have never had that problem, even in long distance, multiple day hikes. maybe you're carrying too much weight or something anon. Just wait to see if someone has any good advice.

I'm testing it out at home with nothing in it. Do you have the same kind of straps, with the buckles?
>Do you have the same kind of straps, with the buckles?
No, just nylon straps.

That's the thing - I've had other backpacks without the plastic buckles and they were just fine.

I'm trying to figure out if there's some kind of special way of handling the buckle chafe issue with these kinds of straps.
>plastic buckles on the straps chafe my arms
Wrap them?
I used one of these all through college and still use it for innawoods.

tuck the buckles into the adjustment straps on the shoulder pads. keeps them from dangling.

but yeah, they're intended to be buckled at all times, the idea is to stay on and not have you constantly shouldering the pads back in place when you're moving quickly.
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>Am I doing something wrong?
you bought airsofttier good for larping and backyarding. .... but the worst choice for serious /out/activity.

watch this and learn the basics
That was disgusting. But now I know why I like JAVBSDM.
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Pls be kind.

Fuck this retarded ass anime and all the weeb larpers who watch it.

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grow up

It's not the sternum strap that's causing the problems. It's these faggots here.


Any ideas what to wrap them with?

>grow up

I'll grow up when you stop watching cartoons for Japanese kids.

It's bad enough you're a manchild. Don't have to throw weeb on top of it.
stop crying. next time dont buy /k/shitgear.

also: grow up.

Leave it to some retarded fucking weeb to not realize hes talking to two completely different people.

I'm sure OP loves anime as much as you do, pal.
If you can sew, you could try flipping the strap around and have them at the bottom of the pack.

Basically flipping it around

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