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Hey /out/
I would like to ask for your advice, situation is the following:
I graduated a week ago, so now i have a degree in horticulture. My long term goal is to save up enough money to buy a 1,5-2 ha land in my home country (Eastern Europe region) where I can set up a smallscale organic farm. To achieve this, i have to get a job and grind first. I would like to work in my field, but i can not make money out of that around here. So I'm thinking about going west for a couple of years, to get my hands dirty with some full-time or seasonal farm/outdoors work. Any help is appreciated, point me to forums, share your experience, tips, stories. I'm really desperate here.
World wide opportunities on organic farms
Thanks anon. I checked WWOOF, but it mostly seems to be about unpayed volunteer-work. Maybe my original post was not clear, I want to save up money for the future. I want to go abroad mainly for that reason. Is it possible to transition to a paying position after WWOOF-ing? To find out about local opportunities during volunteering? I really like some of the stuff on WWOOF, but I am already in my mid 20s, so I have the urge to consider future goals as well.
I know you're asking for questions OP, but I'd like to ask you how was it working for that degree in horticulture? I'm interested in something like that as well since I also want to start an organic community farm in my area, although I'm in the US.
*asking for answers
Don't the Dutch have a large greenhouse industry? You might try inquiring at some greenhouse facilities in the Netherlands.

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