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Ok I barely made it through the coldest part of winter with LJSs and will need new silvers for next year.
When do the end of winter sales start ?
Who has the best ones?
Merino wool?
LJS thread
I wanna put that package in my mouth
This is a hetero thread and ask me how I know you are not a female.
Please no gayness here this thread is for 100 percent red blooded american mens
File: piggybacking.jpg (24 KB, 622x356)
24 KB
I'm from Sweden and I got a god damn pig like a real man.

(not the dude you're responding too but I'd also insert said package into said orifice LIKE A REAL MAN)
Stop posting this picture faggot
Just get thermals from Target for $9.99. They don't show off your junk as well but they're fucking cozy

does it make you feel funny?
a feeling you are not comfortable with?

They're just called Long Johns. It's not a regional thing so don't go down that route - It's just something parroted byblithering retards.

Anyway, I want to put that package in my mouth too.
Its like looking at a fat sweaty hambeast, for example, your MOM
I think the emotion it stirs in you has nothing to do with disgust.
I think you are drawn deeply to this photo and would love to seek out more of them. But you know you would lose control
File: JR-on-Ostrich.jpg (179 KB, 563x750)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>is Swedish
>also gay
checks out
File: 7417.jpg (67 KB, 964x543)
67 KB
Anon as stated before its a regionalism that you just did not grow up with.
Ever eat a Runza?
Well most people have never even heard of that.
File: dog.gif (277 KB, 360x360)
277 KB
277 KB GIF
I'm still voting for the Sweden Democrats this year though.

I don't care. I don't believe you.

Do you guys wear regular underwear underneath your long johns? I prefer to go without them.
I prefer no underwear but if I'm packing light I'll just have 1 long johns and underwear to change out.
>its a regionalism
As in it's wrong but people in his jerkwater podunk flyover flyspeck trump-voting town call then that because they've too ignorant know any better. They were actually named after Long John Baldry.
File: IMG_2244_l.jpg (186 KB, 576x472)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
maybe you will dig this.

antique diving thermals.

don't know the year, but by siebe Gorman & co

they look comfy.
Its just Long John.

why do townies say silver?
The say Silvers for short not silver but most use the whole phrase
where should i buy some good wool thermals for my legs
It's not a phrase that's the guy from Treasure Island. They called Long Johns.
Russell Men's Base Layer Thermal Pant:
95% polyester/ 5% spandex
Animal or poly based fabric only.
Plant based will absorb sweat and you will freeze.
These have worked great for me.
Upper midwest. Currently 14°F been colder for most of the past 2 months.
>$10 at walmart.
File: 1516733175304.jpg (141 KB, 482x750)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>Being this triggered by what someone calls underwear
>end of winter sales
Don't make me laugh. Nowadays, they just pack it up and ship it back to the warehouse for next winter.

As for who has the best? Just get a pair of Stanfield's.
Long Johns.

Merino Wool is superior. Don't get super thin ones either. Invest. Rotate two pairs for a multi day hike. Change them at bedtime and dry(from any perspiration) and air out the pair you have been wearing that day.

Obviously if it's longer than a week you should wash them or take an extra pair, unless you want to be a filthy fuck or get a gnarly rash,in which case break out the savlon/sudocrem (NOT Neosporin in my rather uncomfortable experience, although it's great in most other cases).
File: 1518519093778.jpg (51 KB, 460x501)
51 KB
why did stores stop having sales?
in the old you never saw last years stuff on sale full price. now they do it unapologetically
This makes me very angry
>in the old you never saw last years stuff on sale full price
Back then, stories didn't have massive warehouses to store their old stock, so they had to sell it cheap to clear out room for next season's stock.
>now they do it unapologetically
It's not like they're selling old meat. There's no functional difference between last year's long johns and this year's.
Well it still sucks, winter was the time to buy your summer gear and save a fortune then in summer you got your ski shit. The smart people saved thousands a year doing this.
I got a couple pairs of the under armour tactical leggings from work for free and they’re pretty comfy and warm. $50 a pair though...
So Long John Silvers means Alt right?
>why did stores stop having sales?
They didn't.
Today they have to keep up with online sales and everyone wants the newest best thing so if they can't buy it now at the store they will order it online.
You get clearanced old stuff for this reason.
Most stores mark up a minimum of 32% so clearance cuts their profits slightly.
Unless it is a standard product they usually go on sale to make room for next years marketing.
>they usually go on sale to make room for next years marketing.
This happens less and less every year.
Big box sporting goods stores now have larger loading areas for storage. Go into any one of them and ask for something out of season. If you bitch enough they will take you into the back and help you find it.
No off season discount either
do you wear underwear under this too or is that not necessary? Just wondering how layering works
this image is on here forever, where I can I buy a pair?
>this image is on here forever,
The thread stops showing up once you buy a pair
> where I can I buy a pair?
Any outdoors store should have them
File: Finnish men.jpg (778 KB, 3460x1724)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
>>is Swedish
>>also gay
>checks out
Finns are gayer.
File: 1199977_large.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB

t. Turkulainen
I wear very light underwear underneath. Easier to wash and dry some poly underwear than my wool baselayers. Allows me to wear them for a good while longer between washes without stank and grime.

Plus, I like a lot of support and some of my baselayers don't offer that, especially my really thick wool ones.
thank you
where to cop something like this? the pants mainly. cant find any thick wool long johns
File: Philippine-Women-9003.jpg (48 KB, 601x800)
48 KB
why do you need a dick sweater ?
Yeah I do. cuts down on needing to wash them and if I end up having to work inside I can shed them and still have underwear.
what kind of retarded reply is that?
They look tight.

For my use I can't justify spending on merino. Poly works pretty good for me.
your a retarded reply
Fucking pussy. Northern MN has been below zero the majority of days since December.

I went out rabbit and squirrel hunting in January when it was -27º. I use wool long johns.
File: mmm.gif (875 KB, 250x231)
875 KB
875 KB GIF
Original Swede here.
Wanna fuck?
LL Bean union suit. Keeps me cozy all winter long.
I'm not traveling across the country for sex.
Also I don't want to catch something.
sounds like you are not actually gay then
Sorry mate but I have this sweet gig where I get glasses by donating blood.
Not worth the risk.
File: tighties.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
just wear protection
File: Long-John-Silver.jpg (233 KB, 1140x798)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Oh shit is that like an Under Armour?
East coast im guessing
Nebraska is strictly the worst state
>"It's colder here so I am more of a man than you"
File: 1492368362319.jpg (715 KB, 1227x1920)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
Not that anon but yeah ,if you did not grow up facing -20 f weather , then you are less of a man for sure.

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