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I recently took an interest in comfy canvas tents, particularly the baker's style porch configuration.

But is it really safe to have a fire this close to a tent? I see countless images of people with the fire either under or just outside the porch like this and it looks dangerous.

Are canvas tents more fire retardant? How close can I realistically get a small fire to the tent?
I don't know much about it but at some trade show some salesman had a bunson burner right up on the tent for hours on end to prove how flame resistant it was.
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> But is it really safe to have a fire this close to a tent?
Depends how big is the fire, if there are sparks etc. If you keep it small and don't add ton of firewood at once you should be fine

> Are canvas tents more fire retardant?
Don't think so, depends on the material used if it's sprayed with some water repellent etc.

> How close can I realistically get a small fire to the tent?
Just like on the pic... just don't make it big. Generally speaking most tents don't handle fire well, especially newer, syntethic materials but unless you do something really stupid you should be fine
I have been told in the past that tent canvas is very fire retardant on its own and would take a direct flame to light up
Question kind of regarding canvas tarps. Canvas or plastic for leaf cleanup? Plastic blows around when my dog farts and doesn't sit down on the grass well. Canvas can get wet and rot.
I like canvas but you have to take care of it much more than the nylon stuff.

Canvas is better at retaining heat and should be pretty waterproof if you don't touch it.

Nylon is lighter and usually easier to tie up and canvas gets heavy when wet.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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