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/out/ - Outdoors

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R.I.P. Ronald Lee Ermey.

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How do you find places to camp that are actually you know in nature? All I can find is normie getaway camp spots where everyone is 2 feet from each other and eating hotdogs 50 feet from their cars. Could I just park along a highway and go into the woods several miles and camp there. I feel like I live in such a shitty area.
I would use Google Earth. Also, make sure you're as far away from any paths in the forest as possible so no one is walking past your campsite or anything
You should probably say where you live.
Do hike or boat in campsites... or shit super off road.
National forests. Just stay the fuck out of mine.
Find a mountain with a trail that allows camping anywhere up to the top
You're a delfag aren't you OP?
Might help if we knew roughly where you live.
I just go on google maps, find green spots that are far enough from roads / cities and go there
I know this feel op. I'm in northern Ohio and the closest national forest is hours away from me. For a "few times a year" camping trip it's fine, but I really want to go camping every weekend. Driving 3 hours and paying for a parking ticket then camping for 2 days and driving back is too costly.
Where do you guys park your car when you do this?

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