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I wonder how many of the Britfags here have done DofE (Community service/ Hike thing we have in Britain), I did mine in September 2016.

For me the thing was hell, I went in thin socks and leaky shoes, A rucksack with a fucking shovel strapped to it and all sorts of other shit.

And yet it was fun, I'll be having my Silver Award Expedition (3 days walking and 2 nights) So I'll probably post again soon.

Feel free to ask about DofE and also recommend me shit

I Include a Video we made about the thing in case you autists want to see what it is like.
I’ve all 3 - bronze, silver, and gold. In 1995/6/7 respectively.

Great fun, even if it was mainly an excuse for a piss-up in the countryside!
Grow a backbone.

A walk in the country was hell?

Fucking kids today.

Gold fag here. Me and my mate are /out/ so we had nice light rucksacks etc, the other guys in our group were carrying a bottle of lucozade for each day, that sort of crap.
Well I did complete it if it helps, also I had massive blisters and my shoes had several holes by the end...
is that you??

why are you so fat
go for it, i completed min back in 2012. The expeditions are the fun part once you figure out what to bring and how to navigate well. The other parts are less fun but not too bad, something to do other than shitposting here. Defo keep it up and go for gold, its worth it, you get to go to St Jame's Palace and listen to Prince Phillip being his usual cheeky self.
That's all kids in the UK needs these days. A nice bottle of lucozade and a bivvy bag is perfect for a few nights in the local park.
He's not fat it's called baby face
>female browno is carrying that much
would make strong ugly mutt babies with
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wait I just watched a few more minutes and they're literally all fucking foreign brownos, even the fatty OP is a slav

the absolute STATE of br*tain
Did mine in 2006 on Angelsey. I borrowed a pack from my Air cadet Squadron. Fucking thing was about thirty years old and way too big for me on the hip straps. 2 miles in on the first day the left shoulder strap broke at the bottom so tied it on to the pack and carried on. Mile 6 the whole strap broke off. I did the rest with the groups water bottles in my waist to pack it out and with one arm strap.
I got a good compliments from some RAF Officers that came to say hello from Valley.
Had more of the same the next day when the bottom of my pack developed a hole and we basically double timed about a third of it to end the fucking weekend asap.
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You know what lads, that's old school Anglo fucking spirit right here, not seen in today's portrayal of the youth. Brings a tear to my eye and faint soundtrack of land of hope and glory just reading this post.
Fuck yeah i did the DofE.. did it with another guy and 3 girls.. Some interesting stories to be told there..

as for recommend? erm some seal skin socks.. they make un-comfy shoes much nicer and bearable. and just have fun i guess.. Its much longer but you feel much closer to the group you're doing it with.

Are you doing it with the same group? If i could do it again i'd only do it with my old group and take weed this time and get baked.
Did my bronze dofe a good while back now, was overall uneventful. Helped a kid with muscular dystrophy walk it it was good fun if a little slow but that's no problem. I had been hiking with scouts for years before that though so no real challenge.
Does anyone else think that outdoor education in this country does a really good job at putting people off going /out/?
>always some shitty boring route, often along roads
>carrying an insane amount of heavy, unnecessary kit
>going with a load of people who you hate or who don’t want to be there, or are just idiots
>weather is always shit
>safety briefings out the arse
>can’t use gps
>can’t go wherever you want or make impulsive detours
>I’m England/Wales you can’t even wildcamp

Honestly there isn’t much they an actually do about any of these but it’s like they take away everything fun about being /out/. They absolutely put me off being an /out/ist for years until I discovered what joy going on your own terms can bring.
Did my DofE Bronze back in 2004/05. It was good fun and I remember it fondly. Hiked around the Gower in South Wales near the coast and it was a really nice two days. Our teams were assigned by the teacher and I ended up with two genuine retards (like from the special needs class) and two stacey bitches. By the end of it we were all best friends.

I started doing my Gold and loved the expeditions, we were practicing in the Brecon Beacons. But I couldn't be bothered to do all the volunteering shit and I ended up dropping out.

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