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/out/ - Outdoors

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File: 1497797040281.png (980 KB, 719x719)
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Recently I have thought about buying a (most likely) small amount of land in rural Maine where I would build a cabin, and live/small-time homestead during summer.

Has anyone here ever bought land innawoods like this?
How did it go?
thats a pretty good use of money my friend. their might be other uses that could make you money though. but thats pretty good.
Left desu
Fuck off. We are full.
>live/small-time homestead during summer.
>during summer
Just rent a place at that point
Why not just live there till you die and never have to work or see anyone ever again? Thats the whole point isn't it?
yeah op should invest in cryptos
One in the middle: someone needs to pull her away from the two whores she's hanging out with if she isn't already completely polluted. You can tell from her tan lines thongs ain't her first choice when /out/, looks like she grabbed something from the Victoria's Secret bin just in case.

On the left, we have a fun gf who's gonna cheat when she gets a chance, and on the right we have a confirmed and tramp stamped mixed blood whore who's gonna give you an STD.
File: 80c.png (58 KB, 645x729)
58 KB
Maybe homestead is an overstatement.

I work as a teacher in Massachusetts and I would like to spend my summers there and try to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Oh double fuck off. We're full.
>spend my summers there and try to be as self-sufficient as possible.
Self sufficiency is not a part time job. You are better off LARPing in the city. You are bound for failure with the attitude you currently have.
Just bought land to start something similar. Actually just created a thread asking for help identifying some berries among all the other stuff growing here. Have not done much yet, but it feels great.
It is better to learn skills through practice and not jump into a do-or-die survival situation to test your self-sufficiency. But something tells me you spend little time outside.
part time self sufficiency is out of the question, but having a summer cabin/cottage sounds nice
Never owned any land up there, but a buddy of mine's dad offered a 2 acre plot of land for $8,000. Small stream running through the property, actually a really nice plot of land. If you can find a nice area for a decent price, go for it.
your logic is backwards, the girl spending enough time outside in her underwear to develop the tanline is the vape.

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