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How do you guys work with models?

Just got my first camera and a girl I work with offered to model for me. I got a handful of good shots, but for the most part I felt like I wasn't communicating with her enough other than the occasional "stand here" or "look there."

In other words I spilled my spaghetti everywhere

What's the proper way to do this? What should I tell them? How should I interact with them?

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Camera ModelNIKON D3400
Camera SoftwareVer.1.10
Maximum Lens Aperturef/4.8
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Color Filter Array Pattern15352
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)187 mm
Image-Specific Properties:
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Vertical Resolution300 dpi
Image Created2017:03:05 17:54:08
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Exposure Time1/160 sec
Exposure ProgramAperture Priority
ISO Speed Rating3200
Exposure Bias2.3 EV
Metering ModePattern
Light SourceTungsten
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Focal Length125.00 mm
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width6000
Image Height4000
Exposure ModeAuto
White BalanceManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Gain ControlHigh Gain Up
Subject Distance RangeUnknown
>What's the proper way to do this? What should I tell them? How should I interact with them?

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then play with your precum until shes ready.
yep this
There's youtube vids on how to direct models. Watch them and practice. Most of the time your model will also be a newbie, so be patient with her as well.
thats cute OP

girls like guys who take command, maybe photoraphy isn't for you
>buy my dating advice book for $14.99!
You really shouldn't have to watch youtube videos to figure this out lol. Just tell them and be honest. Dont be a dick and bossy, make sure they are having fun, dont miss a bunch of amazing shots because your scared to tell her what to do. It's usually better to do this with friends, but what ive learned is not to be afraid to tell someone exactly what to do. They wont care when they look 20/10 in the photos.
So, there really isn't a single style that works. Here are some things I think about when working with models.

1. Be respectful and kind

2. You have to be assertive so they understand what you want and need them to do - but they should always feel part of the team

3. Before the camera comes out - you should be able to describe what's going to happen, and what you're trying to do. Make them excited to work with you

4. Establish how you'll work and what your cues are. I like to describe how I'll give direction on pose, etc.

5. When shooting, be sure they are happy and comfortable but don't be a dopey little puppy, showing them every 5th shot

6. Listen to the model's nonverbals - they will tell you when they feel awkward, confused, uncomfortable, tried, etc.

7. If it's not going great - stay positive. "Great - that was nice and relaxed. Let's try one a little different..."

8. Don't be creepy

9. Don't talk too much
Also try taking photos of your girl friends (assuming you have any... this is 4chan, after all) just casually when you're hanging out, it helps sharpen your technique while at the same time should be more comfortable for the both of you if you're relatively close with them.
Remember, girls love having their photo taken.
It sure is a good thing that he is doing photography instead.
On a related note - why didn't you faggots tell me how easy it was to get random instahoes to model for me?
Its the cheapest and easiest way to get models. And 8/10 times they wont charge extra for nude shoots
But I suppose you first need to already have some nice portraits to show them?

I mean the thought of just asking them out of the blue is horrifying to begin with but still curious how this goes
Please. They're already used to being validated by the internet, just off-handedly mention that you've been taking photos and they "would love to model for you sometime" and kill you with brain dead "your camera takes good pictures" comments
Exactly this.

Don't be a beta faggot, women love having their photo taken.
Do you have to talk about nudes beforehand or is it better on the spot?
With amateurs I don't talk about nudes - I show them my PF and agree the minimum (lingerie/body/implied nudity). If they are OK with that often they will do some nude shots spontaneously as the shoot goes. I NEVER INSIST on nudes though and even if they agree to do some nude shots during the session and I can see the model is uncomfortable we stop immediately - the photos wouldn't be good anyway.

If I work with a professional model I always agree the full spectrum of posing, from the minimum required by me to the maximum that she can do comfortably.

As for directing a model - it's obviously important to communicate what is good and what you like/expect as the shoot goes but try to find your own style that resonates with your creative process. You don't have to do it like somebody else does, be yourself/natural.

Here is my last "published" shoot for some reference:
Have you ever slept with any of your models
Good post.
I would add that I have actually had to get into the pose I wanted for some of the airhead models I have dealt with. Face it some of the ones you get online are like herding cats because they are so stupid.
If you are talking about hookers, then yeah most will pose for you. I did have a couple call me a pervert for wanting to only photograph them. Which I found rather funny since they had offered my head with cumming in their mouth for $20, and pussy for another $20.
Back in the 70s I did. But then you had to be there to understand.
Nice photos, however the one where she lays on the floor doesn't fit the serie.
It looks like she fell and then she didn't
I'm actually talking about young (18-20 something) girls on Instagram who will readily meet up with an older man to have their photo taken.

It's just surprising how easy it is.
I get what you mean, usually I send the publisher a rather big selection of pics from the shoot (around 30-40) and they choose the ones they think fit their style best.
Never used that for finding hoe models. I used to shoot actual hookers back in the day. I still wish I had my negatives from then. The Hollywood Strip was something in the late 70s, early 80s.
go away terry i dont care if miley cyrus saw your old-ass dick
Guys I need reverse advises, tips and tricks for what OP said - for modeling!
A friend offered to shot me cuz of the hair and beard and she thinks I'd be a good model for the current fashion, I just have to pick locations and suits.
But I don't know how to pose for the camera, this is new to me, I don't know anything, I'm a bit camera-shy too but not when a good reason pops-up (party pics, business pics etc...).
Also don't know if this is professional or cosplay.
I have no experience in photography, just did occasional selfies for older days and caught myself the rise and fall of the blood moon
She needs to guide you and pick the locations and suits, this shouldn't be all left up to you.

Tell that bitch to man the fuck up.
Dat be true but... I'm just privileged enough to be chosen like this.
I was always sure I'm just another shit-faced jerk-off average-Joe
I want to give everything I have and more for this chance and I don't know what to expect
If she's just some dopey broad who wants an excuse to hang out with you then don't bother buying shit. Unless she's a professional with at least a year of experience I'd just get whatever's comfortable to wear, definitely not a suit.

If she is a professional then there's no reason she should be telling you to pick a wardrobe and location. That's her job to communicate what she wants. Maybe send her photos of some nice clothes you own? As for posing all I can tell you is to push your chin out and keep your shoulders wide.
Yeah about that, she made a pilot leave his job and he went on for professional modeling - the filmed ad is quite widespread.
She came to me, gave the idea, now she wants me to pose - but I told her I'm new to this glamour stuff and will need time to get all prepared, but she insisted that my style is enough.
Thanks for the advice, guess I should just go practice posing
How to politely fuck a model?
I mostly use my girlfriend as my model.

For us it's all about communication. Make sure you pay attention to all of her.

As a photographer you're constantly figuring out lighting, composition and pose, but you also need to keep an eye out for her comfort level.

It can simply be she's in an awkward pose or you may be asking too much in terms of nudity.

Also, I found it helps to ask the model how they like to be shot. It's a good way to start the shoot with the ball in her court and then you suggest more and more things until you reach your concept. This doesn't take long and it has given me great results.
Models are sheep.
I find this picture very inspiring. Where can I find more work in this style?
>Jason Lanier
His videos are about gear and not about guidelines and basics.
I did two shoots yesterday and one or both models commented they appreciated:

1. I asked if they were bringing a chaperone/handler/assistant to be on set with them even though I had worked with both of them in the past. Modeling can make people feel vulnerable, do what you can to mitigate that.

2. Humility. I was trying out some new things and one girl mentioned she had never seen that before. I told her I was ripping off a Youtube video I saw, and she was impressed that I gave credit where credit was due.

3. Refreshments. When working out shoot details I always ask models if they have a favorite drink or snack that I can have on hand, especially for shoots that are going to last a couple hours. (I think I stole this from Jason Lanier?) Keep things light and to foods that won't ruin an outfit or get stuck in teeth. It also gives models something to do while you're changing lights/backgrounds/etc.

4. Quick turn around. I always try to process one teaser shot immediately after I'm done shooting. This not only helps with my online presence, but gives them things they can put on their Instagram, FB, or whatever about things they are CURRENTLY doing. (Sometimes my projects take months to get done).

5. Crediting. I always am sure to credit the models in my online newsfeed AND link to their other work. Not everyone does that, but I think they should.

In addition to what anon(s) said above, things like this make models feel like you recognize that they are a person with more going on in their lives than just this shoot. If they feel friendly and comfortable around you they will talk with their other model friends and refer work to you, work with you in the future, etc.
Most of the models I've worked with have modeling pages, and from those it is pretty easy to see what kind of work they're into. If they have some lingerie/implied nude photos and you want to do a nude shoot with them, just ask.
The way to do it is you have to approach them like an artist. Look, you're not going to get anything out of it if they're not present. They have to be present while you shoot. What do I mean by present? Well, certainly not that typical girlish happy go lucky take a cute photo of me tehee bullshit. That doesn't work. So first you give them your hand and then you sit on a chair. You need to have a scenario planned out. Just sit and wait. Wait until it gets awkward. She's gonna ask something like "so....where do I go"? HOLD YOUR HORSES. Sit and say nothing. After a while, you simply murmur barely audibly something like "just stand there". She's probably gonna smile when you pick up your camera. At this point, you have to YELL at her. Yes YELL. Go with something like "Do you think this is a fucking game?". "IS THIS A FUCKING GAME TO YOU?" She's probably going to apologize and/or want to leave. THIS IS THE CRITICAL POINT OF THE SHOOT. Her state is now probably broken down, she's confused and very much in the moment. Now you just have to slightly console her but keep the anxious present state. Say something like "look, I'm sorry, it's just really important you're mindful of what's going on here. i have to shoot you and get something out of you that's more than just your typical girl photo OK?". She's probably still going to be undecided at this point. NOW YOU SIMPLY SHOOT THE FIRST PHOTO. JUST LIKE THAT. Without asking her. BOOM. "That's exactly what I want". Here's another. BOOM. "Looks fantastic, we're going somewhere now". Slowly you build her confidence back up and she's really into it now. You take your photos and you just go the best shots you could have. Then after the shoot you apologize again, say you sometimes have to go the extra mile and challenge the models to get the photos you need. And here's the kicker, SHE'S GOING TO THANK YOU.
What the fuck.
send her a dick pic first that way she knows what to expect
>how to be cuck
You forgot to pay them to make them feel better, cuck.
I'll pay you to be my model
what a fucking cuck
t. cucked.

>AND link to their other work.
what "work" you emasculated mong? the photos other photogs have taken? models dont have any "work", photogs do.

i don't actually shoot models, sorry.
how did you get started in shooting models?
This. This. This. Never demand. Just go with the flow

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