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Alright /p/ time to help me pick out my next camera. (B4 sell your gear and get "_brand_")

Been photographing for 10 years now, and 5 years getting actually paid for it! I'm gaining steam but have limited funds on my next upgrade. I don't do sports and have done two weddings, gobs of portraitures/ headshots, an engagement shoot, tons of product shots (mostly restaurants). Given that is still going to be my subject(s), what do you recommend?

I'll add further factors by saying I'm a Canon shooter and have a 5D mk II and lenses including, EF 50mm f/1.4, 100mm Macro f/2.8, 17-40mm f/4, 70-200mm f/4, and 24-105mm f/4...So I have invested some money into glass covering that brand. Canon is the first go-to with only a max of $1000, what route should I take. Also, I'm aware Sony can also be an option, but I'm worried about the battery life, the compatibility, and the Fotodiox adapter hunting in AF.

I know there's a lot to unpack here but I just want to make a good decision that will last for a projected 4/5 years of use. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance for any help or leads. Be back in a few hours to check recommendations, if any.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Equipment MakeCanon
Camera ModelCanon EOS 5D Mark II
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 (Macintosh)
Maximum Lens Aperturef/4.0
Image-Specific Properties:
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Created2016:10:10 13:39:36
Exposure Time1/80 sec
Exposure ProgramManual
ISO Speed Rating400
Lens Aperturef/11.0
Exposure Bias0 EV
Metering ModePattern
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Focal Length55.00 mm
Color Space InformationsRGB
Image Width1024
Image Height683
Exposure ModeManual
White BalanceAuto
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Fotodiox adapter is not the one, you want a sigma mc11 or latest version of metabones. Af performance on the other options is unusably bad.

I use the sigma and whilst the sony 70 200 f4 focuses a smidge faster than my canon L version, it actually focuses faster than on my old rebel. Performance has never become a concern or failed on me.

You should be able to find an a7ii for your budget, whether it's a good buy instead of a 5dii/iii is up to you, personally the small form, ibis, evf and awesome native lenses made it a great choice for me.

I see what you are saying with the adapter, but seeing as I will need to "out the box" be able to use my Canon lenses I will need a cheaper adapter at first ( the fotodiox ). I totally know about Metabones and a college insisted I get one asap to replace the fotodiox.

There's my problem though, I'm gonna need the adapter and camera (if Sony) to be at most $1000, so the A7II isn't an option as the body alone on eBay goes for 1300-1400. Thank you, but I'm gonna need other options, also (seriously) is Sony THAT good? I'm hearing a lot of praise, but I can't help being skeptic wondering if it's just a Sony echo chamber. Thanks none the less though.
>is Sony THAT good? I'm hearing a lot of praise, but I can't help being skeptic wondering if it's just a Sony echo chamber.

Yes and no.

Yes they have some cutting edge sensor tech, unparalleled third party support, and simply AMAZING first party lenses.

But no they are still lacking in some areas like menus, customer service, battery life, and some niche options.

But honestly it looks like the a9 solved all of those problems. Give them another year or so to release an updated a7 line, and they will be the go to choice.
Then I guess this begs the question, what camera should I get?
If you go Sony you'll be cucked less
Canikon fags are butthurt they got played into bulky dslrs
Best pictures here have Sony exifs
Get Sony if you have no intention of going pro and think photography is art
Get canikon if you think you're going to need it to scrape by in life taking portraits of ugly people doing accounting 90% of the time
>best pictures...Sony exif

Welcome...to a realm of pure fantasy.

You have GAS my man. 1k will not get you a meaningful upgrade, unless you want to trade a very specific iq upgrade for overall performance.

Actually, get a n a7. Find out the hard way.
Then what would you say is a meaningful upgrade then? How much would you pay. Meaningful upgrade is subjective too, as I'm going up from a 60D, getting anything would be an upgrade.
Isn't photography an art? I know very well if I waned pro gear I'd get into medium format then, but what you are saying is that Sony it at that edge before the jump to the next level of photography?
I'm a huge Sony supporter, I've got an a7r, and an a6300, and one thing I can warn is be careful. I've got the metabones 4 adapter, and the AF is non existent on the a7r, it NEVER reaches focus. It works better on the a6300, but not perfect. So with that being said, it might be a pain in the ass for you if you're doing things that typically need good AF like weddings and stuff.

With that being said, in my opinion, the images you get from the Sony cameras is better than the canon cameras. And before anyone shits on me, I was all about canon before I was with sony, they just never came out with a camera that could justify me spending 3 grand. And without sounding like a Sony shill, it really became clear this week that the Sony cameras will be the future, or mirrorless at the least. I personally wish I had purchased Sony glass instead of canon glass, as a lot of it is now devalued quite badly. Not to mention, their AF features are pretty incredible when using native glass, like facial priority recognition and eye tracking.
Maybe you are saying what I want or need to hear, or maybe you are one of the few people that came into this actually helpful.. Thanks and I'll look into an a7 or a7R
I'm being helpful, and I don't think I'm really tEllington you any good news either. I'm saying that the focusing capabilites that you are familiar with using your canon lenses on the canon body, won't be the same anymore. I have a canon 24-70L ii and it just straight up doesn't auto focus on my a7r, however, I do mainly landscapes, so AF doesn't matter to me. I'm just saying that if you want to get the most out of the Sony cameras, the native Sony lenses will perform much better than adapted canon lenses. And weather the canon and nikkon fans will admit it or not, Sony is genuinely putting out better cameras than they are, and putting newe features in them. Not to say that nikkon and canon can't keep up, I just know that canon and nikkon are held to different standards that Sony is. My a6300 overhears when shooting too much 4k, and whIle it sucks, it's not a total deal breaker, but if canon put out a camera like that, it would be a huge fucking deal.
Wait, is that because you don't have an AF adapter, or it hunts to focus...
The metabones 4 adapter claims it does AF, but it will only hunt and give false focus confirmation (camera beeps like it has focused when it's still 100% blurry) so whIle it technically has the ability to manipulate the AF motors in the lens, I've never had much luck with it on the a7r. The a6300 is different though, because I suspect that was built with the intention of having adapters use 3rd party lenses on it after they found out how many people were adapting lenses. I'd say watch as many videos on YouTube about it as you can before making the leap
And just to reitterate, the a6300 works great with the canon lenses adapted, possibly even better than some of the canon bodies. The a7r does not.
OP > 5dmkii

You > who?
For 1k you won't get a meaningful upgrade over the 5D II

Sony may or may not be a better system in five years, but Canon is not going away any time soon. You are on a tight budget and should not be dealing with the costs of switching systems
Oh, no I'm not upgrading the 5D mk II, I'm upgrading from a 60D camera. The 5D is just my main workhorse
Ah, thanks for the clarity there. That does help, but puts me at square one. It's like I don't care about fast snappy AF, just IQ for clients of products and headshots. Maybe I just say "screw it" and get an 80D
I would think that the 5f mkii is better than the 80d, right??

I'd agree with this guy right here though

However, id say that you surely know someone with a Sony camera, maybe try contacting them to see if you like the cameras. Also, download some raw files from the cameras that youreally thinking about getting and see how you like the images
>best pictures here have sony exif

More like Ricoh GR

Misunderstood you entirely, my bad.
Fuck, I'd like to changet my comment here. I checked my a7r firmware and noticed it's grossly out of date. I updated it, and now the AF works great with the metabones adapter.

Sorry for the confusion. A7 should work fine


Oh lord, so you personally would recommend Sony, and at that an a7 or a7R...ok
Buy a RZ67
Yeah, I'm a retard. It works fantastic. HOWEVER I still agree with the guy above saying that 1k is a bit low for a budget. I'd say save up a bit and grab a used a7ii from b&h. I think you'll enjoy that a lot more. It's got the 5 axis stabilization in the body, and would be more worth the upgrade in my opinion.

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