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So basically I want to learn/get better at taking photos, as of right now i got no hobbies and would like to make this mine. Problem is the learning curve and the gear. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET. I have a kinda good salary so could go for something not that cheap but would prefer not to spend to much. Can anyone of you good fellas help me or at least point me in the right direction?
1. Go to a real shop.
2. Find a camera that feels good in your hands that is at a price point you find agreeable.
3. Start taking photos of anything that interests you.

The internet will teach you photography basics, all you have to do is ask Google or some other search engine of your choice. You'll also find plenty of great photographers to inspire you

Remember: While having good, expensive gear is nice becoming an abject faggot about gear will diminish your enjoyment of taking photographs. There are a lot of abject faggots on /p/
Problem is that i live in a small town with no shops containing any type of gear.. Therefor the request of help with gear. But i will keep this in mind! Thanks :)
well you could post this in a gear thread or a stupid question thread. not make your own fucking thread

Please kill yourself on your way out, thank you.
>Angry fag coming through?

This thread includes but is not limited to gear for noobs. I ask, even though it might not be clear, for general tips and tricks regarding taking and getting good photos.

But thanks for the tip, can write this is a gear thread to for clarification regarding that area
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kill yourself and post your shitty questions in a goddamn gear thread

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