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Hey /p/
I've been looking at the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera for a while now and I'm thinking of maybe buying a second hand one. Does anyone have any opinions on this idea? As far as I can tell it is perfect for what I want to do. Recently sold my D610 as I don't ever use my camera for straight up photography. So I have the money for it. Just wondering if I should wait till next year incase they release the long awaited 2.0. What you guys reckon?

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do you have the money for all the additional gear needed to make it a functional camera as well?
then by all means go for it, it's good. but not cheap all in all
might as well get a gx85
You can’t ask for our advice if you’re not going to tell us what you plan on using it for. Having said that I’ve been using it as my commercial A-Cam for a couple of years now and couldn’t ask for more apart from maybe slightly higher resolution/framerates. The footage is good enough to match with RED/Arri and blows competitors from Panasonic and Canon (at up to 10 times the price I might add) out the water.

As for the Mk II, the current model is so cheap second-hand I’d just buy it on the assumption that there won’t be another for a while. About a year ago I heard from someone who has Blackmagic supply all their video gear for shoots that a Mk II was coming, but it was only at the conceptual stage. As their best-selling product of all time I think it’s a fair assumption that we’ll see a follow up, but when that might be is anyone’s guess. Personally I think if they released the same thing again but with a larger 4K sensor and up to 60p RAW I probably wouldn’t need to buy another camera for a decade.

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