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I will be traveling to Nepal for the first time and trekking in the Khumbu Valley. It will be a long trip and I plan on taking a lot of pictures on camera pic related. I am not expecting to be able to charge the camera battery while on the trek. Is the solution to take spare charged batteries? will these charged batteries drain in the cold? Also any general Nepal advice appreciated

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You could take multiple batteries, sure, but maybe also a few rolls of good film (maybe some Velvia if you are planning on taking pictures of landscapes) and an ultra cheap functional film rangefinder (you can definitely get one for 40 bucks on eBay. Look for a cheap Russian one or Yashica) just in case you have a good shot and no battery juice left. Just use your phone as a light meter or use the sunny 16 rule if your phone is dead too. But only as backup ofc

Most modern. cameras support charging over USB. A solar battery pack and you are set.
>to Nepal for the first time and trekking in the Khumbu Valley

How long are you trekking for? Where are you spending nights? Ask the trekking guides if it's possible to charge batteries at rest houses, they will sometimes have generators, sometimes solar panels sometimes nothing.

Take spare batteries anyway.

When are you going? Do you realise the season will be getting hot, dry and dusty going into April and visibility will be shit. After that is monsoon season when everything will be shit.

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