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If Ricoh had taken over Pentax around the time Sony took over Minolta, would they have stood a better shot?
I kind of feel that Pentax was too far gone by the time Ricoh stepped in, where Sony took over Minolta at a time when there was still a lot of R&D to do, and killed it when mirrorless came along.

Is there a future for Pentax or Ricoh outside photocopiers?
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Give the GR a tilt screen and RX100-style pop-up EVF and i'll buy one. I remember the K1 was hyped up to have a huge OVF because of the hump design (like A900) but that ended up being nothing. The LCD mechanism is interesting I guess. So far it looks like most of new FF Pentax glass is just rebranded Tamrons so nothing interesting there either. They could probably keep going with cheap digital MF but even that segment is getting competition now.

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a-mount was a more well developed mount, and Minolta had a hardcore user base in Japan. Even so, Sony’s camera division did little more than exist outside of Japan until Sony stole the mirrorless show with e-mount. Pentax never had either of these things, so they had no real chance.

With the continual lay-offs, lack of releases, and poor decisions, Pentax doesn’t have long left.
Pentax as a brand is much more of a burden than a value by now. Ricoh should just bury it in the backyard and forget.

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