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Optical or sensor stabilization for stills?
A good hand and knowledge how to avoid it.
Good luck with your boring photos.
pump the ISO, open the aperture, and raise the shutter speed. you should know how to avoid shakings :)
File: IStest_300mm_IS_on.gif (12 KB, 528x459)
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Sensor IS for normal and wide lenses, since efficiency is not super important (one rarely needs 1/2s handheld exposures) and non-IS lenses can be made smaller and cheaper.
Dual IS for telephoto lenses, since you want maximum efficiency here and sensor IS doesn't work too well for long telephotos.
ISO 100 or less. If you want hipster film grain, do it on your own time, kid.
Yeah, enjoy having to bump up to ISO 800+ with a telephoto lens once the weather gets a bit cloudy.

optical is almost always 2 axis (two-way shift) whereas sensor is almost alway 5-axis (2way shift, 2way tilt and one rotation)
Sensor is more important and powerful

learn how to photography. At this point you guys are just gearfagging /p/

Optical and sensor image stabilization rob you of sharpness even at relatively fast shutter speeds and are a total meme at this point.
nice counter-argument, faglord.

if you actually shot with telephoto lenses you'd know why nobody wants non-IS ones anymore.
>Optical IS is not physical
>Sensor-shift IS is not physical

Dude what

>rob you of sharpness

Observably and measurably false.

I was talking about a tripod, brainlet.


>Observably and measurably false.

Okay. https://blog.mingthein.com/2016/08/19/stabilisation-is-good-but-only-up-to-a-point/
>you'd know why nobody wants non-IS

just spotted the canon fag. btw, VR takes your sharpness away. learn how to handle your camera properly.
>VR takes your sharpness away

So does high ISO.
yeah, you're truly a Canon fag. amazing.
What does someone's preference of manufacturer have to do with how wrong you've been ITT?
The old Canon 400 f5.6 is still one of the more popular lenses amongst the hardcore birding crowd, just saying.
because you clearly have problems with ISO. Even Sony has already got away with it
>if you actually shot with telephoto lenses you'd know why nobody wants non-IS ones anymore.

I've spent more time with non-IS and IS telephoto lenses with the IS engaged/disengaged than you ever will.

What now, bitch?
I use a non IS 300mm on APS-C, sensor shift stabilization. Nothing to worry about, mate.
Because people own them. Stab is getting thrown out of the equation at 1000sec anyway for birbing. But stab is better. No questions about that.
Ibis stab is so insane that I could run a shitty adapter on my MFT and get better pix than some fag with a better camera. I might be hitting pecereptual megapix of like 11 and can still beat the full frames with those lenses., But then I drink so I bought it because of IBIS so I can get pics in the morning and shoot 2 seconds handheld in the dark.
I've been thinking aboout stabilization over the last year or so (I only do stillls).

I have a tight budget so when I wanted to upgrade my kit lens I ended up getting an older, slightly faster lens with better optics and build quality (non VR). For low light I have fast primes. I would like a fast wide prime with VR but... they don't exist really and would be expensive if they did.

The only lens I have now with stabilization is a 70-300mm. I believe the system works at around 300Hz so avoid shutter speeds around this number to avoid the smear/double image that can sometimes occur.

For me the main advantage of VR on long lenses is the effect in the viewfinder with erratic subjects. A super sharp photo of a birbs foot isn't as impressive as the wingspan filling the frame with a little softness (inb4 git gud).

tl;dr VR/IS is cool. If it's not cool just switch it off.
>pecereptual megapix
Hi Tony :)
Get a body that does it and use shit lenses.
but i got a d7000 senpai desu is good yes?
I'm not going to pretend mirrorless is great but the feature gap is painful in spite of all the flaws.
"VR is bad" is the hottest of photography takes

dude probably shows up in video threads with "4k is softer than 1080p here this blog proves it"
did you read the thread name? STILLS

But vr is bad.

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