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Need a camera bag for an upcoming trip to iceland. Usually I just use my backpack and an insert but it's always been tough to retrieve stuff quickly when i need to and my hiking gear will be on my back so i'm looking for a sling/messenger style bag.

What do you ex/p/erts suggest? Don't wanna spend too much cause the trip is already expensive enough.

my kit will probably be something like this:
pentax p3
meike 35mm prime
pentax 28, 50, 135mm prime
olympus XA2
a whole mess of film that doesn't have to entirely live in the bag.
If you're getting a seperate bag just get any messenger that fits a camera insert.
Just sling it with a lens hood the whole time.
and what, tape the rest of my gear to it?
The one you have with you.
camera BAG. BAG. I need a camera BAG.

i don't know if that quote applies to BAGS.
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Just pick one camera and leave the rest at the hotel when you go out. You're only going to take photos with one camera at a time, right? Why carry extra shit when you're hiking?
>pentax p3
>meike 35mm prime
>pentax 28, 50, 135mm prime
>olympus XA2

A faggots kit if ever there was one.

Ditch the shit, just take the pentax with a 24-70 and a 70-200
i need a bag
>your gear sucks, bring stuff you don't own.
thanks bud.
your gear sucks, just leave it home.
>your gear sucks
Well if you're going to Iceland then it really does suck.

But it probably doesn't matter, I guess, because you'll wind up doing the same things and taking the same pictures as everyone else.
leave the p3 at home
take the 28 and the 135
get a nex focal reducer in K mount.
get a messenger bag and a insert.
i have an adapter so the pentax lenses are for both cameras.
I recently bought a Canon backpack from Best buy. Model 200l something or other. 40 bucks and surprisingly good build quality. Also look into case logic bags I've heard they're excellent and not too expensive for smaller ones
I'd suggest getting one of the Lowepro bags.
I have a Flipside 400AW for normal hiking, Lowepro has some better ones for more serious hiking/camping etc...
Look it up on their site.
I use 2 peak design clips like in this vid https://youtu.be/DaOENsel2aU?t=57s
they're not cheap and look a bit overkill, but help me solve my issue with quick camera access and lenses juggling while shooting outdoors
I suggest the WOTANCRAFT Shadow Warrior (if you want to go the buy one a bit more expensive bag and never regret it) or one of the newer Domkes. Go to dpreview and look for the Domke F6 'Little Bit Smaller' shoulder bag. It should cover your needs.

meant to reply to >>3310555
>Shadow Warrior

absolute cringe name, i hope it's nowhere on the bag

i seriously hope you bring a tripod of some sort for your trip, OP

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