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/p/ - Photography

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File: what_travel_camera.jpg (24 KB, 461x454)
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Hello /p

Let's think together =)
If you were about tu make a very big travel, about 2 or 3 mounth in a new continent.
What camera would you take with you ? ( and lens )
what gears ?

how many SD card ?


Thanks for sharing you opinion and/or experience =)

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The one you have with you. A 35mm, a 50mm and a 135mm. One SDcard. Two batteries. Unload the pictures everyday on a computer/HDrive.
It's like we don't have a /gear/ thread
What is the obsession with a fucking gear thread? If someone wants to aska questions, why can't they open their own thread? It's a dead forum anyway so what's the problem?
Spend your money on a quality English teacher instead. Jesus Christ.
16-35, 24-70, 70-200, a good point and shoot.

You need to think about what you expect to encounter on your travels and decide if tripod or monopod
>What is the obsession with a fucking gear thread?
Containment. It's supposed to be a photography board not a faggot wank-fest.

Threads like this invariably turn into a my camera is better than your thread.
Leica M10
Elmarit 2.8/28
Summicron 2/50
11x2 gears and a cassette depending on the climbs, terrain etc.
4+1 sparex32GB SD
Fuji xe2 with 18 and 27mm lenses.
>11x2 gears and a cassette depending on the climbs
This unironically. Make sure to have 3 batteries at least (should be good enough for the longest days) and have 2 sd cards. Although I hope you have a laptop or something to get the photos off of them

>not going 1x
What's a good budget travel camera? ie: some sub $150 pos that you wouldn't mind losing on a bar crawl somewhere that you don't speak the language
>Although I hope you have a laptop or something to get the photos off of them
Thats the problem,
i don't ant to take my laptop with me do you know any device that can store all my photo just by putting the sd card ?
you phone, with usb otg cable and sd card reader
I still prefer the 11x2 due to the effective range you get over the 12x1. The latter one makes sense when you have around the same climbs/terrain over the most part of your route.

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