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Does anyone have any templates or plans for pretty paper-cut lanterns? I'll post some examples. I'd like to add my own stencils/images to them, but I have no basic plan of how they go together...
File: Blog-1-604x270.jpg (39 KB, 604x270)
39 KB
Oh man, i need to make one of this
So anyone got a template for this?
Wow, its looks beautiful. I want templates too. Also its possible to install white leds inside, its will be good.
File: Lantern.png (364 KB, 1000x1111)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Here's one for you. Repeat for the other three sides and customize.
File: Paper Lantern 1.pdf (228 KB, PDF)
228 KB
228 KB PDF
This got me thinking.

I had heard that CA glue on paper causes it to go semi transparent. I did a test yesterday with an ink-jet print. Light definitely gets through better. My initial idea was to build a paper craft cathedral with stained glass windows, using the CA on the windows. With a few LED tea light inside, it would look really impressive as war gaming or RPG terrain.

But the same idea could be applied to a lantern like this.
Lets keep this thread alive for another year

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