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Anyone built this before? There are no instructions for the head or extras, not in the file i have at least.
No get a job
I also tried to set up this model, I searched all over the internet and did not find a complete manual ... a shame
Were you able to complete it? I just finished the backpack and as I analyse the templates I realize that the file is more incomplete than I thought, theres no templates for the damn rocket launcher
Building the rest of it blind was pretty annoying but it worked out in the end. Too bad the rocket launcher wasn't included i was looking forward to having a pimped out gundam
Is that from transformers?
This is Turbolabo's Gundam I believe. There used to be instructions on his blog, but they're easy enough to build without them.
>"nailed it" meme
Currently working on it. I printed out everything except キ and ク as I don't know if they are white or grey
What a shame
Nevermind, found out they were grey, and one's for the backpack
Already did the face and helmet, what is supposed to hold them together and to the main body?
This grey piece holds the head. The slope tilts it forward
sorry, if it's a really rookie thing to ask, but
did you use cardboard, or somehow enchanced paper for this one?
cuz it's looking pretty neat and i want to know what it exactly is
just some paper i ordered online. Nothing special except its a little thicker than printer paper

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