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File: paper.jpg (105 KB, 1000x1000)
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Hey guys, I would like to upgrade my origami level through buying a good paper. Now I usually use a normal white printer paper 80 gm^2.

I would like to know which kind of paper do you use and some tips if you want. Thank you!

This should get you started. Thin, crisp, and most of all cheap paper. Perfect for practicing. For a model you want to show off, try getting your hands on kozo, awagami or smthg similar. Always (!!) treat with mc (methyl cellulose) first ;)
Kraft paper is, i think, the most direct upgrade after printing paper (for origami). Kraft has the advantage that it can be used directly once it's cut in a square form, no processing required.

However it pales in comparison with other origami papers. Other cheap and good options are double tissue and tissue foil. They behave pretty differently from each other, i personally prefere double tissue. They both require a little bit of work to make though.

After that, best papers are handmade papers treated with MC (methyl cellulose). Unryu, Lokta, Dò paper etc... They're beautifull and perfect for origami, but they're also quite expensive usually. You can find some of them in decent art store in the art paper or asian paper section. I personally found some rice paper that is just perfect for origami (once it's treated with mc) but it's not the most beautifull paper since it's just plain white with very little interesting texture.

Alternatively there is the high quality heavy occidental papers like elephant hide, some canson etc... Used with wet folding they can be very good paper for not so complex models.

TL;DR : buy kraft or learn to make double tissue/tissue foil. Then you'll see what suit you best.
Here's some simple written instructions for tissue foil
tissue foil is trash idk why people recommend it when single/double/triple tissue exists
Thank you everyone, I will try with kraft paper at first
underrated post
I'll have to give this a try.

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